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Have a question? We'd love to help. Email: Call Us: (587) 336-6621 Toll Free: 1 (866) 310-8844

ZWO EAF 5V Electronic Automatic Focuser

by ZWO
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ZWO Electronic Automatic Focuser (EAF)

All Star Telescope's Take

The 5V EAF (ZWO-5V-EAF) automatically focusses your telescope for planetary and deep-sky imaging, while only connected to a 5V USB-port.  The EAF has several accessories available for it including a temperature sensor, a hand controller, and adapters for a number of optical tubes.  The EAF works seamlessly with other ZWO products, the ASIAIR will even allow you to control it with your phone.  These are a great device for new and experienced astrophotographers.  

Recommended Accessories

The EAF has a few accessories available for it.  The three that we really like pairing it with are:

1. The EAF Hand Controller will allow you to remotely adjust the focus of your telescope.

2. The Temperature Sensor for the ZWO EAF lets you automatically refocus based on changes in temperature. 

3. The ZWO ASIAIR isn't specifically an accessory for the EAF, but it does allow for easy integration and management of the EAF in your imaging system.  

These accessories can help you get the very best out of the ZWO EAF.  

Detailed Description

This is the current version of the EAF.  It no longer requires a dedicated 12V power supply.  Now you can directly connect it to your camera, laptop or ASIAIR via the USB 2.0 port and use a cable for both data transmission and power supply! This makes the cable management much easier, as well as reducing the need for additional power outlets.

The innovative decorative pattern on the EAF is inspired by the changes of Airy disk during focusing showing how the focusing curve gives a local minimum at best focus – giving an easy explanation on how the EAF works just with a glance on the cover!


  • Highly integrated design
  • Support ASCOM platform and various ASCOM-compatible third-party software
  • Support INDI
  • Support original software such as ASIAIR and ASIStudio
  • Support automatic focusing for DSO imaging
  • Support handle controller and manual focusing
  • Support temperature sensor
  • USB HID device and driver-free
  • Stable and durable


  • Size: 59mm x 52mm x 41mm
  • Motor: Step motor, 35mm diameter, 7.5° step angle
  • Reduction ratio: 120
  • Power/Data port: USB2.0 port, Type-B
  • Weight: 277g
  • Capacity: 5kg

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Reid Konschuh
Nice device paired with the ASIAir

It took me a few minutes to find the rough focus ,on my 8" SCT, but once I did, it did a great job of precise focusing and the stars were sharp. Liked it so much I bought another one for my Recat 51

Kevin Waddell
Great Focuser

Held off going the auto-focus route but glad I took the plunge. Mounted it on my Orion ed80t cf with the included hardware with no issues. Calibrating was a breeze, including setting the backlash. Set it up in the asiair and watched an auto-focus routine for the very first time! ( It is important that it is close to being in focus before you run the routine) Of course I had to check it with the bhatinov mask as that's been my go-to focus routine up till now, and it was right on. Solid build and seems to be a quslity focuser!

Jeff Swick
like it so much,'m going to buy another for 2nd rig

The focuser was part of a full ZWO astrophotography suite that I purchased for my RASA. I watched one YouTube video and had it installed in under ten minutes. I probably could have done it in under five minutes but it was my first time so I wanted to make sure I had it properly. Not only easy to instal but the AsiAir Pro handled the autofocus routines exactly as advertised. It has worked well in conditions of both plus 30C and minus 30C and everything in between.
I like it so much that I am going to get another one for my Celestron Newtonian.

Tim Y.
Installed in minutes on my Zenithstar 61

Installed in minutes on my Zenithstar 61. Operation was truly plug'n'play with my ASIair Pro. One night of use then the clouds rolled in. Typical.

Francisco B.
I have already one ZWO-EAF,

I have already one ZWO-EAF, and it works far beyond my expectations. I use it on a 350 mm refractor, and automatic focusing with AsiAir Pro works as a dream. Based on that experience I bought this one for my other refractor (972 mm). I have installed it, it physically works, but I still did not have an opportunity to use it for photography, because, according to the Third Murphy's Law of Astronomy, with a purchase of new equipment comes 6 weeks of cloudy skies. But I am sure that this one will work as well as the first one. Special thanks to Imaging Starlight company for fast delivery and perfect service. All the best and clear skies!