SkyWatcher Star Adventurer 2i Pro Pack (S2... $700.00
Why we Love the SkyWatcher Star Adventurer SkyWatcher Star Adventurer 2i Pro Pack is the benchmark product in this category. We think this is the best star tracker on the market today.  It has a robust 11lb payload which is more than enough for running a DSLR and a high quality camera lens for long exposures.  It's also a great option for a true ultra-light grab-and-go setup.  You can pair this with a small astrograph refractor and very reasonably hike to a mountain top, or a remote dark site for some truly beautiful imaging.   The Star Adventurer Pro Pack...
iOptron Tripod (3221) $144.95
1.25" Stainless Steel tripod that fits the Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer 2i Pro Pack, iOptron SkyGuider Pro, iPANO, SkyTracker/SkyTracker Pro, SmartEQ /Pro and SmartStar/Cube mount. Description This stainless steel tripod fits the following mounts (please specify while ordering): Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer 2i Pro Pack SkyGuider Pro tracking mount iPano AllView camera mount SkyTracker/SkyTracker Pro camera mount SmartEQ/SmartEQ Pro mount SmartStar/Cube mount with an M8 mounting hole SmartStar/Cube mount with a 3/8" mounting hole (Test the threads with the dovetail lock screw, if it fits, the thread is M8, otherwise 3/8”.) Specifications Tripod Top Die-cast aluminum Diameter Ø3.25" Spreader Plastic Leg 2...
Sinnofoto Q08 Ball Head (B01FJIQXQW) $89.95
Sturdy ball joint support for major models of DSRL cameras,  telescopes, projectors, tripods and more Description Compare with non-CNC ball head, the accuracy and service time of Q08U will be in double experiences. The former Q08 was updated to full metal version since Aug 20 2018. 50mm/70mm/100mm quick shoe plate was available in the shop.The update was not only on the knob,,but also in the heart and anti-fingerprint surface! Smooth ball head with three knobs on body to adjust 360 degree panoramic shooting. 3/8” screw mount under bottom and 3/8” to 1/4” screw adapter was installed already. 1/4” screw with quick fast...
Orion Telescopes USD
Orion RedBeam LED Motion Sensing Headlamp ... $29.95
Have you ever dropped a setscrew in the grass in the dark, and went fumbling around looking for it, holding your red-light flashlight in one hand, thinking you may never see that setscrew again? Put both hands to work with the Orion RedBeam LED Motion Sensing Headlamp! In addition to finding lost parts, this versatile red-light LED flashlight works great when you need to set up astronomy gear and need both hands to attach everything together. An elastic adjustable head strap fits all sizes, and provides a comfortable grip to hold the flashlight in place. But this isn't just any...

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