Celestron Kids Microscope w/ Smartphone Ad... $79.95
Explore, discover, and enjoy. The Celestron Kids Microscope is a great tool for in-home or on-the-road learning. Introduce young minds to the world of microscopes and all things small. Description Your Celestron Kids Microscope has some of the same features as a professional microscope, like a mechanical stage to view your object, so kids will be prepared for the more complex instruments when they encounter them in a classroom or lab. View specimens with a three objective lenses (50x, 100x and 200x), as well as a 2x zoom to further enhance details. Illuminating lights above and below the mechanical stage...
Celestron The World of the Microscope Book... $18.95
THE WORLD OF THE MICROSCOPE BOOK This book investigates the enormous variety of objects too small for the eye to see. Includes step-by-step diagrams to show how to get the best from a microscope and how to make and keep slides.You will learn about the different types of microscopes, from magnifying glasses to electron beam microscopes. There are plenty of exciting suggestions for projects which reveal the incredible detail of everyday objects. Book Information Author: Usborne Science Publisher: Usborne Language: English Format: Paperback Pages: 48 pages Date of Publication: March 21, 2008 ISBN-10: 079451524X ISBN-13: 978-0794515249 Item Weight: 5.6 oz...
Celestron Prepared Microscope Slide Kit - ... $36.95
A wide assortment of specimen slides covering insect parts, plant parts, animal parts, etc. Quick Overview Prepared Slides For Hours and Hours of Enjoyment and Discovery 1" x 3" (25mm x 76mm) Glass Slides Packed in a Wooden Case Listing of each of the Slides Slide Specifications Slide Material: Glass, Clear Slide Design: Flat Plate Slide Quantity: 25 Slide Shape: Rectangular Slide Size: 25mm x 75mm (1" x 3") Slide Type: Prepared Slide Box Material: Wood (Bass) Slide Labels: Paper, White with Black Text in English Slide Contents Penicillium,W.M. Rhizopus Sporongia,W.M. Chlamydomonas,W.M. Pine Leaf,C.S. Leaf of Winter Jasmine,C.S. Corn Root...
Celestron Lens Pen Optics Cleaning Tool (9... $18.95
How many times has dust or lint on your eyepiece or telescope ruined an observing session? One innocent-looking strand of hair strewn across the lens in your photos or astroimages can take hours of clean-up in a photo-editing program, and a greasy thumbprint or smudge on the optics can send an otherwise perfect image to the trash. Enter the Celestron LensPen, a dual function optical cleaning tool that is small and lightweight enough to stay in your telescope accessory case or camera bag so it will always be there when you need it. Description The LensPen is two cleaning tools...

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