iOptron Carbon Fiber Tripod (8061) $419.95
The iOptron carbon fiber tripod provide a lightweight yet strong support for iOptron mounts. This tripod will fit these iOptron mounts (may need extra mounting accessories): HEM27 CEM40 GEM45(may limit low latitude application) CEM26 GEM28 SkyHunter SkyGuider Pro iEQ30/iEQ30 Pro (may limit low latitude application) Camera with 3/8 mounting hole Other equipment with 3/8 mounting hole Note: Tripod only. Mount(s) not included Specifications Max payload 50 kg (110 lbs) Self weight 2.29 kg (5 lbs) Plate diameter 120mm (~4.7") Adjustable height 535mm - 935mm (21" - 36.8") Tube size Ø40mm (upper) / Ø36mm (lower)(Ø1.6" / Ø1.4") Warranty One year limited...
iOptron CEM26 Equatorial Mount with iPolar... $1,899.00
Introducing iOptron’s new compact next-generation center-balance equatorial mounts the CEM26! Description Like their predecessors, the CEM26 is designed with portability in mind, weighing in at only 10 lbs it can support up to a 26lb payload an incredible 2.6 mount weight to payload ratio. The key to enable such ratios is the CEM design focuses the mount and payload weight directly on the center of the tripod rendering “natural stability”. Building on the legacy of earlier CEM models we have added features for convenience and functionality. A positive lock gear engagement system (easy to use even when wearing gloves), Built-in...
iOptron CEM26/GEM28 Mini Pier 5.5" (8040) $128.70
Die-cast and machined metal. Perfect for adding distance between scope and tripod on iOptron CEM26/GEM28 mounts. Specifications Overview Height: 5.5" Diameter: 4" (100 mm) Weight: 1lb 9oz
iOptron CEM70 Tripod (8023ACC) $400.00
The iOptron iEQ45/CEM60/CEM70 LiteRoc tripod has a die-cast aluminum top with heavy duty stainless steel tripod legs. The new LiteRoc tripod features a 1.75” upper leg section with a 1.5” diameter lower section (same as the old 2” tripod), resulting in a lighter tripod with stability similar to the old 2”. It also has improved leg cuffs and sockets for further rigidity and redesigned leg lock levers securing the extensions position. The tripod comes with a center alignment post. Specifications Tripod Top Die-cast aluminum Diameter Ø6" (Ø150 mm) Spreader/Tray Metal accessary tray Center Bolt Length: 10", Thread: M12 Leg 2...
iOptron CW Extension Bar for C40/G45/C60/C... $101.40
This is an original replacement counterweight shaft (w/o CW safety screw) and the extension bar for the iEQ45 Pro/iEQ45/GEM45. Description This is also the extension bar for the CEM40/60/70 GEM45 mounts. Attach to the CW shaft and will create more counterbalance torque. Specifications: Diameter: 28mm Net Length: 10 inches Length (including threads): 11 inches (280mm)
iOptron GEM28 German Equatorial Mount with... $1,999.99
Introducing iOptron’s new compact next-generation German equatorial mounts the GEM28! Description Like their predecessors, the GEM28 is designed with portability in mind, weighing in at only 10 lbs it can support up to a 28lb payload an incredible 2.8 mount weight to payload ratio. We achieved this using design methods developed to reduce mount mass in our CEM family of mounts. The German EQ versions were created to satisfy consumer that prefer a more traditional mount and to function at higher latitudes. Building on the legacy of earlier GEM models we have added features for convenience and functionality. A positive...
iOptron GEM28/CEM26 MiniPier (8") (8035-8) $139.99
8-inch tall GEM28/CEM26 mini pier This GEM28/CEM26 Mini Pier is made of Diecasting and machined metal. It is Perfect for adding distance between your scope and tripod on the iOptron GEM28/CEM26 mount. It is also compatible with the  SkyGuide mount and Field tripod #3501. What's In The Box A 5.5 inch GEM28/CEM26 Mini Pier #8035 3 sections of spacers and bolts for extra 2.5 inch extension Specifications Height 8" Diameter 4" (100mm) Weight 2lbs
iOptron GEM45 w/ iPolar/Case/LiteRoc (7603... $3,481.40
Innovative ideas applied to a time tested design, the iOptron® GEM45 next generation German equatorial mounts. A sharp looking CNC body is the first indicator the GEM45 is a top quality mount in both form and function. Description Utilizing experiences gained during development of our CEM series, we were able to remove unnecessary bulk giving the GEM45 an incredible 2.5 payload to mount weight ratio. This compact 17.5 lbs mount can precisely GOTO an object and track with up to 45 lbs of gear onboard. With its integrated electronic polar scope (iPolarTM), polar alignment is a snap, even when the...
iOptron GPS Module for CEM26 / GEM28 / CEM... $159.99
This 32-channel external GPS module is for CEM26/GEM28 mount. It is also a replacement module for CEM40/GEM45 mount. It consists of a GPS module and a straight wired 6P6C connection cable. 
iOptron HEM27 w/ iPolar (H272A) $2,547.95
Introducing the HEM27 and the HEM27EC, iOptron’s revolutionary hybrid strain wave drive mounts. These light weight, high payload tiny titans will deliver an astronomy experience like never before. Description Imagine a mount head weighing in at 8.15lbs with a payload capability 29.74lbs, without needing a cumbersome counterweight or shaft. Applying iOptron’s multi decade experience creating precision mounts, the HEM27 brings this vision to reality. Utilizing state of the art strain wave drive technology for the RA movement in tandem with backlash-free DEC worm/belt drive design, the HEM27s deliver unparalleled weight to payload efficiency. Its black anodized all metal CNC machined...
iOptron Lithium Ion Power Bank (8449) $77.95
Lithium-Ion (Li-ion) rechargeable battery power bank for iOptron mount. Description Overview Voltage 11V, peak at 12.6V Capacity 7800mAh Maximum discharging current: 3A No memory effect Assembled with 6X 18650 battery Built-in IC chip will prevent battery pack from over charge, over discharge and short circuit. WARNING: Li-ion battery is very sensitive to charging characteristics and may explode or burn if mishandled Charge only use a charger designed for this battery do not short circuit Do not charge the battery below 0C Do not dispose in a fire or water Disposal the battery according your government regulation Storage: Charge or discharge...
iOptron Plug Converter (P-8417) $14.00
DC power 5.5mm/2.1mm female to 5.5mm/2.5mm male adapter. Can be used for CEM60 Cable management Input Panel or CEM120 main power.

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