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All-Star Telescope is your source for all things astro from telescopes to astrophotography cameras. Have a question? We'd love to help. Email: Call Us: (587) 336-6621 Toll Free: 1 (866) 310-8844
Have a question? We'd love to help. Email: Call Us: (587) 336-6621 Toll Free: 1 (866) 310-8844

Your Source for the Best Telescopes

All-Star Telescope has a great selection of the best telescopes for astronomy and astrophotography in stock. You can learn more about the great telescope brands we carry including Askar, Celestron, Sky-Watcher, Sharpstar, Meade, Orion, Starfield, Tele Vue, and Unistellar on their specific landing pages.  

Trying to learn about telescopes can be a little daunting, with vocabulary like reflecting, refracting, go-to, computerized, newtonian, dobsonian, equatorial, APO, etc.  We've created collections to help you find the best telescope for beginners, or for different objectives like astrophotography or solar observing.  

The telescope marketplace provides new buyers with lots of choices. Before we recommend specific models, here’s our advice on what to look for in a beginner telescope that can provide years of viewing pleasure under the stars

All the telescopes we sell, even the lowest-cost models, can reveal incredible details on the Moon’s cratered surface. All telescopes for beginners can show the four large moons of Jupiter and the dark cloud belts in the Jovian atmosphere. And, yes, you can see the rings of Saturn, even under city skies!

Under darker, rural skies you can hunt down glittering clusters of stars, and subtle clouds of gas, called nebulas where stars are forming. The distant Andromeda Galaxy is also well within reach.  Regardless of your budget, all of our telescopes are great quality (we have a no junk rule) and we're happy to answer any questions you have. 

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