Brand: Kowa

Kowa BD II XD Binoculars 6.5x 8x 10x 32mm 42mm (BD-II-XD)

Brand: Kowa

Kowa BD II XD Binoculars 6.5x 8x 10x 32mm 42mm (BD-II-XD)

  • BDII-XD - SEE MORE: Exceptional field of view and an extremely short closest focusing distance! These are the hallmarks of the BDII-XD binocular series. High-quality XD lenses and precise mechanics make observation simply a pleasure
  • Discover the world in miniature: With a close-up focusing distance of only 1.3 meters, you can observe butterflies, dragonflies, plants and other details worth seeing at close range
  • High image smoothness, thanks to low magnification. Even during strenuous mountain hikes or a bike tour, you can enjoy the surroundings without too much wobbling, despite physical strain
  • Everything you need to get going worry-free: Lightweight and rugged magnesium alloy housing. Waterproof and nitrogen filled. KR coating allows water to bead off the outer lenses and clean easily. Includes comfortable carrying strap, carrying case and lens and eyepiece caps
$529.00 CAD

Objective Lens Effective Diameter

32mm (BD II XD 32) 42mm (BD II XD 42)


6.5x (-6.5) 8x (-8) 10x (-10)

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$529.00 CAD

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Product Description

Official wide angle binocular with advanced Kowa XD optical performance in a rugged compact body

One of the stand-out optical features of the new BDII-XD series is their enviable large field of view, boasting class leading wide angle performance. Locate your subject rapidly with a wider view of your surroundings and sharpness right in to the corners of the image. With additional features including Kowa XD (high grade ED) lenses and close focus down to just 1.3m on the 32mm models and 1.8m on the 42mm models The BDII-XD range sets a new standard of binocular in its price point. Affordable without compromise.


Legendary Kowa XD Lenses

As with many binocular brands, the BDII-XD series feature ED (Extra low dispersion) glass to improve optical performance, but the story does not end there. ED glass is manufactured in a variety of quality grades. Every BDII-XD model features Kowa’s environmentally friendly, legendary XD objective lenses. This high resolution ED glass contains large amounts of the mineral fluorite crystal - the best material available today for light transmission ensuring an image with edge to edge sharpness and virtually zero chromatic aberration (colour blur). Kowa lens coating technology developed over decades, further enhance the light transmission properties of all lenses and Kowa’s unique KR coating repels dirt and fluid. Enjoy sharp images with natural colour, high contrast and incredible detail, from dawn through to dusk.

Perfectly Engineered

The BDII-XD series are engineered to enhance your viewing experience. A fluid, aluminum focus wheel delivers pin point accuracy and smooth twist eye-cups ensure optimum viewing for both spectacle and non spectacle wearers. Tailor the BDII-XD specific to your own viewing requirements with an easy to use dioptre adjustment system. The bridge is responsive and sure, when you hold the new BDII-XD you will instantly appreciate the high level of engineering and quality materials utilized throughout the manufacturing process.

Wide Angle Binocular

All binoculars in the BDII-XD range are official wide angle binoculars and confirm to the ISO 14132-2 International Standard Optics and Optical Instruments. One of the stand-out optical features of the BDII-XD series is their enviable large field of view, boasting class leading wide angle performance. Viewing is super comfortable on the eye, making long periods of use out in the field a pleasure. The field of view is the area in which you can see through your binoculars and is usually measured in m/1000m or in degrees. For example: at 1000m distance the BDII32-6.5XD model can see an incredible image width of 175m. Find a subject quicker with a wider view of your surroundings with sharpness right into the corners of the image, whilst still enjoying crystal clear clarity. Locate your subject more rapidly. A wider field of view makes locating a subject quicker and easier, particularly when panning a wide area or tracking a moving subject. In simple terms it can mean the difference between spotting your subject or not.

Designed for your Comfort

A sleek, ergonomic design with a specially selected tactile rubber armour layer ensures easy and comfortable operation - elevating every moment of use whilst out in the field. The focus wheel is responsive and easy to operate even if wearing gloves. The ergonomic body of the BDII-XD series is as impressive as the optics it protects, with every curve considered to make observation both relaxing and free from fatigue. The BDII-XD tick both boxes for form and function. As well as class leading specification, they feature an elegant, timeless design, with stylish contours not only designed to look good but also feel good in the hand whilst being used. The rubber armour offers excellent grip in all conditions and instantly gives an impression of a premium product.

Rugged Reliability Ensured

Every model in the BDII-XD range benefits from a magnesium alloy chassis, a sophisticated moulding process produces the feel and strength of metal with the added benefit of decreased weight.

The lightweight, rugged structure can tolerate the severest conditions and provides a sense of security and longevity. The BDII-XD are built to last. Use them with confidence.

Surrounding the tough magnesium alloy body is a protective layer of rubber armour, not only providing a sure, comfortable grip but also increasing the level of durability. Each BDII-XD is fully waterproof and dry nitrogen filled to prevent the lenses from fogging and Kowa’s KR coating protects from dirt and other foreign residue build-up that may affix to the lenses during use.

Close Focus Reveals a New World

All models in the BDII-XD range benefit from excellent close focus performance. The 42mm series can focus down to 1.8m whilst the 32mm models can achieve an incredible 1.3m close focussing distance. Enjoy a secret, invisible world in breathtaking detail. Observe insects, flowers and other micro objects under magnification in great detail from a comfortable position without having to disturb the subject.

The Perfect Choice for the Night Sky

As an official wide angle binocular, all models in the BDII-XD range are perfect for serious astronomy users and those who simply want to enjoy expansive views of the night sky. The BDII-XD’s wide field of view and clarity will take you on an immersive journey across the stars. These lightweight, ergonomic binoculars are the ideal choice to enjoy comfortable extended observations of meteor showers, the lunar surface, constellations, planets and more.

What's in the Box

  • Binocular
  • Rainguard
  • Objective lens caps
  • Shoulder strap
  • Case
  • Instruction manual


Model BD II XD 32-6.5 BD II XD 32-8 BD II XD 32-10 BD II XD 42-8 BD II XD 42-10
Magnification: 6.5x 8x 10x 8x 10x
Objective Lens Effective Diameter: 32mm 32mm 32mm 42mm 42mm
Eye Relief: 17.0mm 16.5mm 15.0mm 17.0mm 16.5mm
Minimum Focusing Distance: 1.3m 1.3m 1.3m 1.8m 1.8m
Real Field of View (degrees): 10 8.8 6.7 8.2 7.2
Field of view at 1000m/yds: 175 154 117 143 126
Twilight Factor: 14.4 16 17.9 18.3 20.5
Dimensions (Length x Width x Height): 116 x 124 x 51 mm 116 x 124 x 51 mm 116 x 124 x 51 mm 139 x 128 x 52.5 mm 139 x 128 x 52.5 mm
Weight: 535g 540g 525g 640g 645g

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Superb astro binocular for general purpose use and sky views!

I got mine in the fall, and used them many times since. My "first light" was in the Rockies during a business trip. Evenings allowed me to enjoy the fall skies, which were VERY nice at that time of year!

Big plus for light transmission, and comfort. utility of these binoculars is very nice for virtually all applications, from birding, camping, hiking and astronomy!

I rated only 4 stars because I did NOT like the strap, nor the very - VERY - tight case it comes with - this made grabbing the binos quickly more of a chore. I have since used a different strap and hard case (Maven) to use these with. Much easier to grab and go and have the binos still well protected.

I also found the "just so" focusing a bit finicky on astronomy targets at times. The brighter objects have a hint of flaring, and out of view illumination sources are picked up as a "haze" in the optics. Not a huge deal, but this does limit HOW they can be used for sky gazing somewhat. Under dark skies, these are just fine, however, and very comfortable.

Small, yet powerful. I also enjoy the VERY close focus capabilities - really nice to watch a dragonfly on a branch, or a bee on a flower from less than 2m and get a sharp lovely view!

DH, Edmonton AB

Great optics

I am very pleased with these 8x42 binoculars, they punch far above their weight class. Super sharp and clear with great light gathering capabilities. Very pleased with the performance and values. I researched these a lot and I am very happy with them

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