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Have a question? We'd love to help. Email: Call Us: (587) 336-6621 Toll Free: 1 (866) 310-8844

Orion Eyepiece Parfocal Rings, Set Of Four (07128)

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Improve stargazing and astrophotography efficiency with a set of four Orion 1.25” Parfocal Rings!


Chances are good you have a number of different telescope eyepieces in your collection of astronomy equipment. When using different eyepieces, you probably find yourself adjusting your telescope focuser each time you swap out an eyepiece in order to enjoy a sharp view. There are many different telescope eyepiece designs available, and most are not parfocal with one another, meaning their focal points lie on different planes. This necessitates adjusting the telescope focuser each time you change eyepieces to achieve a crisp, sharply focused view.

You can save precious observing time by using our Set of Four Orion 1.25” Parfocal Rings with your telescope eyepieces. Our precision machined parfocal rings allow you to make an assortment of non-parfocal eyepieces parfocal by setting the depth of each eyepiece barrel in the focuser to the same exact focus point. Think of the time you can save while observing - no more painstaking, not to mention image-shaking, focus adjustments needed!

Each anodized aluminum parfocal ring in the Set of Four Orion 1.25” Parfocal Rings features three equidistant cup-point setscrews for fixed, secure attachment to a 1.25” eyepiece barrel. Use one parfocal ring on each telescope eyepiece to set the depth of its 1.25” barrel into the focuser at the exact focus point, and lock the parfocal ring in place with the setscrews using the included hex key.

Parfocal rings can also be used with astrophotography equipment to enhance imaging efficiency. For instance, if you use a telescope eyepiece and imaging flip mirror to calibrate focus before imaging, we recommend using a parfocal ring to set the focus point of the calibrating eyepiece to exactly match that of your astrophotography camera’s focus. You’ll be able to focus the image visually with the eyepiece, then just flip the mirror and take the shot! This is often much easier than focusing the camera itself, and can be a big time-saver during cold astrophotography sessions. With the parfocal ring locked in place on the calibrating eyepiece barrel, you can quickly and easily achieve precise camera focus every time you take astrophotos of the night sky.

Get the affordable and versatile Set of Four Orion 1.25” Parfocal Rings and discover how efficient parfocal stargazing and astrophotography can be. Are you sure one set will be enough?

Quick Overview

  • This set of 4 Orion Parfocal Rings lets you make a set of non-parfocal 1.25" telescope eyepieces parfocal for more efficient observing
  • Eliminate the need to make focus adjustments when changing telescope eyepieces
  • Each black anodized aluminum parfocal ring features three equidistant setscrews for secure attachment to any 1.25" telescope eyepiece barrel
  • With parfocal ring equipped telescope eyepieces you can change magnifications quickly and easily
  • Also useful for setting focus point of calibration eyepiece used for focusing an imaging or guide camera