Formac Lorimer Books
110 Things to See With a Telescope by John... $23.95
A Great Messier Object Workbook This book and a telescope are all you need to find, view, and record your observations of the 110 most popular stargazing targets. But what makes this list of objects so famous? Over 200 years ago, the French comet hunter Charles Messier published a list of fuzzy, comet-like objects he saw through his telescope. To him, they were a nuisance. We now know them as star clusters, nebulae, and galaxies! Modern astronomers later expanded his list from 103 to 110 objects – and they’re some of the finest celestial sights to explore with your backyard...
Firefly Books
2023 Night Sky Almanac $14.95
A portable guidebook for enjoying the night sky in 2023. Description The 2023 Night Sky Almanac is the ideal resource for both novice and experienced sky watchers in the United States and Canada, with all the advice, information and data that enthusiasts need to understand and enjoy the wonders of the night sky. This in-depth guide first introduces readers to the objects in the sky - from stars, to comets, to globular clusters -- and then takes them through the cosmic events to look out for each month in 2023, with sky maps, moon phase charts and info about the...
Formac Lorimer Books
50 Animals That Have Been To Space by Jen ... $19.95
Since the early days of flight, animals have helped researchers learn how to survive in the sky, and their role continues as humanity voyages into outer space. In 1783, a rooster, a duck and a sheep were placed in a basket attached to the first hot-air balloon. In the age of rockets and space travel, many more animals have travelled into orbit, and most have returned safely to earth. Description This book tells the stories of 50 trips into space, with details about the animals and the scientists involved. The experiments, often designed by students, originate from many countries. The...
Formac Lorimer Books
50 Space Missions That Changed the World b... $19.95
Since the first spacecraft launched in 1957, there have been many ground-breaking missions that have expanded our knowledge of the solar system. The 50 featured in this collection include Voyager's Grand Tour, Apollo 8 and the first crewed mission to the Moon, the first woman in space and the first communication satellite that brought live television to the world. Description You can also find information on spy satellites, space tourism and climate change. In the early days of space exploration, the focus was on military dominance. Today most missions require the collaboration of several different countries and there's a broader...
Formac Lorimer Books
50 Things To Know About the International ... $19.95
This book tells young readers everything they want to know about life in space. With a focus on international collaboration, it details how men and women in space celebrate the holidays, watch the latest movies, go to sleep, call home, eat and drink, use the toilet and so much more. Description Featured astronauts include Canadians Chris Hadfield and Julie Payette — the only Canadian woman to visit the ISS. Each page of this book is heavily illustrated with photos showing the space station and the astronauts in action. Short texts and cutlines engage readers and make this book fun to...
Formac Lorimer Books
50 Things To See On The Moon by John A. Read $19.95
50 Things to See on the Moon by John A. Read is a wonderful visual introduction to the Moon, designed with first-time stargazers and young adults in mind. To help newbies fall in love with astronomy and our closest celestial neighbour, John Read has hand-picked 50 of the best lunar features to observe with a telescope or binocular of your choosing. You’ll refer to the book night after night as the Moon goes through its cycle of phases and new, interesting surface features come into view. Description John Read has personally observed, photographed, and researched all 50 objects and is...
Formac Lorimer Books
50 Things To See With a Telescope: A Young... $19.95
John A. Read covers everything needed to identify constellations, planets, stars, galaxies, nebulae and more. Inquisitive stargazers will find planet hunting and star hopping easy with clearly plotted routes and images of the sky both as seen by the naked eye and detailed views from a telescope. Many fascinating cosmic objects can be easily spotted with the help of this book including beautiful Cassiopeia, regal Leo, the plentiful Kemble's Cascade, the explosive Crab Nebula, the rings of Saturn — even the moon! This easy to read, fully illustrated reference book will enrich every young person's experience of the skies above....
Special Order
87010 - 76mm Tube Ring Set For Sk705, Skyw... $49.95
87010 - 76mm Tube Ring Set for SK705, Skywatcher For BK 705.This quality cast-aluminum rings are custom made for use with all Sky-Watcher equatorial mounts and the AZ3 mount. The hinges open to allow easy installation of the optical tube and the locks can be loosened during use to allow tube Rotation and balancing. In order for astrophotography lovers to capture the spectacular views of the sky, these tube rings feature a standard tripod adapter (¼"-20) on one of the rings, to provide easy piggyback camera attachment.
93821 - Hand Control Holder For V4 Controller $24.95
93821 - Hand Control holder for V4 controller     Skywatcher Holder for the Hand Controller for the Stainlesss Steel Tripod or Aluminum TripodThe holder fits, among others, to the stainless steel or aluminium tripod of the EQ3, EQ5, H-EQ5, EQ6, AZ-EQ6, ... SynScan GoTo mount. The bracket is attached to the tripod with a strap.
ADM Accessories
ADM Accessories - D Series Dovetail Adapte... $104.95
Fits D Series dovetail bars. D Series dovetail clamp allows you to attach the QHY PoleMaster to a D series dovetail bar. Incorporates a split clamp design that grips the dovetail bar along the entire surface of the saddle and will not dent or scratch the dovetail bar. The dovetail clamp has a large locking knob for tool free operation, spring loaded jaws, anodized aluminum and stainless steel construction. 2.5″ Long, 4″ Wide, .75″ Thick, Wt. as shown 14 oz. What's in the Box 1x DPA 1x PoleMaster Bracket 2x 1/4×20 SHCS
ADM Accessories
ADM Accessories - D Series or V Series Dov... $70.95
Fits D Series or V Series dovetail bars. Incorporates a split clamp design that grips the dovetail bar along the entire surface of the saddle and will not dent or scratch the dovetail bar. The dovetail clamp has a large locking knob for tool free operation, spring loaded jaws, anodized aluminum and stainless steel construction. 2.0″ Long, 4″ Wide, .75″ Thick, Wt. 8 oz. What's in the Box 1x DVPA 2x 1/4×20 SHCS
ADM Accessories
ADM Accessories D2V Converter (D2V) $189.95
Converts V Series mounts to a D Series saddle. 7″ Long, 4″ Wide, 1.25″ thick, Wt. 34 oz. Description Converts the Popular Vixen style dovetail saddle to the Losmandy Style saddle. Simply attach the saddle adapter to your mount just using the mount locking screw. The saddle is 7" long and has two locking screws. the saddle is spring loaded making installation and removal of the telescope easier. Everything is black anodized and stainless steel for ultra good looks and maximum durability. mini dovetail included. Works with a mounts that utilize the Vixen style dovetail.

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