Celestron T-Adapter For Schmidt-Cassegrain... $45.95
This sturdy metal T-Adapter is the accessory of choice if you’d like to attach an SLR or DSLR camera to the rear cell threads of a Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope for prime focus photography. Description To get started, you’ll need the appropriate T-Ring for your camera body (#93402 for Nikon & #93419 for Canon EOS). Remove the lens from your camera and attach the T-ring in its place. Since the T-ring is camera-brand specific, it will snap right on just like a lens. Next, remove the diagonal and visual back from the rear cell of your telescope. Screw the Celestron T-Adapter onto...
All-Star Telescope Canada
Celestron T-Rings (Common DSLR) from $21.95
A T-Ring is one of the first accessories you will need if you want to take pictures through a telescope or spotting scope. Description To use the a T-Ring, remove the lens from your camera, and attach the T-Ring in its place, just as you would if you were mounting a lens. The telescope side of the T-Ring has threads that will accept a variety of camera adapters, including the Celestron T-Adapter. The adapter you choose depends on the type of photography you wish to do. You can take pictures of terrestrial and/or celestial scenes by using a simple T-Adapter...
Sky Instruments
Antares 2" Direct Adapter To T-Ring (DP2) $39.95
Threaded for use with 2 inch filters, direct adapter to T-ring. Use any piece of equipment with 42mm female t-threads in your 2 inch focuser. 
Sky-Watcher Canon EOS M48 Camera Adapter (... $40.00
Description Designed for attaching a Canon DSLR camera to any of the Sky-Watcher 0.85x Focal Reducer/Correctors. M48 rings are used for larger format imaging. These are different than the standard T-Thread and are not suitable for use on our Collapsible Dobsonian line. M48 rings are to be used on the Esprit and ProED series when using the dedicated field correctors. Also for use with the Celestron T-Adapter Edge HD 9.25, 11, 14 48mm and other applications requiring a 48mm t-ring.  
Celestron SCT to 2" Adapter (93661) $36.95
This sturdy, high-quality adapter provides a solid connection between your Schmidt-Cassegrain or Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope and 2” accessories without any special threaded 2" diagonal. This accessory makes it possible to maximize your views through your telescope with your standard 2” diagonal, eyepieces, and other accessories (like photo adapters) allowing you to connect a camera for astroimaging. Description The adapter offers an ultra-secure threaded connection to your telescope. On the other side, a brass compression ring provides a strong grip on eyepieces accessories without scratching or denting their barrels. To tighten the ring around the accessory, just adjust the set screw. With...
Orion Telescopes USD
Orion Wide M48 T-Ring For Canon EOS Camera... $36.39
This T-ring, designed to fit Canon EOS cameras, features M48 (48mm x 0.75) threads. Description A wide T-ring converts a DSLR camera body's bayonet mount to a wide-format (M48), female T-thread, allowing attachment of the camera to accessories such as field flatteners, reducers, and spacer rings that utilize the M48 thread. Wider than standard M42 T-rings, this T-ring reduces vignetting, especially in full-frame (35mm format) cameras. Length (thickness) of the T-ring is 10.9mm. Made of machined aluminum and black anodized. Quick Overview This larger than standard size, wide 48mm diameter T-ring supports full 35mm format Canon cameras. Not compatible with...
Tele Vue Optics
Tele Vue 2" T-Ring Adapter For 2X Powermat... $78.00
The PTR-2200 t-ring adapter allows you to connect the TeleVue 2" 2X Powermate to a camera t-ring for double magnification in prime focus photography.Remove the eyepiece holder of the PowerMate by unscrewing the top half of the PowerMate from the lower half (where all the optics are placed). Then screw on the T-ring adapter and your camera t-ring. The PowerMate, with camera attached, is then ready to insert into the focuser of your telescope.
Tele Vue Optics
Tele Vue 1.25" PMT T-Ring Adapter (PTR-1250) $69.00
This threaded adapter ring replaces the 1.25" eyepiece holder on the TeleVue Powermate 2.5X 1.25" (and other 1.25" Powermates). The adapter threads directly onto the chrome barrel in place of the eyepiece holder. The adapter allows a T-ring (sold separately) to be attached so you can connect your 35mm camera directly to the Powermate.
Celestron T-Adapter 48mm for EdgeHD 9.25",... $98.95
The 48mm T-Adapter is the accessory of choice if you’d like to attach your full frame DSLR or astronomical camera to a Celestron EdgeHD optical tube. With DSLR CCD chips getting larger, Celestron created the 48mm T-Adapter to reduce vignetting and provide a larger light path to your camera’s sensor, producing exceptional astrophotos. Description The standard T-Adapter for EdgeHD 9.25", 11", and 14" comes with a 42mm T-Thread for a 42mm T-Ring. This smaller 42mm T-Adapter truncates the light cone coming from the back of the EdgeHD optical tubes, which creates vignetting in the corners of full frame imaging sensors....
Celestron T-Adapter EdgeHD 8 (93644) $53.95
T-Adapter for 8” EdgeHD optical tube threads onto the rear cell. Description This T-Adapter allows you to attach your 35 mm DSLR camera to the prime focus of your EdgeHD telescope. This arrangement is used for terrestrial photography and short exposure lunar and planetary photography. It can also be used for long exposure deep-sky photography when using a separate guidescope. Both a T-Adapter and T-Ring are required to mount a DSLR camera to your instrument.
Celestron Universal Barlow and T-Adapter 1... $91.95
This 1.25” accessory can be used three ways: as a 2X Barlow for visual use, as a prime focus T-adapter, or as a “Barlowed” T-adapter for double the magnification and the benefit of extra inward focus travel. Description The Universal Barlow & T-Adapter can be used as a 2X Barlow right out of the box. Insert any 1.25” eyepiece into the chamber and you’ll enjoy double the magnification, while retaining all the eye relief of the inserted eyepiece. The Celestron Universal Barlow & T-Adapter can also be used for prime focus photography, which means you use the telescope as a...
Sky Instruments
Antares 1.25" Photo Adapter (DP1) $19.95
The Antares 1.25" Photo Adapter allows prime focus photography by attaching your SLR or DSLR to a 1.25" focuser or 1.25" diagonal. A T-ring for your camera is required to connect the photo adapter to the camera. DP1 adapts your 1.25" focuser or diagonal directly to M42 T-Thread. Threaded for filters.  

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