Sky-Watcher EQ6-R Pier Extension (S30102) $130.00
  Works on the EQ6 and EQ6-R mounts. Raises the mount head 8.4"  
iOptron MiniPier Extension (6") for iEQ30 ... $194.95
Die casting and machined metal. Perfect for adding distance between your scope and tripod on the iOptron iEQ30/CEM40/CEM45 tripod and Tri-Pier. Does NOT fit on a iEQ45/CEM60 or MiniTower/AZ mount Pro tripod. Specifications Height  6" Diameter 4.8" (120 mm) Weight 1lb 4oz
Sky-Watcher AZ-EQ5 Pier Extension (S30202) $110.00
Works on the AZ-EQ5 Mount. Raises the mount head 6.3"
iOptron GEM28/CEM26 MiniPier (8") (8035-8) $139.99
8-inch tall GEM28/CEM26 mini pier This GEM28/CEM26 Mini Pier is made of Diecasting and machined metal. It is Perfect for adding distance between your scope and tripod on the iOptron GEM28/CEM26 mount. It is also compatible with the  SkyGuide mount and Field tripod #3501. What's In The Box A 5.5 inch GEM28/CEM26 Mini Pier #8035 3 sections of spacers and bolts for extra 2.5 inch extension Specifications Height 8" Diameter 4" (100mm) Weight 2lbs
iOptron MiniPier Tripod Extension (8") (8032) $189.99
iOptron® MiniPier is designed for iOptron GOTO mounts to provide 8" extra telescope height. The MiniPier fits on various iOptron tripods/piers, as well other brand tripod with some DIY. Description The MiniPier fits these iOptron tripod/pier: LiteRoc Tripod for AZ Mount Pro, CEM60/70 MiniTower 1.5" Tripod MiniTower 2" Tripod AZ Mount Pro Tripod iEQ45/CEM60 Tripod 48-inch Pier (#8030) and 42-inch Pier (#8033) Tri-Pier (#8034) DO NOT fit on iEQ30 Tripod The following mounts can be mounted onto the MiniPier: CEM70 CEM60 CEM40/GEM45 (won't fit on CEM40/GEM45 tripod, may limit low latitude application) iEQ45/iEQ45 Pro iEQ30/iEQ30 Pro (won't fit on iEQ30...

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