ZWO EAF 5V Electronic Automatic Focuser (Z... $269.00
Why We Love the ZWO EAF The 5V EAF (ZWO-5V-EAF) automatically focusses your telescope for planetary and deep-sky imaging, while only connected to a 5V USB-port.  The EAF has several accessories available for it including a temperature sensor, a hand controller, and adapters for a number of optical tubes.  The EAF works seamlessly with other ZWO products, the ASIAIR will even allow you to control it with your phone.  These are a great device for new and experienced astrophotographers.   Recommended Accessories The EAF has a few accessories available for it.  The three that we really like pairing it with are: 1....
This is the third generation of the revolutionary ASIAIR (ZWO-ASIAAIR-PLUS), and ZWO have nailed it! This is a smart wireless controller that will run your main imaging camera, as well as a guiding camera. You can also use the main imaging camera to polar align. In short, the ASIAIR Plus will vastly simplify your setup and astro-imaging process. It’s a fantastic tool for new and experienced astrophotographers alike. Adding this camera controller to your astrophotography setup will allow you to control ZWO USB3.0 and ZWO mini-series cameras. The ASIAIR technology can also control the ZWO electronic auto focuser (EAF), nearly...
ZWO AC to DC Adapter - US standard (ZWO-DC... $42.95
The ZWO AC/DC Adapter is for ZWO's cooled cameras. This model can be used in the US, Canada, Japan, Brazil, Taiwan, and anywhere else that accepts the US Standard plug.  The handy adapter supplies constant 12-volt power at 5A.
ZWO ASI120MM Mini Monochrome Camera (ASI12... $201.00
The ZWO ASI120 mini is an incredible planetary camera, but it really shines as a guide camera.  We find it pairs really well with the ZWO mini guide scope for a compact and effective guiding package.   Summary The ASI120MM Mini (ASI120MINI) camera integrates the AR0130CS 1/3″ sensor (4.8 mm x 3.6 mm). It is a new model in the “mini”-series of cameras from ZWO. This camera has 1280 x 960 pixels with a pixel size of 3.75 μm x 3.75 μm. It provides 12-bit ADC and the QE peak is almost 80%. Detailed Description The ASI120 mini-camera offers you very...
ZWO Temperature Sensor of EAF (ZWO-EAF-SEN... $13.95
This temperature sensor is made specifically for the standard and advanced Electronic Automatic Focuser (EAF). This is a must-have addition to your EAF setup!
ZWO Hand Controller for EAF (ZWO-EAF-HC) $54.00
This ZWO Hand Controller is designed to be used with the Electronic Automatic Focuser (EAF), whether it be the standard of the advanced version.
ZWO Filter Drawer for 2" Mounted Filter (Z... $107.00
Independently designed by ZWO with a 21 mm ring configuration, this Filter Drawer is compatible with 2" filters and features M42x0.75 external camera side thread and M48x0.75 internal filter end and telescope side thread. With the ability of double strong magnetic adsorption, it is more convenient and much easier to install or pull out the filter. There is a lock screw on the side of it. The locking function is helpful on adjusting the tension to eliminate the gap, which is a double insurance for users. The filter drawer also comes with the M48-M42 adapter. You can use it with...
ZWO 30mm f4 Mini Guide Scope (ZWO-30F4) $134.00
This guide scope is compatible with all ASI cameras. The ZWO Mini Guide Scope is a 30mm f/4 refractor guide scope in a small, easy to use package. It even comes ready to use with guider rings and dovetail for simple mounting. ZWO made sure this system was lightweight (1.1 lb.), allowing you to use it on most any scope or mount. Add an inexpensive brand-specific t-ring to the ZWO Mini Guidescope and attach it to your DSLR camera. It can be used as a finder with optional eyepiece (reticle or otherwise) as long as you view straight-through (no diagonal)....
ZWO ASI2600MC Pro USB 3.0 Colour Cooled Ca... $2,699.00
Important: For the following imaging camera models, please use a separate 12V power supply rather than the power hub in the ASIAIR Pro as the hub cannot provide enough amperage to power the camera's TEC coolers: ASI6200, ASI2600, ASI2400, ASI533, ASI071MC ASI2600MC Pro uses Sony’s latest back-illuminated IMX571 APS-C format sensor with a native 16-bit ADC. It is the colour version of the ASI2600MM Pro. Description It has an impressive range of features that make it a popular choice for astrophotographer. Here are some of the reasons why: Ultra-low 0e- readout noise – bringing out more details in your images with improved...
ZWO ASI120MC-S Colour Super Speed Camera (... $201.00
ASI120S is a super speed and sensitive USB 3.0 camera. Up to 60FPS under 1280X960 full resolution! Description ASI120S is a lightning-fast and sensitive USB3.0 camera. Up to 60FPS under 1280X960 full resolution! With a peak QE of 75%, beyond ICX618 and with no FPN(Fixed pattern Noise)! Long exposure supported up to 1000s! Full compatible with USB 2.0 USB Host! ASI120 camera integrates AR0130CS 1/3″ sensor (4.8 mm x 3.6 mm). This camera has 1280 x 960 pixels. The pixel size is 3.75 μm x 3.75 μm. This camera provides 12bit ADC. USB 3.0 Port: Can provide 5Gb bandwidth to...
ZWO M48-M42 Adapter (ZWO-M48-M42) $16.00
The M48-M42 adapter is used in order to fit your imaging train together with different types of equipment and sizes. See photos for examples of use.
ZWO ASI294MC Pro USB3.0 Cooled Colour Astr... $1,349.00
Important: For the following imaging camera models, please use a separate 12V power supply rather than the power hub in the ASIAIR Pro as the hub cannot provide enough amperage to power the camera's TEC coolers: ASI6200, ASI2600, ASI2400, ASI533, ASI294, ASI071MC The ASI294MC Pro is the first camera in the world equipped with the latest Sony sensor IMX294CJK. This is one of the top-selling cameras from ZWO. Looking at the specifications and comparing it to the relatively low price, it is easy to see why. Description Some of the highlights include: back-illuminated sensor – improving sensitivity and reducing noise 4/3” format...

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