ZWO Off-Axis Guider (ZWO-OAG) $173.00
ZWO Off-Axis Guider (OAG) for Astrophotography Specifications Overview Lightweight, 16.5mm thickness Large prism: 8*8mm Connect the main imaging camera and the guide camera. No guide scope required! Flexible adaption to your camera and telescope, such as M42 and M48. Fully compatible with all ZWO ASI cameras Good stability and rigid connection to the telescope to minimize flexing of the imaging train ZWO OAG comes with all adapters you will need for imaging and guiding.
ZWO 1.25" Helical Focuser (ZWO-HF1.25) $86.95
Makes a great fit together with ZWO OAG and ASI Mini Series Cameras. Can also be used for other purposes when an exact focus is required. This ZWO model doesn't rotate your camera when you are adjusting focus and it is super economical. Specifications  Inner Diameter: 1.25"  Stroke: 6mm Adjustment Accuracy: 0.1mm Top Male Thread: M42x0.75 Bottom Female Thread M42x0.75 Minimum Height: 48.5mm Weight: 80-100g
ZWO Off-Axis Guider for ASI Mini Cameras (... $269.00
For guiding, OAG-L can only work with ASI Mini cameras like ASI174MM Mini, ASI290MM Mini and ASI120MM Mini. Description OAG-L has a large prism size of 12*12mm, far bigger than M68 OAG. The bigger clear aperture brings wider field of view in guiding. It is easy to use, and suitable for users who are interested in long focal length photography. To take the most advantage of it, we recommend you to match it with large format guiding cameras. Features Lightweight and exquisite, 17.5mm thickness. Prism size: 12*12mm. The effective light-passing aperture is 11.7mm*8.3mm. Can be used to connect the main...
Celestron Deluxe Off-Axis Guider (93648 OAG) $458.95
 The Off-Axis Guider (93648) is an essential astroimaging accessory for long focal length telescopes that require the most accurate guiding possible. The Celestron Off-Axis Guider uses a prism to intercept a small portion of the telescope’s focal plane (outside the field of view of the main imaging camera) to locate a guide star. Any movement seen by the guide star will be the exact same movement seen by the imaging camera. Guiding this way will correct for tracking errors, as well as opto-mechanical errors or flexure. The result: better astroimages with pinpoint round stars. Description Off-Axis Guiders have been around for...
Askar M54 Off-Axis Guider (M54OAG) $249.99
Askar introduced M54 off-axis guider for astronomy enthusiasts to achieve better guiding effect. The prism of Askar M54 OAG is 10×10mm, which can not only collect more light, but also make it easier to capture the targeted star and realize automatic guiding. Description Askar M54 OAG is designed with multiple threads, like M42, M48 and M54, which can basically satisfy the needs of accessory attachment. These novice-friendly adapters are easy to switch and replace. Askar M54 OAG functions well with a full-frame camera, better facilitating the imaging process of astrophotographers. The Askar M54 OAG is CNC machined, and the surface...
ZWO M68 (OAG) Off-Axis Guider (ZWO M68-OAG) $219.99
For guiding, only can work with ASI mini camera currently. There is M2.5*6 screws in the package to help connect the OAG to 2″ EFW. Description Overview Lightweight and Exquisite, 17.5mm thickness Prism size: 8*8mm Connect the main imaging camera and the guide camera simultaneously. No guide scope required! High stability, strong connection to the telescope Can be compatible with ASI6200MM Pro, ASI2600MC Pro and ASI2400 cameras
QHYCCD QHYOAG-S/M/L Off-Axis Guiders (QHYOAG) from $229.00
The main purpose of the OAG is to use the same optical path as the main camera. This avoids the problem of differential deflection that can occur when using a separate optical system for guiding. This method provides more accurate guiding and sharper images. Description QHYOAG has three models. The major difference is its different diameter. The three model are QHYOAG-S,QHYOAG-M,QHYOAG-L. QHYOAG is a thin and solid design. The OAG main body is just 10mm thick. Adding an M42 thread or M54 adapter ring adds only 3mm for a total thickness of 13mm. There are six 3mm through holes in...

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