Orion Telescopes USD
Orion Skyline Deluxe Green Laser Pointer (... $64.99
Have you ever been outside under a clear starry sky with a friend or family member, when you wanted to point out the location of the Orion Nebula, or trace the outline of the Sagittarius "Teapot" asterism? You point your finger, but that just doesn't cut it. "Where are you pointing? Do you mean the third bright star up from that middle pine tree over there?" Save yourself from frustration and take the guesswork out of the equation with the Orion SkyLine Deluxe Green Laser Pointer. Its bright green beam makes pointing out objects in the sky as easy as...
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Celestron PowerTank Glow 5000 (93585) $59.95 $69.95
The PowerTank Glow 5000 is an essential for any amateur astronomer. This 2-in-1 device features a rechargeable handheld red LED flashlight with three brightness levels and a 5000 mAh 5V DC power bank to charge mobile devices. Description The PowerTank Glow 5000 attaches onto one of your telescope tripod legs or other convenient locations using one of the two included silicone straps so it is safe and out of the way. A wrist strap is also included for handheld use. Perfect astronomy flashlight A red flashlight is one of the most beneficial accessories you can own as an amateur astronomer,...
Sky-Watcher Dual Beam Flashlight (92010) $40.00
The multipurpose flashlight can be switched between red light for night vision and regular white light. Brightness can be adjusted through a control wheel.​ Description This voltage regulated LED flashlight supplies night vision protecting red light for map reading and telescope operation. Adjustable for brightness, its included 9-volt battery provides 25 and up to 625 hours of operation. Plus, the white light LED option, provides regular flashlight illumination.  
Orion Telescopes USD
Orion RedBeam LED Motion Sensing Headlamp ... $29.95
Have you ever dropped a setscrew in the grass in the dark, and went fumbling around looking for it, holding your red-light flashlight in one hand, thinking you may never see that setscrew again? Put both hands to work with the Orion RedBeam LED Motion Sensing Headlamp! Description In addition to finding lost parts, this versatile red-light LED flashlight works great when you need to set up astronomy gear and need both hands to attach everything together. An elastic adjustable head strap fits all sizes, and provides a comfortable grip to hold the flashlight in place. But this isn't just...
ADM Accessories
Red Led Flashlight (LED) $14.95
Anodized red aluminum flashlight with 9 Red LEDs. Includes 3 AAA batteries. Colour is random/varied.  
Sky Instruments
Antares Finderscope Bracket for Laser Poin... $44.95
6-point Finder bracket that can be used for any standard Green laser pointer and on-off screw, fits FURB.
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Sky Instruments
Sky-Watcher Red LED Flashlight (92015) $29.95
This voltage regulated LED flashlight emits soft red light to assist map reading and telescope operation. Adjustable for brightness and includes a 9-volt battery that provides up to 625 hours of operation.​

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