ZWO EAF 5V Electronic Automatic Focuser (Z... $269.00
Why We Love the ZWO EAF The 5V EAF (ZWO-5V-EAF) automatically focusses your telescope for planetary and deep-sky imaging, while only connected to a 5V USB-port.  The EAF has several accessories available for it including a temperature sensor, a hand controller, and adapters for a number of optical tubes.  The EAF works seamlessly with other ZWO products, the ASIAIR will even allow you to control it with your phone.  These are a great device for new and experienced astrophotographers.   Recommended Accessories The EAF has a few accessories available for it.  The three that we really like pairing it with are: 1....
ZWO Temperature Sensor of EAF (ZWO-EAF-SEN... $13.95
This temperature sensor is made specifically for the standard and advanced Electronic Automatic Focuser (EAF). This is a must-have addition to your EAF setup!
ZWO Hand Controller for EAF (ZWO-EAF-HC) $54.00
This ZWO Hand Controller is designed to be used with the Electronic Automatic Focuser (EAF), whether it be the standard of the advanced version.
Celestron Focus Motor SCT (94155-A) $337.95
The Focus Motor provides electronic focusing for Celestron Schmidt-Cassegrain (SCT), EdgeHD, and RASA telescope optical tubes. Description With the focus motor installed, you can bring celestial objects into sharp, precise focus using your telescope’s hand controller or a computer instead of using the focuser knob. A focus motor is great for visual observers who want to dial in exact focus (especially those with dexterity issues) and a must-have accessory for astroimagers. With a motorized focuser installed, an astroimager no longer needs to be physically near the telescope to focus an image. Combined with computerized control of the mount and camera,...
Pegasus Astro
Pegasus Astro FocusCube v2 Universal (PEG-... $379.99
FocusCube v2: A must have for successful astrophotography sessions Focus fast, reliable, and accurate your telescope by using the “FocusCube 2“. The evolution of technology in astronomy requires a system that will assist the focusing of the telescope with great accuracy. Fast optics and modern camera devices require automatic focusing in every small period of time as the temperature can affect the focal length and modify the optimal focus position. Pegasus FocusCube has been developed to meet all of these requirements. Lifts more than 6kg (13 lbs) of Imaging Equipment when Telescope Point to Zenith FocusCube has a very low...
Pegasus Astro
Pegasus Astro Motor Focus Kit v2 Universal... $189.95
Focus fast and accurately on your telescope by using our powerful Motor Focus Kit v2. This high-resolution geared box has a 0,06-degree step size and can easily lift more than 6 Kg (per cm). Its high torque is suitable for lifting heavy imaging equipment. Moreover, the motor’s gearbox has a low backlash which can easily be compensated through imaging software. The RJ45 socket can be converted to a compatible Robofocus Pinout. Universal L Shaped Bracket (Black Anodisation) We have redesigned the L-shaped bracket to easily fit onto most focusers in the market. The lower part of the redesigned bracket can...
Pegasus Astro
Pegasus Astro Hand Controller for FocusCub... $99.95
This simple hand controller (compatible with all FocusCube versions) allows precise manual focus, vibration-free! Digital Encoder with a Push Button The rotary knob simulates the knob of your focuser. Rotate the digital knob and easily focus! Precision can be achieved if you press the knob inside. Speed is reduced to 1:10 just like the fine focus knob of your focuser! Can Work Simultaneously with PC Operation Just plug the hand controller in the auxiliary port of the FocusCube and enjoy precision in manual focusing without vibrations. No need to remove the hand controller when you use your PC to control...

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