Celestron StarPointer Finderscope (51630) $32.95
The Celestron StarPointer Finderscope is the way to go if you want the easiest way possible to locate an object and center it in your eyepiece. Description A red dot finder, unlike an optical finder, has 1x magnification, displays a super wide field of view, and keeps the sky right side up and left-to-right correct, matching what you see with your unaided eyes. An LED creates a red dot, superimposed on a viewing screen, so you simply point the StarPointer to the area or object you wish to observe, look through your eyepiece, and if properly aligned, the area in...
QHYCCD PoleMaster Electronic Polar Alignme... $349.95
The PoleMaster is an easy, convenient and fast way to achieve excellent polar alignment. It has been recognized by astronomy enthusiasts around the world and has become a must-have for anyone using an equatorial mount for visual use or for imaging. The PoleMaster electronic polar axis alignment device is a patented product of QHYCCD and is protected by Chinese, US patents and International PCT. Description As any seasoned astroimager would agree, achieving good polar alignment is not an easy task. You may spend hours under precious dark sky trying to get that perfect polar alignment, but in the end you...
Celestron StarPointer Pro (51635) $91.95
Spend less time centering your target and more time stargazing with Celestron’s premium finderscope: StarPointer Pro. Traditional red dot finderscopes were originally created for shooting sports such as airsoftairsoft guns and shooting sports. Description StarPointer Pro was designed for astronomers by astronomers to provide the easiest experience locating celestial objects in the night sky. Whether you’re new to the hobby or a seasoned amateur astronomer, you’ll appreciate StarPointer Pro’s thoughtful design features. While a red dot can obstruct your desired target, StarPointer Pro projects two circular LED reticles. Just place your target inside the circles and it’s ready to view...
Celestron Illuminated Right Angle Correct ... $215.95
The Celestron 9x50 Right Angle Correct Image (RACI) Illuminated Finder is a great upgrade to the stock finderscopes found on many Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes. Description The 50 mm optics produce bright, sharp images with a magnification of 9X and a 5º apparent field of view. Meanwhile, the right-angle, correct-image design keeps objects right-side up and left-to-right correct, making it easier to locate objects as well as track them as they drift through the field of view. The eyepiece module can be rotated left or right so you can find the perfect viewing angle. The double-crosshair reticle etched in the eyepiece makes...
Sky Instruments
Antares 27mm Kellner X-Hair Eyepiece (IRK25) $139.95
The 1.25" IRK27 is the fully coated glass reticle Kellner eyepiece used on all Antares illuminated finderscopes. It has 55 degree AFOV, helical focusing for the XX reticle and uses the Hi-Bright illuminator with variable intensity. The reticle can be easily removed for cleaning. An eyeshield and 12mm eye relief make it very suitable for manual guiding. 1.25" 25mm Plossl eyepiece, 55 Degree Apparent Field, eyeshield, XX-glass reticle with illuminator, Fully Coated.
Sky-Watcher EQ6-Ri Pro Mount & Tripod (S30... $2,620.00
The Industry's Most Popular Mount. With the included Wi-Fi adapter and the SynScan Pro app (available for free through the Apple and Google Play stores) even an inexperienced astronomer can master the EQ6-Ri’s variety of features in a few observing sessions. Description An Astrophotography Powerhouse The EQ6-Ri boasts a plethora of features to support astrophotographers in their craft. The built-in ST-4 autoguider port turns this mount into an astrophotography powerhouse, allowing you to use most of today’s best autoguiders. Using the supplied USB-B cable, you can control the telescope from your computer and take advantage of today’s most advanced astronomy...
Celestron Crossaim Reticle Eyepiece (93235) $141.95
Description Overview Ideal for Accurate Polar Alignment. Well Suited for Use With Off-Axis Guiders for Centering and Guiding of Stars Adjustable Red LED Light Brightness Control to Illuminate Crosshairs and Preserve Night Vision Double Crosshair Reticle for Accurate Centering and Guiding of Stars Fully Coated Optics for Excellent Light Transmission on Faint Stars Includes Reticle Eyepiece and Illuminator
Celestron Polar Axis Finderscope For CGX &... $256.95
The optional Polar Axis Finderscope for the CGX series provides an easy, straightforward way to polar align your mount. Description The Polar Finderscope includes a dovetail base bracket that attaches to the CGX. The finder bracket itself can be removed from the dovetail for storage. Designed specifically for CGX and CGX-L, the bracket angle is adjustable to accommodate the most accessible viewing angle for your setup. With a quick view to Polaris, the reticle displays Ursa Major and Cassiopeia in relation to the North Celestial Pole, so you can be accurately aligned without the need to reference an app or...
Orion Telescopes USD
Orion 70mm Multi-Use Finderscope (07220) $174.95
Have you ever wanted a particular type of aiming device for some nights, and a different type of finder for others? The Orion Multi-Use Finder Scope is the perfect solution for all your telescope aiming needs! If you want a giant optical finder to grab those faint and fuzzy objects that can double as a guide scope, video finder or wide angle astrograph, then the Orion 70mm Multi-Use Finder Scope has the versatility you need! Build your own custom telescope aiming device with the modular Orion 70mm Multi-Use Finder Scope. This finder optical tube allows you to customize your own...

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