Telrad, Inc.
Telrad Reflex Sight Finder with Mounting B... $79.95
A finder for Dobsonians, reflectors, refractors, and Schmidt-Cassegrain by projecting a series of concentric red rings (4 degrees, 2 degrees, and one-half degree in diameter) on a tilted plate at the top of the finder. Similar to a red-dot finder, the circles appear to be projected onto the sky so you can move the telescope until the star or planet appears in the centre. Uses 2 AA batteries (included)
Telrad, Inc.
Telrad Riser Base (2" and 4") (2102/2104) $24.95
These Telrad Riser Base (which come in both a 2" and 4" version), along with an existing mounting base, improves eye relief by offsetting the Telrad sight from the main tube. Note: Riser Base must be used in conjunction with an existing mounting base
Telrad, Inc.
Telrad Extra Mounting Base for Reflex Sigh... $17.95
The Telrad finder comes with a mounting base. However, if you have more than one telescope, you can purchase additional mounting bases to use the same Telrad on multiple telescopes. Switching the Telrad from one telescope to another just takes a few seconds using the two locking thumbscrews on the base. The Telrad finder base is made of ABS plastic and attaches to the telescope surface via the included double-sided tape. It measures 173mm long x 58mm wide x 18.2mm tall (excluding the tape). That is 6.81" x 2.28'" x 0.72".
Telrad, Inc.
Telrad Dew Shield (2020) $24.95
The Telrad Dew Shield helps keep condensation from forming on the glass plate of your Telrad. It attaches to the back of the Telrad unit on hinges using existing screws, and swivels into place to shield the combining glass slowing dew condensation. It is made of lightweight yet strong ABS plastic.

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