Celestron SkyPortal WiFi Adapter (93973) $188.95
Get WiFi Access to the Universe with the SkyPortal WiFi ModuleCelestron's SkyPortal WiFi Module turns your smartphone or tablet into your own personal planetarium and observatory! Description Simply plug the WiFi module into your telescope’s hand control or AUX port and connect your device to its wireless signal. Instantly, your device becomes a wireless hand control for your telescope, guiding you through the alignment process and slewing to any celestial object with a simple tap. As SkyPortal WiFi Module slews your telescope to an object, you can listen to hundreds of included audio descriptions on your device, which explain the...
Sky-Watcher SynScan Wifi Adapter (S30103) $90.00
  Give your Sky-Watcher GOTO mount WiFi capability with the plug-in Wifi Adapter. With the adapter plugged, in you can connect the mount to the SynScan App and use your mobile device to control and align your telescope. Download the Free SynScan app from Google Play or the Apple App Store. Description The SynScan Point and Go feature simplifies the GOTO process. Simply point your phone to the part of the sky you want your telescope to point, press the button,and the telescope will automatically move to the location you pointed to. It will then list all the objects in...
iOptron GPS Module for CEM26 / GEM28 / CEM... $159.99
This 32-channel external GPS module is for CEM26/GEM28 mount. It is also a replacement module for CEM40/GEM45 mount. It consists of a GPS module and a straight wired 6P6C connection cable. 
Celestron SkySync GPS Accessory (93969) $256.95
Add GPS to your Celestron computerized telescope and get time, date, and location downloads from orbiting Global Positioning Satellites. Description This 16-channel GPS module plugs into your telescope’s hand control or the auxiliary (AUX) port on your drive base and then mounts to a tripod leg to stay safely out of the way with included straps.SkySync makes it easier to align your telescope while keeping your date and time updated. Quick Overview Upgrade your Celestron computerized telescope to GPS with SkySync Improve the speed and accuracy of alignments with 16-channel GPS Automatically updates the time and date Plugs into the...
Sky-Watcher SynScan GPS Module (S30104) $270.00
SynScan GPS module inputs date, time and location data into the SynScan hand controller. Compatible with all mounts using SynScan hand controller.
iOptron StarFi Wi-Fi Telescope Adapter (8434) $174.99
NOT for CEM40 or GEM45 series mount. Now you can convert your telescope mount into a wirelessly controllable one with this new the new StarFiTM Wi-Fi adapter! With iOptron's StarFi you'll be wirelessly connected. Description You can wirelessly control your telescope mount with your favourite planetarium software through iOptron ASCOM driver and Commander. You can also connect the mount to your SmartPhone/Tablet to use software like Sky Safari to control your mount. Features Supports 802.11b/g/n Can be constructed as AP (default) or STAtion mode Password protection Connect to Computer/Tablet/SmartPhone Supports both iOS and Android mobile devices through WIFI connection Allow...

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