SharpStar SCA260 Aspherical Cassegrain Ast... $5,194.00
The launch of Sharpstar SCA260, a fast-focal-ratio aspherical Cassegrain astrograph, fills up the existing service gap in domestic market. SCA260 is designed with an aspherical mirror which entails much more sophisticated research and development. The process of producing, manufacturing and testing is more complicated compared with that of an ordinary reflective mirror. Description The telescope is wrapped with durable carbon fiber material, artistically enhancing its appearance while sharply decreasing its weight. Both the primary and secondary mirrors wear enhanced aluminum coatings, which ensure they can achieve a high reflectivity of more than 95%. The new-added adjustable bar on the secondary...
SharpStar 140PH Premium APO S Triplet Refr... $5,124.95
Sharpstar 140PH, a large-aperture APO astrograph, the very first in Sharpstar APO-series, finally comes to the market. It features pioneering double ED glass and triplet air-spaced lens structure. The focal ratio is properly designed of f/6.5 and its focal length is 910mm. Description Most stock triplet APO lenses are regularly equipped solely with an ED glass aiming to reduce the achromatic aberration, whereas two of the 140PH lens set are ED glass, considerably enhancing the aberration control performance, offering a solid foundation for advanced visual observation and astrophotograph. Sharpstar 140PH is equipped with a retractable dew shield and is wrapped...
SharpStar Mark III Mount Body (MARK3MB) $3,769.00
Mark III is a lightweight and portable German equatorial mount with a delicate harmonic gear system. Despite its lightweight of 7.95kg, Mark III boasts outstanding payload capacity, quick dynamic response and accurate data-transmission and processing. It’s a great option for astro-observation or astrophotography, and a handy and functional helper along your journey to the universe exploration. Description Mark III equatorial mount is powered by Onstep, a fantastic open source software. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the developers and all relevant contributors who have helped a lot to improve the Onstep software. We will also do our...
Special Order
Askar FRA 600 Quintuplet APO Astrograph (F... $3,339.95
Following the excellent optical performance of its first FRA400/5.6, the FRA600/5.6 is an evolution of the FRA series. An upgraded lens has a 108mm aperture and a 600mm focal length, the f/ratio is still f/5.6, and the image circle is 66mm surpass the full frame! Description This FRA600 Quintuplet Refractor is built on a Petzval design, comprising a front triplet and rear doublet lenses, two pieces of which are ED glass. This combination provides a high level of apochromatic performance for astroimaging. With wonderful optical design, the FRA600 astrograph provides a 66mm image circle to ensure excellent star shape across...
Askar 107PHQ Quadruplet Refractive Astrogr... $3,199.95
As the first long-focal-ratio Flatfield astrograph from Askar, 107PHQ is born with a special mission: whether you are just getting started in astrophotography, or an enthusiast who has been quite familiar with all equipment and devices, you can always find Askar 107PHQ a useful astrograph which is functionally practical and physically attractive. Description This telescope is especially amateur or beginner friendly since you don’t need to attach an extra field flattener to get a satisfactory picture. And for the fact that you don’t need a flattener and you can easily get over back-focus calculation and confusing connection steps, all you...
SharpStar 15028HNT Hyperbolic Newtonian Re... $2,730.00
The launch of Sharpstar 15028HNT, a fast-focal-ratio hyperbolic Newtonian astrograph, fills up the existing service gap in domestic market. Compared with the conventional parabolic mirror, the process of producing, manufacturing and testing hyperbolic mirror is much more intricate. Description The astrograph comes second to no one considering its rather fast focal ratio. The telescope is wrapped with durable carbon fiber material, artistically enhancing its appearance while sharply decreasing its weight. Sharpstar 15028HNT adopts Pyrex-alike glass, enabling the mirror to reach a quite stable reflectivity. Both primary and secondary mirrors wear enhanced aluminum coating, thus keeping a reflective rate at more...
Askar FRA 500 Quintuplet APO Astrograph (F... $2,549.95
Sharpstar Optics introduces Askar FRA500 astrograph, which is the youngest among the FRA family well-known to our customers. Compared with its siblings, the 500mm-focal-length refractor has an aperture size of 90mm (f/5.6), so Askar FRA500 can better fit into the scenarios of deep-sky imaging than the Askar FRA400. Besides, it is more lightweight and compact than Askar FRA600, which makes it a great choice for out-door observation or astrophotography. Description Askar FRA500 has inherited the legacies of superior FRA- series designing. It boasts a quintuplet air-spaced APO optical structure, a “three plus two” Petzval lens combination. The front lens group...
SharpStar 94EDPH Premium APO S Triplet Ref... $1,899.95
Our Take on the SharpStar 94 EDPH The 94EDPH is the largest telescope in the SharpStar EDPH family. Its aperture is 94mm and the focal length is 517mm, yielding a fast focal ratio is f/5.5. The 94EDPH is designed with triplet air-spaced APO lens structure, including two pieces of ED (extra-low dispersion) glass. This allows the astrograph to produce more sharp, flat images. With its compact form factor, fantastic appearance, and superb quality, the SharpStar 94EDPH is a great telescope for visual observation and sophisticated astrophotography. Description SharpStar 94EDPH uses the same reducer as the 76EDPH, making it easy to switch between the 76 and 94 for imaging different targets....
Askar FRA 400 Quintuplet APO Astrograph (F... $1,539.95
The FRA, which stands for "Flatfield Refractive Astragraph", is a refractive astrograph designed for built-in flat field correction. FRA also used in visual observation, this series creates versatile high-quality flat frame images for astrophotography, is the few great telescope of versatile optical tube. Description For easy parameter conversion between different lenses, the first-come of the FRA family features a Petzval-like quintuplet design (two pieces of which are special ED glass) with an aperture of 72mm, a focal length of 400mm and a focal ratio of f/5.6, providing a 44mm image circle. The FRA400 quintuplet astrograph has adopted modern optical design...
Askar 300 F5 Scope (FRA300) $1,199.99
Since their inception, Askar FRA series short focal ratio astrograph have been very well received by astronomical amateurs. This year, we launched the FRA300 Pro - the smallest 60mm F/5 Petzval astrograph with the fastest native focal ratio in the FRA series so far, its focal length is 300mm. Description The star is sharp and delicate. At the center of its field of view, the RMS radius can reach 2um. Even a serious user can also be satisfied when it comes to the shape of stars. It performs excellence with full-frame and supports 44mm imaging, which is a rare astrograph...
SharpStar 76EDPH Premium APO S Triplet Ref... $1,074.95
Sharpstar 76EDPH is the second arrival to the Sharpstar EDPH family. It has caught the spotlight for its aesthetic and streamline appeal since its entry to the market. Sharpstar 76EDPH features triplet air-spaced lens structure, including an ED(extra-low dispersion) glass ensuring an pleasing application in both visual observation and astrophotograph. This can effectively eliminate the chromatic aberration thus produce more detailed and higher-contrast images. Description The aperture size is 76mm, and the focal length is 418mm, so the focal ratio is f/5.5. The whole length of the main tube is only 332.9mm when used with the dew shield contracted. Its...
Askar FMA 230 Triplet Air-Spaced APO (FMA230) $808.00
The FMA230 has a compound lens system. The front objective lens comprises three lenses and the posterior reducer is composed of four lenses and thus it’s sometimes dubbed as a “three at the front and four at the rear” system. The aperture size of the objective lens is 50mm and the original focal length is 275mm thus we’ve got a relatively fast focal ratio of f/5.5. The objective lens contains two ED glasses which are adapted to cure chromatic aberrations. Description One can barely find an equal counterpart in the market as designing a three-element apochromatic objective lens in astrograph...

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