PoleMaster Adapter (PMADPT) $49.95
PoleMaster adapters available for the following mount (Please specify when ordering) Sky-Watcher EQ6 & AZ-EQ6 Sky-Watcher HEQ5 Sky-Watcher AZ-EQ5 Celestron Advanced VX (AVX) Celestron CGEM AstroTrac CEM25 EM400 Sky-Watcher EQ8 SX-4 Smart EQ MESU AP900 SXP AP-SM Star Adventurer Receive your PoleMaster Adapter at half price if ordered together with the PoleMaster. (Price will be adjusted to $25.00 before your payment is processed) If we do not have the adapter specific to your mount, please consider ordering a PoleMaster Adapter ADM V Series or PoleMaster Adapter ADM DV Series
QHYCCD PoleMaster Electronic Polar Alignme... $349.95
The PoleMaster is an easy, convenient and fast way to achieve excellent polar alignment. It has been recognized by astronomy enthusiasts around the world and has become a must-have for anyone using an equatorial mount for visual use or for imaging. The PoleMaster electronic polar axis alignment device is a patented product of QHYCCD and is protected by Chinese, US patents and International PCT. Description As any seasoned astroimager would agree, achieving good polar alignment is not an easy task. You may spend hours under precious dark sky trying to get that perfect polar alignment, but in the end you...
Sky-Watcher Polarscope Illuminator Adapter... $44.95
This battery operated LED illuminator easily attaches to the exit hole of the polar axis bore of Sky-Watcher EQ3-2 and EQ5 and Celestron CG-5 and AVX and CGEM Equatorial Mounts. Provides illumination to the polarscope reticule. A useful aid to the polar alignment procedure. Adjustable light intensity. Includes 1x CR2032 battery.
Celestron Polar Finderscope for CG-5/AVX/C... $94.95
Get some help polar aligning your Celestron CGEM, Advanced VX, or CG-5 mount with the addition of the Polar Finderscope. Install the finder into the polar finder port, located at the rear of the mount, and focus the eyepiece until the reticle is sharp. Description The reticle is etched with a few recognizable star patterns to help you align your telescope. If you are using your telescope in the Northern Hemisphere, you will recognize the Big Dipper asterism on the reticle, as well as the familiar “W” of Cassiopeia. Use the Big Dipper to guide you in the spring and...
Sky-Watcher AZ-EQ5 Polar Scope (S30203) $130.00
A Polar scope for AZ-EQ5 Mount. Includes illuminator.
Sky-Watcher EQ8-R Series Polar Scope (S30615) $270.00
Polar scope for EQ8-R or EQ8-Rh series mounts
Sky-Watcher Polar Scope For EQ6/EQ5 (92042) $49.95
This Polar axis finder scope is a useful accessory for Sky-Watcher equatorial mounts. It speeds up and refines the polar alignment procedure so the observer can spend valuable time observing rather than setting up. Only 1 in the box.

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