Sky Instruments
Antares Laser Collimator (LC) $59.95
Align your optics with a precision laser collimator. An absolute must have for Aspheric system performance. Lathe collimated. Description This laser collimator boasts some of the best and more highly practical functions collimators can offer. Lighter than most other brand name collimators, Antare's LC is made of light-weight aluminum which fits on a 1.25" focuser. A large display window allows the user to clearly see the face of the device. Where most other brand name collimators only have one setting, Antare's LC has seven adjustable brightness levels.
Sky Instruments
Antares SCT Finderscope Bracket (SCTFURB) $34.95
SCT-FURB is a receiving shoe for dovetail accessories for Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes. A Mounting shoe for finderscope brackets and other accessories for SCT. Description Schmidt Cassegrain Base for Finder Scopes, Magnificent Mini Autoguider and Red Dot Finder. It's ideal for custom installation of finder scope. Tightening screws can be attached to either side. Slotted front and back to accommodate finders.   Aluminum base fits Sky-Watcher and Celestron Schmidt-Cassegrains up to 11" This dovetail mounting base fits the bracket for EZ Finder II and other compatible   finder scopes. Fits factory dried holes on Meade, Sky-Watcher, Celestron, and Orion Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes.
Sky Instruments
Antares 50mm Finderscope Bracket - 6 Point... $59.95
This finderscope bracket fits most 50mm finderscopes and has a six point adjustment for precise adjustments. The base fits most popular Sky-Watcher, Orion and Celestron shoes such as the FURB and SCT-FURB. Accommodates tubes up to 60mm.
Sky Instruments
Antares 2" Direct Adapter To T-Ring (DP2) $39.95
Threaded for use with 2 inch filters, direct adapter to T-ring. Use any piece of equipment with 42mm female t-threads in your 2 inch focuser. 
Sky Instruments
Antares Finderscope Bracket for Laser Poin... $44.95
6-point Finder bracket that can be used for any standard Green laser pointer and on-off screw, fits FURB.
Sky Instruments
Antares 7X50 RA Finderscope (FREWT) $99.95
7x50mm finderscope, right angle, correct image, 65 degrees apparent field, (White) The Antares FRE50WT features correct image right angle viewing with a helical focus wire-x cross-hair giving 8.5 degrees of true field at 7X magnification, a significantly wider field than that of most of its rivals. Rough focus is achieved by sliding the eyepiece in the diagonal. White in body colour, it can be mounted to your telescope's accessory shoe with an F50FB. Also requires accessory shoe for mounting on telescope: For Dobsonians, other Newts and refractors, order FURB / For SCT telescopes order FURB-SCT Please Note: Finderscope rings (F50FB)...
Sky Instruments
Antares Finderscope Bracket Mount (FURB) $17.95
FURB is a receiving shoe for dovetail accessories. It fits F50FB, F80FB, RBA, RD and most other available accessories. Dovetail Base for Finder Scope. Allows mounting of most Sky-Watcher and Celestron finderscopes and red-dot finders. Comes with mounting screws for mounting to Newtonians. Not recommended for SCT.  
Special Order
Sky Instruments
Sky-Watcher Red LED Flashlight (92015) $29.95
This voltage regulated LED flashlight emits soft red light to assist map reading and telescope operation. Adjustable for brightness and includes a 9-volt battery that provides up to 625 hours of operation.​
Sky Instruments
Antares 2"x2" Extension (ET2) $24.95
ET2 extends any 2" accessory by 2". Accepts 2" filters. Double side screw with pressure band. Threaded for 2" (M48x0.6) filters Useful when removing the diagonal to allow eyepiece or autoguider to focus.
Sky Instruments
Antares Right Angle Red Dot Finder (RDRA) $54.95
The right-angle version of the red-dot finder will save your neck looking up. You won't have to wander around looking for the dot either; the spot is easily seen centered with your eye at the output barrel.
Sky Instruments
Antares 2" Adapter, SCT Twist-Lock (T2TL) $39.95
Tired of threading your Schmidt-Cassegrain accessories on and off? Switch to a smooth 2" barrel with a T2TL Twist-lock; it's quicker and a lot easier in the dark. Works with any barrel design, smooth, grooved or tapered. Threaded for filters. Use the T2 Adapter on any SCT for use with a 2" refractor diagonal or 2" eyepiece. The twist lock (TL) securely grips a 2" diagonal or eyepiece without leaving nasty thumb screw marks and also avoids loosening, tightening and losing tiny thumbscrews in the dark and in the cold.  
Sky Instruments
Antares 1.25"x1.75" Barrel Extension (ET1-S) $19.95
 1.25"x1.75" extension tube with screw retainer. Threaded for 1.25" (M28.4x0.6) filters  

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