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Celestron Starsense Explorer LT 114AZ (22452) $324.95
Why We Recommend
Celestron has reinvented the manual telescope with StarSense Explorer-the first telescope that uses your smartphone to analyze the night sky and calculate its position in real time. Make your selection and arrows appear onscreen, guiding you.
Celestron NexStar 8SE Computerized Telescope $2,160.00
Why We Love This The Celestron Nexstar 8SE Computerized Telescope (11069) is instantly recognizable because of the orange paint job.  This is a nod back to the original C8 tubes that drove Celestron’s early success.  The SE series come with computerized mounts, a good quality eyepiece, and great quality optics.  These scopes will stand up well to quality eyepieces and high magnification.  They’re ideal for viewing the moon and will show great detail on the planets (Cassini division in the rings of Saturn, bands on Jupiter).  The 8” will also introduce you to deep sky objects like open clusters, globular clusters,...
Celestron NexStar 6SE Computerized Telescope $1,480.00
Why We Love the Celestron NexStar 6SE Telescope The Celestron Nexstar 6SE Computerized Telescope (11068) is instantly recognizable because of the orange paint job.  This is a nod back to the original C8 tubes that drove Celestron’s early success.  The SE series come with computerized mounts, a good quality eyepiece, and great quality optics.  These scopes will stand up well to quality eyepieces and high magnification.  They’re ideal for viewing the moon and will show great detail on the planets (Cassini division in the rings of Saturn, bands on Jupiter).  The 6” will also introduce you to deep sky objects like open clusters, globular clusters, and some galaxies....
Sky-Watcher Classic 200P 8" Dobsonian Tele... $880.00
All Star Telescope's Take Dobsonian telescopes are some of the best beginner telescopes available. They're simple to use, and open the night sky up to everyone. These scopes will give incredible views of the planets, mind blowing views of the moon, and some really interesting views of deep sky objects like galaxies and nebulas. For a bit of context, an 8 inch dobsonian telescope will gather 816 times more light than the human eye.  You'll neve outgrow these scopes, they are perfect for visual astronomy.   Featuring large apertures and easy functionality, Sky-Watcher's Classic Dobsonian is the ideal beginner scope. Often referred to...
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ZWO ASI662MC Planetary Colour Camera (ASI6... $336.00 $363.99
The ASI662MC adopts the Sony-IMX662 sensor, has a rolling shutter, a frame size of 1/2.8", a pixel size of 2.9um, has 2.07 million pixels (1920*1080). In high speed mode the CMOS sensor can output 102.6 frames/second at full resolution and provide a low read noise level. Large full well capacity, not easy to overexposure The ASI662MC adopts Sony IMX662 sensor with the latest technology. Compared to the previous generation of sensors, it has very low readout noises and an extreme large full well capacity which is 3 times larger than that of IMX 462MC. This helps effectively avoid overexposure issues...
ZWO Pier Extension for AM5 (ZWO-PE200) $224.95
The Pier Extension for AM5 Mount PE200 Multi-function Easy to install Large load capacity Aircraft Grade Aluminum - Stable and large load capacity Features great capacities of high-temperature resistance and wear resistance. Durable and hard to deform. Simple Installation - Provides out-of-the-box functionality Simplifies the whole installation process to one step. Just tighten the locking knob! Wide Range of Compatibility - Works with other tripods Not only suitable for the ZWO carbon fiber tripod, also can be used with the 1.75-inch steel tripods from iOptron and Sky-watcher, and with the 2-inch tripod for Celestron Advanced VX mount. ZWO provides 3...
Orion Telescopes USD
Orion Paragon-Plus Binocular Mount and Tri... $459.99
Stargazing with big binoculars is an idyllic pleasure, but trying to hold heavy astronomical binoculars steady in your hands is a challenge, to say the least. Using a standard tripod is a big help, but height limitations of most field tripods can lead to uncomfortable viewing and shaky images. Luckily, our Orion Paragon-Plus Binocular Mount can provide any big binocular fan with precision and comfort for hour after hour of two-eyed touring of the heavens. It’s a parallelogram-style mount that comes complete with our sturdiest professional field tripod, the rock-solid Paragon-Plus XHD (less pan head), for one very attractive price....
William Optics
William Optics Adjustable Flatteners for Z... $284.95
These Adjustable Flatteners are made for use with the ZenithStar 61 or ZenithStar 73 telescope. It features a 45mm image circle for use with sensors as large as full frame, while also retaining your ZenithStar's native focal length! On the back, it features an M48 thread for attaching nearly any camera. If you're using a DSLR or Mirrorless camera, make sure you purchase an M48/wide t-ring for your camera's lens mount (sold separately).
William Optics
William Optics Vixen Style Base Mount from $284.95
This innovative William Optics Vixen Base is an upgrade for the iOptron SkyGuider Pro. This upgrade is not only 100% precision CNC made, but it greatly improves the stability and adjustment for these iOptron and Sky-Watcher products. This Vixen Style Base Mount is designed with the William Optics Cat Series Refractor in mind. Adding this upgrade will not only give an observer a great aesthetic to their telescope set up, but it will give increased functionality when it comes to stability and making adjustments. Both of these are incredibly important when it comes to astrophotography, making this an astrophotographer's dream!...
William Optics
William Optics Slide-Base UniGuide 32mm Sc... $129.95
The 32 mm UniGuide guide scope from William Optics has a focal length of 120 mm and a focal ratio of f/3.75. The guide scope comes with a Vixen-style slide-base. This base is compatible with the William Optics saddle carry handle and the Cat Handle bar (neither handles are included). The back of the William Optics 32mm UniGuide scope comes with an M42 thread for attaching 1.25" cylindrical-type guide cameras such as QHY, SBIG, and ZWO cameras. Tightening knobs will ensure a stable fit for the attached guiding equipment. The WO UniGuide guide scope has a full length of 147...
William Optics
William Optics RedCat 71 APO Petzval OTA (... $2,149.95
The WO Cat71 is a 71-mm f/4.9 refractor using a Petzval design with a doublet front element incorporating FPL-53 glass, plus a single central element and a single rear lens. By this design, our WO Cat71 provides a flat image plane without any additional flattener and the image circle is over 45mm. WO Cat71 is designed primarily for imaging, making it an astrograph. This scope provides an excellent colour correction and pinpoint stars at the very edge of a 45mm image circle. If you want to take images with the best quality, this beautiful and powerful telescope is what you...
Tele Vue Optics
Tele Vue TV-76 Accessory Package (TVP-3066) $838.00
An ideal companion for their TV-76 APO refractor optical tube assembly, this TeleVue Accessory Package includes essential gear for your OTA. This package includes a 18.2mm DeLite eyepiece that yields a low 33x power on this OTA, a 2" Everbrite diagonal that comes with an eyepiece reducer adapter to use the smaller eyepiece in the large focuser drawtube, plus a mounting ring to attach the OTA onto a mount head. Quick Overview 1.25" 18.2mm DeLite Series Eyepiece 62° Field of View Fully Multi-Coated Optics Parfocal with Group "B" Eyepieces 2" Everbrite 90° Star Diagonal 2" to 1.25" Eyepiece Reducer Adapter...
William Optics
William Optics RedCat 51 II APO Petzval OT... $1,049.95
Designed to be the best, affordable, small, lightweight and fast Apochromatic refactor for astrophotography. The unique optical design includes the highest quality glass for the best possible color correction and flat large image circle. The result is a 51 mm objective lens, in a sleek Petzval design, for a full-frame image. Details and Features Optical Design - 51 mm lens, in a sleek Petzval design, using Synthetic Fluoride (FPL53 and FPL51) glass for a full-frame flat field image. The optical quality provides exceptional performance at a fast focal ratio of f/4.9. The Limited Edition RedCat 51 Upgrade will out resolve...
-43% sale
All-Star Telescope Canada
All Star Telescope Pom Pom Toque $19.95 $34.95
Being an astronomer in Canada means that a good toque is a must-have accessory. We've made some of these up for ourselves, and for anyone else who loves All Star as much as we do.
-43% sale
All-Star Telescope Canada
All Star Telescope Flexfit 6-Panel Basebal... $19.95 $34.95
These are nice caps. We tested them over the summer to make sure we like the product, and thought that we'd make a few of them available for people who love All Star as much as we do.
Special Order
William Optics
William Optics Fluorostar 120 APO Triplet ... $4,299.95
The William Optics FluoroStar 120 Refractor is an air-spaced triplet APO. Using three elements made of high-end fully coated glass like FPL-53 virtually removes chromatic aberration and produces images that are sharp and full of contrast. A patented light weight Bahtinov mask is included to provide assistance in focusing, or you can remove it when using the F120 visually. The FLT120 has a native focal ratio of f/6.5 and a focal length of 780 mm. The big 3.3" rack and pinion dual-speed focuser allows for use of two optional M92 flatteners from William Optics; the FLAT68III, which flattens the field...
Special Order
William Optics
William Optics Fluorostar 132 APO Triplet ... from $5,499.95
The William Optics FLT 132 APO Telescope is a high quality Apochromatic Imaging and visual use telescope with an aperture of 132 mm and a focal length of 910 mm for an f-ratio of f/6.9. This FLT 132 APO Telescope from William Optics can be used with a camera mounting system, with various T-mounts for cameras (not included), or equally well as a visual observing instrument. This model is provided in a Gold color. Features a top-quality triplet air-spaced objective, designed by a leading designer with FPL-53 glass. The telescope utilizes precision optics with STM coatings. This FLT 132 APO...
Special Order
William Optics
William Optics Fluorostar 156 APO Triplet ... from $8,599.95
The William Optics Fluorostar 156 APO OTA is a high quality Apochromatic Imaging and visual use OTA with an aperture of 156 mm and a focal length of 1217 mm or an f-ratio of f/7.8. This Fluorostar 156 APO OTA can also be used with an interchangable camera mounting system, with various T-mounts for cameras (not included). The William Optics FLT 156 Triplet Fluorostar OTA utilizes a steel objective cell for its 156 mm lens. This steel cell has proven to be less subject to pinching the objective due to changes in ambient temperature when compared with a large aluminum...
William Optics
William Optics Fluorostar 91 APO Triplet O... $2,549.95
Astronomers desirous of superb visual and photographic intermediate sized refractor performance will much appreciate the William Optics 91 mm f/5.9 Fluorostar. The FLT 91 employs FPL-53 glass and has an optical design consisting of three elements. ln addition, with STM-coatings enabling superb optical performance, the FLT 91 provides excellent quality that is tough to match. Details and Features RotoLock Adapter - A dependably effective 2" William Optics diagonal or accessory to FLT91 connection is provided by the RotoLock 2" adapter. Bahtinov Mask - Uncover William Optics' patented Bahtinov Mask by detaching the face plate from the retractable dew shield lens...
Special Order
William Optics
William Optics Gran Turismo 81 IV Triplet ... $1,999.95
The William Optics Gran Turismo 81 Imaging APO Telescope is a high quality Apochromatic Imaging optical telescope with an aperture of 81 mm and a focal length of 478 mm or an f-ratio of f/5.9, without the optional Reducer/Flattener. If you wish to take great astro-images with a high quality APO refractor, this William Optics Gran Turismo 81 Imaging APO telescope is a good way to obtain your goal. Its FPL-53 glass APO design provides images with extreme sharpness, clear details, great color, with APO grade color correction. Introducing a first innovative feature in the industry: Now this Gran Turismo...
Special Order
William Optics
William Optics Gran Turismo 71 Triplet APO... from $1,219.95
The stunning Gran Turismo 71 Apo is the new jewel of the apochromatic refractor world. From the pristine white finish on the CNC tube to the elegant red or gold trim, this telescope has more than just good looks: The new GT71 features a 3-element objective using high-quality FPL-53 extra low dispersion glass that reduces any secondary spectrum to an unbelievable degree. The Gran Turismo series of telescopes have a three-element lens with ED glass (FPL-53) in the centre. This special glass ensures an image that is virtually free from colour errors. These telescopes therefore belong to the class of...
William Optics
William Optics ZenithStar 81 Doublet APO (... from $1,124.95
The William Optics telescope package is fit for incredible and successful imaging sessions! If you have been looking for the ultimate William Optics viewing experience, you have found it! The 81mm ZenithStar APO refractor from William Optics is a great addition to the ranks of telescopes that are devoted to providing fantastic astro-images through high-quality optics and chromatic aberration correction. Not only does the Z81 telescope have good optics, but it's also easy to use and very portable! Equipped with FPL-53 glass, this apochromatic refractor provides beautiful colors and clear details. Z81 telescopes have an image circle that works well...
William Optics
William Optics ZenithStar 73 Doublet APO (... $899.95
Zenithstar 73 is a greatly versatile and portable refractor telescope for beginners and veterans alike. Designed for both astrophotography and wildlife photography, high power visual observing through the Zenithstar 73 is also hugely satisfying. The image is crisp, sharp and colour aberration free thanks to the use of top quality glass — FPL53, closely matching the legendary fluorite material. The 43mm image circle when Flat73 is used covers full frame size sensor nicely. Details and Features 2.5" R&P Focuser - The 2.5" R&P focuser is smooth, stable, and reliable. No image shifting! CNC Handle Bar - CNC-made Handle Bar with...
William Optics
William Optics ZenithStar 61II Doublet APO... $749.95
This William Optics ZenithStar 61mm APO refractor with WO Bahtinov mask cover provides more portability and utility than any telescope ever offered by William Optics. The refractor uses FPL-53 glass to produce sharp images for astrophotography or wildlife photography. Still maintaining a portability that makes this telescope a great grab-and-go tool, the Z61 refractor gives a high power performance both visually and, when paired with the P-FLAT61R (not included), for lunar photography. The ZenithStar 61 is a great instrument you'll be able to appreciate for several years to come! The William Optics Z61 objective lens uses FPL-53 glass has ED...
Celestron Advanced VX 6" Refractor Telesco... $2,560.00
The Advanced VX (AVX) sets a standard in mid-level telescopes, providing many of the features found on Celestron’s most sophisticated German equatorial mounts at an extremely affordable price. The Advanced VX 6” refractor telescope offers no obstruction of the aperture and at a focal ratio of f/8, the telescope provides you the highest possible contrast when viewing celestial objects, especially the planets. The Advanced VX mount is designed to provide superior performance for smaller telescopes while taking advantage of Celestron’s most advanced technologies: All-Star Polar Alignment, Celestron PWI telescope control software, SkyAlign, and permanently programmable periodic error correction (PPEC). If...
Telrad, Inc.
Telrad Riser Base (2" and 4") (2102/2104) $24.95
These Telrad Riser Base (which come in both a 2" and 4" version), along with an existing mounting base, improves eye relief by offsetting the Telrad sight from the main tube. Note: Riser Base must be used in conjunction with an existing mounting base
Optolong SHO 7nm Filter Kit 36MM Unmounted... $709.00
Optolong SHO-7nm filter kit includes SII 7nm, H-Alpha 7nm, and OIII 6.5nm narrow band filters, generally working with astronomical monochrome cooling CCD and modified DSLR imaging in each single-channel. Corresponding with RGB channel (HA, OIII, SII), photographers can process Hubble images by astronomical post processing software. Description Extra narrowband SIICCD7nm filter (Sulfur II for CCD) is designed for nebula observation allowing 7nm bandwidth of light centered on a wavelength of 672nm through, and reducing the transmission of certain wavelengths of light, specifically those produced by artificial light including mercury vapour, and both high and low pressure sodium vapour lights and...
Tele Vue Optics
Tele Vue 2" to 1.25" Eyepiece Adapter - Hi... $89.95
This eyepiece adapter allows use of 1¼" eyepieces in any 2" focuser or diagonal. The "high-hat" adapter is specially designed with a high rise head to keep Tele Vue Barlows and Powermate amplifiers away from the diagonal mirror. It features a brass clamp ring for secure, no-mar locking and safety undercut. As indicated in the 2nd product photo above, this adapter will add 16.5mm / 0.65" of additional backfocus travel to a 2" focuser. Note: Tele Vue purposely does not put 2" filter threads in 2" to 1¼" adapters. The reason is to avoid your getting upset when you insert...
Smart Lab
Smart Lab - Tiny Solar System (SL00679) $27.95
Demonstrate Moon phases and night and day! Light-up solar system demonstrates lunar and solar eclipses! Show how Earth's tilt causes the seasons! Includes: Solar system Base Sun Post 8 Arms with Planets Light-Up Sun, Earth and Moon Base Earth and Moon Model 8 Planet Name Stickers Sticker Sheet Mini Mega Poster Illustrated Science, Booklet Note: Requires three 1.5V LR 1130 (AG 10) batteries (included).

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