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iOptron CEM70ECW w/iPolar (C704AW0) $6,999.95
Following up on the success of the iOptron CEM60 center balance equatorial mount, we at iOptron are excited to introduce two new medium payload center balance mounts. The CEM70 series mounts are new standard bearers for equatorial mounts in the 70lb payload segment. The mounts are packed with advanced features however the CEM70G is the first of its type with an onboard optical guiding system increasing tracking accuracy while streamlining the components resulting in a more portable imaging setup. Retaining the inherent properties of the center balance design, these relatively compact medium payload mounts deliver what astronomers expect in an...
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Orion Telescopes USD
Orion Scope Cloak - Refractor Reflector & ... $119.95
Scope Cloak protects your telescope when it's idle, shielding it from the elements - dirt, moisture, and sunlight. In the daytime it will keep your scope cooler so it will reach thermal equilibrium faster once night falls. Between viewing sessions, the Orion Mounted Reflector, Refractor SCT Scope Cloak will keep your instrument clean and dry. It's made from reflective, tear-resistant fabric with a water-resistant lining. A locking drawstring provides a snug fit. Not intended for permanent outdoor storage. Fits mounted reflectors up to 6", short refractors up to 120mm, and SCTs up to 11". Quick Overview Scope Cloak protects your...
Celestron Universal Camera Adapter (93626) $79.95
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These are the best way to get a cell phone picture through a telescope. Sturdy and adjustable along three dimensions the NexYZ makes it easy to get your camera in just the right spot.
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Celestron Nature DX 10X56mm Roof Binocular... $249.95 $399.95
Celestron’s Nature DX 10x56mm binoculars are the perfect companion for your next outdoor adventure. A great first step into the world of serious sport optics, the views through Nature DX rival those of more expensive binoculars, at a price to fit your budget. With phase-coated BaK-4 prisms and fully multi-coated optics, Nature DX reveals image detail you won’t find with other entry-level binoculars. And when you’re off the trail, enjoy superb views of concerts, sporting events, and more. Sophisticated optics Nature DX’s high quality BaK-4 prisms are phase coated to increase contrast and resolution. Phase coated prisms, combined with fully...
ZWO M42-M48 22.5mm Extender (ZWO-M42-M48-2... $34.00
The thickness of the M42M-M48F 22.5mm extender is 22.5mm. It is an important astronomical accessory for ASI2600MM Pro users who want to connect the camera to 7x36mm filter wheel to reach 55mm back focus distance while without the involvement of OAG-L.When connecting the ASI2600 to 36mm EFW, you need to screw off the sensor tilt plate coming with the camera first, then use the screws to fix them. This can help you get the distance between the filter and the sensor much closer.
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Baader Planetarium
Baader Planetarium 14mm/28mm Hyperion Fine... from $25.95
Quick Overview Focal lengths Fine Tuning for Hyperion eyepieces (all focal lengths) Optical path length 14mm or 28mm Spacer rings fit between the negative lens and the 2 "barrel, so that it matches the respective eyepiece to your needs. The 13 mm eyepiece transform e.g. no loss of quality in a 9- or 11 mm eyepiece. Specifications Model 14mm Fine-Tuning Ring 28mm Fine-Tuning Ring SKU (#) 2958214 2958228 EAN CODE 4047825007278 4047825007261 NET WEIGHT (G) 25 35 OPTICAL LENGTH (MM) 14 28 INNER DIAMETER / CLEAR APERTURE (MM) 45 45 OUTER DIAMETER 2" (50,8mm) 2" (50,8mm) INNER CONNECTION (LENS SIDED)...
Baader Planetarium
Baader Planetarium T-2 / 7.5mm/15mm/40mm E... from $33.95
For over 30 years we have focused on the Astro T-2 thread system (M 42 x 0.75 mm); virtually every telescope manufacturer must offer this thread far ahead of the focal point of his instrument, such a universal T-ring (for DSLR cameras) can be connected. The only exceptions are (still) Russian equipment, there the thread diameter is the same, but the pitch is still 1mm per revolution - rather than 0.75mm! Therefore, we offer among other things a "Russians adapter". At only 7mm additional optical length it can allow so many Russian lenses or telescopes to be compatible with an...
Celestron EclipSmart Solar Eclipse Glasses... $4.95
Celestron EclipSmart Solar Eclipse Glasses are a must-have for anyone who wants to view partial and total solar eclipses like the upcoming 2023 Annular Solar Eclipse and 2024 Total Solar Eclipse. Affordable, easy to use, and best of all, Solar Safe, all Celestron EclipSmart Solar Eclipse Glasses are 100% ISO-certified. Buy with confidence, knowing that EclipSmart eclipse glasses will fit everyone in your group. Two sets of fold marks allow you to accommodate a range of head sizes with a simple, one-size-fits-all solution. Quick Overview ISO-Certified Solar Safe Filter Technology: Certified to comply with the ISO 12312-2 international safety standard for...
Baader Planetarium
Baader Filterbox (stackable on all sides) ... $29.95
Quick Overview Baader-Filterbox for Filters up to 65 x 65mm To upgrade your existing filters: since ca. 2010 included in scope of supply of all Baader Filters Baader filter boxes can be attached laterally and above the other to create a sturdy unit. Each filter is then neatly in it's own drawer and characterised from the front with name, number and size of filter. Outer measurements without slits, grip and hanger (Width x Length x Height): 74,5 x 73 x 21,5 mm Inner space: 67 x 68 mm Specifications SKU (#) 2459253 EAN CODE 4047825023278 NET WEIGHT (G) 50
Baader Planetarium
Baader Planetarium 2" to 1¼" ClickLock Red... $117.95
Never before has an eyepiece clamp for amateur astronomy been so elaborately crafted. The Baader ClickLock (1¼" / 2") is a precisely fitting, very massive eyepiece clamp without clamping screws (!). Inserted eyepieces, CCD cameras and similar accessories are securely held in place, locked against rotation and won't be scratched in any way! With a small turn of 20°, each eyepiece is firmly clamped. You will never have to handle small locking screws again – instead, just rotate the top of the eyepiece clamp for a few degrees, and the eyepiece will be firmly fixed. This is also no problem...

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