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Firefly Books
Nightwatch: A Practical Guide to Viewing t... $39.95
Why We Recommend
The first three editions of NightWatch sold more than 600000 copies, making it the top-selling stargazing guide in the world for the last 20 years. The key feature of this classic title is the section of star charts, cherished by backyard astronomers
Firefly Books
2024 Night Sky Almanac: A Month-by-Month G... $14.95
Why We Recommend
This month-by-month guide will take you through the highlights of the night sky. Want to know when Juipiter is at opposition (brightest)? Looking to plan around the next lunar eclipse? This is your guide.
ZWO M54 Sensor Tilt Plate for 2600MC/MM & ... $79.00
The M54 tilter is making sensor tilt adjustment much easier than before by allowing you to do the adjustment on the rear end of the camera. You now can make some adjustments during imaging, instead of taking the camera off from the telescope. Compatible Cameras: ASI2600MC Duo, ASI2600MM/MC Pro, ASI6200MM/MC Pro, ASI2400MC Pro. It also fits 7x50mm EFW. * Notice: The M54-tilter can not be fitted next to the OAG-L (in the direction of telescope->M54-tilter->OAG-L), please pay attention to the 55mm-back-focus solution when using. How to Install the M54 Tilter? Use a hex wrench to take off the three M3...
Starizona ZWO EAF Bracket for SkyWatcher E... $61.00
This machined aluminum bracket is designed to allow mounting of the ZWO EAF focus motor to the SkyWatcher Esprit line of refractors. Mounting hardware is included for all sizes of Esprit telescopes, 80, 100, 120 and 150mm.
-14% sale
Askar 120APO Premium Reducers and Flatteners $259.95 $299.00
Why We Recommend
The Askar 120 APO comes with two optional premium accessories, a 1.0x flattener and a 0.8x reducer.

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