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Baader Planetarium
Baader Planetarium T-Ring Nikon to T-2 (24... $39.95
Baader T-Ring to connect Nikon DSLR cameras on the Astro T-2 system. Represents the standard exact distance of 55.0mm from the front support surface of the T-ring to the image plane of the camera body forth On the camera side: Nikon bayonet Telescope side: T-2 internal thread with 0.75mm pitch Specifications MANUFACTURER Baader Planetarium SKU (#) 2408300 EAN CODE 4047825012609 NET WEIGHT (KG) 0.02 OPTICAL LENGTH (MM) 8 USAGE to connect (D)SLR cameras to the Astro T-2 thread system CAMERA ADAPTABLE Nikon INNER DIAMETER / CLEAR APERTURE (MM) 40 OUTER DIAMETER 55 INNER CONNECTION (LENS SIDED) Thread, T-2 (M42 x...

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