Sky Instruments
Antares 1.25" Color Filters, Set of 4 (FS2) $54.99
Set of 4 1.25" color filters (#11,#21,#80A,ND25), to enhance planetary imaging. Description Every refractive system, (lenses, correctors, eyepieces, etc.) produce Chromatic Focal Shift: The different colors focus on different planes. By isolating one color more detail will become apparent. Always use a contrasting color to what you are observing. Set of 4 popular 1.25" filters: #11 - Yellow-Green #21 - Orange #80A - Light Blue #ND25 - Neutral Density Filter (25%)
Ken Press
Ken Press 16" Planisphere for 30-60 Degree... $25.95
The 16-inch diameter plastic star chart is for use in the northern hempisphere between 30-60 degrees of lattitude. It consists of two plastic circles riveted together that can be turned to find the stars for any hour or day of the year. Binocular and small telescope objects are noted on the chart. The back of the chart is packed with information including a table for the annual meteor shower, Moon map, planet facts, a tickle of mythology, astro history timeline, fun facts and more.Note about the Planets: The planets are not plotted on charts of this type because they move...
Celestron Universal Smartphone Adapter w/ ... $109.95
The NexYZ DX Kit is a great first step into the world of astroimaging or digiscoping. You get everything you need to capture sharp, detailed images and video: the customer favorite NexYZ smartphone adapter and a Bluetooth shutter release remote. Description Patented NexYZ Smartphone Adapter The NexYZ fits any eyepiece from 35mm to 60mm in diameter, including telescopes equipped with 1.25” or 2” eyepieces, spotting scopes, monoculars, and binoculars. NexYZ also attaches to microscopes with the addition of an included adapter ring, which takes the usable diameter down to 25mm, the size of a standard microscope eyepiece. The NexYZ DX...
Orion Telescopes USD
Orion Skyline Deluxe Green Laser Pointer (... $64.99
Have you ever been outside under a clear starry sky with a friend or family member, when you wanted to point out the location of the Orion Nebula, or trace the outline of the Sagittarius "Teapot" asterism? You point your finger, but that just doesn't cut it. "Where are you pointing? Do you mean the third bright star up from that middle pine tree over there?" Save yourself from frustration and take the guesswork out of the equation with the Orion SkyLine Deluxe Green Laser Pointer. Its bright green beam makes pointing out objects in the sky as easy as...
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Celestron PowerTank Lithium Pro (18768) $337.95 $349.95
  The PowerTank Lithium Pro is for the true power user! This higher capacity unit is the latest version of our bestselling PowerTank Lithium. PowerTank Lithium Pro offers twice the battery capacity of the original, making it ideal for more demanding applications. Will power any computerized mount Description PowerTank Lithium Pro features the right ports and connections to accommodate a variety of devices. You’ll find a 12V DC 5A telescope power port (Celestron cable included), a 12V DC 10A car battery adapter port, and two 5V DC USB ports - one 2.1 A and one that supports rapid charging. The power...
Celestron 2x - 1.25" - X-Cel LX Barlow Len... $161.95
When inserted between the eyepiece and telescope, this 2x Barlow lens doubles the magnification of all your 1.25” eyepieces. The Premium apochromatic optics yield high contrast sharp images, virtually free of false colour. Description The black anodized housing with orange highlights matches the eyepieces in the Celestron X-Cel LX line. A centralized rubber grip helps to keep your hands securely on the barrel, even when your fingers are cold or you are wearing gloves. A brass compression ring just inside the top of the X-Cel Barlow grabs your eyepiece gently but firmly when you turn the thumbscrew. Once the thumbscrew...
Celestron StarPointer Pro (51635) $91.95
Spend less time centering your target and more time stargazing with Celestron’s premium finderscope: StarPointer Pro. Traditional red dot finderscopes were originally created for shooting sports such as airsoftairsoft guns and shooting sports. Description StarPointer Pro was designed for astronomers by astronomers to provide the easiest experience locating celestial objects in the night sky. Whether you’re new to the hobby or a seasoned amateur astronomer, you’ll appreciate StarPointer Pro’s thoughtful design features. While a red dot can obstruct your desired target, StarPointer Pro projects two circular LED reticles. Just place your target inside the circles and it’s ready to view...
Lunt Solar Systems
Lunt 8x32 SUNoculars (Yellow) $99.95
The Lunt 8 x 32 White Light SUNoculars. With this pocket sized instrument you can use to view and safely study Eclipses, Planetary Transists, and Sun Spot activity/magnetic storms. Description Compact, Lunt SUNoculars have front mounted fully dense white light glass filters making Solar observation 100% safe. These front filters are manufactured from CE certified film to ensure the highest level of viewing quality. The light of the Sun is reduced to a comfortable 1×10-5 transmission and all ultra-violet and infrared components are completely and safely blocked. The Sun will appear as a pleasant orange colour. Lunt SUNoculars are manufactured to the same...
Celestron NexImage 10 Solar System Colour ... $418.95
You have your new telescope and have observed Saturn and Jupiter. Now you're ready to take the next step and start imaging them. But where do you begin? The Celestron NexImage 10 Solar System Imager is the perfect solution. Description The NexImage 10 is our first NexImage series camera to incorporate USB 3.0 SuperSpeed! With more than ten million pixels coupled with high speed data transmission, the NexImage 10 produces clear and detailed planetary images like never before. With super small 1.67µm pixels, smaller telescopes with shorter focal lengths are still going to yield tremendous planetary detail. It’s one of...
Farpoint Astro
Farpoint 1.25"/2" Desiccant Cap (FP326/FP325) from $69.95
Moisture is a menace to fine optics. Alleviate this threat with Farpoint 1.25/2 Inch Desiccant Cap for closed tube telescopes with 1.25" or 2" focusers (w/ respectively sized desiccant cap). Description Finely machined and beautifully anodized to match the fit and finish of most telescopes, this Desiccant Cap holds a desiccant pouch that will keep the inside of equipment comfortably dry. Includes five silica gel pouches of desiccant and a rubber cap to keep desiccant dry when the cap is not in the focuser. Note: Additional Desiccant Cap Refill - 20 Pack sold separately.

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