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Have a question? We'd love to help. Email: Call Us: (587) 336-6621 Toll Free: 1 (866) 310-8844

Celestron Labs S20 Angled Stereo Microscope (44137)

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The Celestron Labs S20 Angled Stereo Microscope is the perfect introductory stereo microscope. This low-power 20x magnification stereoscope produces a 3D image of your specimen. It’s ideal for observing subjects like insects, rocks, plant material, coins, stamps, and more.


The microscope’s ergonomic angled head reduces neck strain for more comfortable observing sessions. Upper and lower LED illumination and an interchangeable stage plates allow you to customize the lighting and background for any subject.

The binocular eyepieces adjust to accommodate users’ interpupillary distances. Once you have the eyepieces in their desired position, use the rack-and-pinion focus knob to dial in precise focus. If you are examining pond water, use the included stage clips to hold the reservoir slide in place while observing.

The microscope is light and easy to carry. Since it’s battery-operated, you can use it in the lab, on a desk, or in the field. It’s well-suited for hobbyists and students.

Accessories Included

Your Celestron Labs S20 comes complete with two insects in clear resin, two stage plates, and a dust cover. The insects are ready to observe right out of the package. The two stage plates come in frosted white and reversible black/white. Protect your instrument with the dust cover when it is not in use.

    Quick Overview

    • Stereo microscope with 20x power
    • Ergonomic angled binocular viewing head
    • 10x eyepieces with 2x objective lenses
    • Greenough objective design with upper and lower LED illumination
    • Powered by 2AA batteries for portability
    • Accessories include two 3D insect specimens, two stage plates, and a dust cover


    Type of Microscope: Stereo
    Head: Stereo, vertical position, adjustable interpupillary distance adjustability
    Eyepiece(s) Magnification: (2) 10x
    Eyepiece(s) Diameter: 23mm (0.9")
    Nosepiece: stereo, fixed
    Objective(s) Type: Refractive
    Objective(s) Standard: N/A
    Objective(s) Magnification: Stereo (Greenough); 2x
    Objective(s) Thread: N/A
    Focus Type(s): Rack and pinion, coarse focus only
    Focus Travel (per rotation): 15mm (.59")
    Magnification Range: 20x
    Illumination Type: LED
    Illumination Position(s): Upper and Lower
    Illumination Adjustability Mechanism: No
    Power Source: AA battery
    Battery Option: (2) AA (Included)
    Stage: Removable plastic plate, white
    Condenser Type: None
    Condenser N.A.: None
    Stage Diaphragm: None
    Included Items: 2 bug specimens (encased in clear plastic)

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