Brand: iOptron

iOptron HAE69 Dual Altazimuth/Equatorial Strain Wave Gear Drive Mount

Brand: iOptron

iOptron HAE69 Dual Altazimuth/Equatorial Strain Wave Gear Drive Mount

  • Advanced strain wave gear system technology
  • Payload capacity of 31 kg (69 lbs) with the mount weight of 8.6 kg (19 lbs, include dovetail saddle)
  • CNC machined
  • Unique friction brake to safely stop movement during a planned or unplanned power interruption
  • 270 second gear period
  • Built-in, open source iMate computer with WiFi, preloaded KStarts/Ekos/INDI driver and iPolarServer (HAE69B models only)
  • iMate with 3X 12V DC outputs, 2X USB2.0 and 1X USB3.0 ports
  • No cable drags
  • Go2Nova® handset with OLED for better user experiences, especially at extreme temperatures
  • iPolar electronic polar scope for easy and accurate polar alignment (optional)
  • Dual saddle (Vixen and Losmandy-D styles)
  • Built in zero position search and locator
  • Power down position and location memory
  • Integrated ST-4 autoguiding port
  • USB port for firmware upgrade and computer control
  • Aluminum carrying case
  • Two year warranty
$5,699.95 CAD

High Precision Encoder

YES (High Precision Encoder) NO (High Precision Encoder)


YES (iMate) NO (iMate)


YES (Handset) NO (Handset)

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$5,699.95 CAD

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Product Description

Keeping pace with the current rapidly developing technology environment the iOptron HAE69 and HAE69EC SWG mounts have evolved into the HAE69B iMateTM and HAE69C (without iMate).

These lightweight, compact, medium payload titans will deliver an astronomy experience like never before. Imagine a mount head weighing in at less than 20 lbs with a payload capability 69 lbs, without needing a cumbersome counterweight or shaft. Applying iOptron’s multi-decade experience creating precision mounts, the HAE69 makes this vision possible.

Utilizing state-of-the-art strain wave gear technology for both RA and DEC movement, the HAE69s deliver unparalleled weight to payload efficiency. Its black anodized, all metal CNC machined body is appealing to the eye and is a rugged platform that will perform at the highest level for many years to come. Unique features such as an electronic friction brake and power-down memory allow the mount to safely stop and resume a GoTo slew or continue tracking even after an abrupt power loss (No need to realign and start from the beginning).

The "iMate" models (HAE69B only) feature a powerful 64-bit ARM based on-board computer with Wi-Fi, preloaded KStars planetarium software, Ekos control and automation tool and INDI drivers. This hardware-software combination will support the use of most current and future devices (cameras, focusers, filter wheels, etc.) allowing the user choice of brand and model.

With 32Gb eMMC storage along with a slot for an up to 64Gb TF (micro SD) memory, the iMate has the ability to control and capture an entire automated imaging session. The iMate is cross-platform; use it with Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS and Android etc.

HAE69B iMate dual SWG Alt-az/ Eq mounts now have an internal main board and no longer requires use with a handset. All the accessories can be connected to the iMate and there is no cable drags when the mount is operating. The handset is still available, as an optional extra.

The HAE69BEC/HAE69CEC (HE694 models) features a high precision RA axis encoder that delivers incredible tracking accuracy, enough that many will choose to image "sans" guiding.

What's in the Box

  • HAE69 Mount (iMate optional)
  • Handset (if selected)


Model HE692B/C (no High Precision Encoder) HE694B/C (with High Precision Encoder)
Mount Strain Wave Altazimuth/Equatorial Mount Strain Wave Altazimuth/Equatorial Mount
RA gear system Strain Wave Gear Strain Wave Gear
DEC gear system Strain Wave Gear Strain Wave Gear
Reduction ratio RA 800:1, DEC 800:1 RA 800:1, DEC 800:1
Payload w/o CW * 69 lbs (31 kg) 69 lbs (31 kg)
Mount weight 19.8 lbs (9 kg) with dovetail saddle 19.8 lbs (9 kg) with dovetail saddle
Payload with CW* 79 lbs (36kg) 79 lbs (36kg)
Period 270 second 270 second
PEC No Yes, Real time PEC
PE (by encoder)** < ± 15 arcsec N/A
Azimuth adjustment range ± 8° ± 8°
Latitude adjustment range 0° ~ 90° 0° ~ 90°
Drive motor Stepper motor Stepper motor
Structure Material All metal, CNC machined All metal, CNC machined
Exterior finish Anodized black Anodized black w/ red accents
Polar Scope iPolar electronic polar scope (optional) iPolar electronic polar scope (optional)
Level indicator Level bubble Level bubble
Control system GOTONOVA/Commander/iMate GOTONOVA/Commander/iMate
Handset Go2Nova® 8411 w/OLED display (optional) Go2Nova® 8411 w/OLED display (optional)
Tracking Automatic Automatic
Maximum slew speed 4.5°/sec 4.5°/sec
Power consumption 1A(Tracking), 1.6A(GOTO) 1A(Tracking), 1.6A(GOTO)
Power DC12V-6A (5.5/2.1mm DC plug) DC12V-6A (5.5/2.1mm DC plug)
AC adapter 100V ~ 240V (included, indoor use only) 100V ~ 240V (included, indoor use only)
Power off brake Electronic friction brake Electronic friction brake
Power-down memory Yes Yes
Built-in computer Open Source Architecture iMate with Wi-Fi, preloaded KStarts/Ekos and iPolarServer (HAE69B models only)
Ports on iMate 1X USB3.0, 2X USB2.0, 3X DC 12V outputs 1X USB3.0, 2X USB2.0, 3X DC 12V outputs
Communication port Yes (iMate (HAE69B models only) and USB) Yes (iMate (HAE69B models only) and USB)
Autoguide port Yes (ST-4 compatible) Yes (ST-4 compatible)
Firmware upgrade Yes Yes
Dovetail saddle Vixen/Losmandy dual saddle Vixen/Losmandy dual saddle
Mounting base diameter 152mm 152mm
Tripod Optional Optional
Counterweight Shaft SS Φ20X200mm, 3/8"-16 thread (Optional) SS Φ20X200mm, 3/8"-16 thread (Optional)
Counterweight 10 lbs (4.5kg)(Optional) 10 lbs (4.5kg)(Optional)
Operation temperature -20°C ~ 40°C -20°C ~ 40°C
Warranty Two year limited Two year limited

* 250mm, with payload center of gravity to the RA rotation axis.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review

I must commend the All Star team for their commitment to working with customers.
I have set up the mount and have had a few trial runs with it in the house because of the rainy weather.
First impressions are that the fit and finish are a great improvement over the older Ioptron offerings.
The HAE ec is much smaller than my old CEM 60 with a better payload capacity, and I’ve dropped 25kilos off the weight of my rig.!
The mount does make a high pitched whining noise at max slew speeds that shouldn’t bother anyone for the short period of time that it takes to reach a target.
I have contacted Ioptron tech regarding this to see if this is normal as I have no experience with strain waive mounts.
Time will tell if this mount is all up to the hype when I finally get to use it for my imagining sessions .
Overall I really like the formate and hope that it will track and guide better than the old mount. Time will tell and I will update my review when I put it to work.

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