Brand: iOptron

iOptron iPolar Electronics Polarscope (3339)

Brand: iOptron

iOptron iPolar Electronics Polarscope (3339)

  • Fast and easy to use
  • High precision (30 arcsec)
  • No need to see the Pole Star
  • No need to rotate the mount during alignment
  • Unique imaging enhancement technique
  • Smart plate solving
  • On screen instruction during alignment
  • Capable under poor sky visibility condition
  • Compatible to most equatorial mount with a proper adapter
$289.95 CAD


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$289.95 CAD

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Product Description

Introducing iOptron iPolarTM - a high precision, easy to use electronics polarscope (e-PS).

What makes iPolar unique?

  • Can be easily installed inside the RA shaft on all iOptron equatorial mounts (except SmartEQ Pro).
  • Can be used on any mounts with adapters either internally or externally.
  • USB plug and play (no driver needed)
  • Works globally, no need to set northern and southern hemisphere.
  • No visible Polaris (north) or Sigma Octantis (south) necessary.
  • No need to rotate the mount during polar align.

iPolar is a smart electronic polarscope for everyone.

Currently Supported Mounts:

  • CEM120/CEM120EC/CEM120EC2
  • CEM70/CEM70G
  • CEM60/CEM60EC (Will it fit my CEM60 internally?)
  • CEM40/CEM40EC/CEM40G
  • GEM45/GEM45EC/GEM45G
  • CEM25/CEM25EC/ZEQ25
  • iEQ45Pro/iEQ45
  • iEQ30Pro/iEQ30
  • SkyGuider Pro
  • SkyGuider
  • SkyTracker Pro
  • SkyTracker
  • AVX mount (#3339-AVX)
  • CGEM/NEQ6/AZEQ6 mount (#3339-CGEM)
  • HEQ5 mount (#3339-HEQ5)
  • Takahashi mount (#3339-TAK)
  • Losmandy mount (#3339-034 for GM8xx mount, #3339-G11 for G11)


Field of View (FOV) ~ 13 degree
Resolution 30 arcsec approx.
Alignment Precision (Max.) 30 arcsec
Interface Mini USB2.0
Software iPolar Software
Operation System Windows 7/8.1/10/11, 64 bit, with Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8 or later installed
Warranty One year limited

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