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Have a question? We'd love to help. Email: Call Us: (587) 336-6621 Toll Free: 1 (866) 310-8844

Orion Awesome AutoGuider Deluxe Refractor Telescope Package (20715)

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We've got a new, better solution for your deep space astrophotography autoguiding needs: the Orion Awesome Autoguider Deluxe Refractor Telescope Package. Combining the newly reissued ShortTube 80 refractor with the StarShoot AutoGuider and new Orion 120mm Guide Scope Rings and Dual-Width Clamps system, this deluxe autoguiding package will ensure you get pinpoint stars in your long-exposure astrophotographs every time.


This is the perfect autoguiding solution for deep sky imaging, whether your main imaging instrument is a refractor, reflector, or Cassegrain. Here is a breakdown of what's included with the Awesome Autoguider Deluxe Refractor Telescope Package.<

Orion ShortTube 80 Refractor Telescope Optical Tube Assembly
Our popular ShortTube 80 is back! With a focal length of 400mm (f/5), it provides a wide field-of-view, making guide star acquisition a breeze. Its all-metal focuser with drawtube lock provides rigid support for the autoguider camera. A dovetail shoe molded into the focuser accepts optional Orion finder scopes.

Orion StarShoot AutoGuider
The Orion StarShoot AutoGuider tracks selected guide stars and communicates with your equatorial mount to keep stars pinpoint sharp during long exposures. Its 1/2" format CMOS monochrome chip has 5.2µ square pixels for excellent sensitivity and highly accurate guiding.

Orion 120mm Guide Scope Rings with Dual-Width Clamps
This solid guide scope mounting system features a pair of aluminum rings with a 120mm (4.7") inside diameter, each outfitted with three plastic-tipped metal thumbscrews for adjusting the aim of the guide scope. Each ring is mounted on a machined aluminum dovetail clamp that sports two grooves to accommodate either Vixen or Losmandy style dovetail plates (sold separately).

1.25" Orion Extension Tube
An anodized aluminum extension tube provides the needed back focus distance for focus of guide stars. An anodized aluminum extension tube provides the needed back focus distance for focus of guide stars.

Quick Overview

  • Complete, reliable autoguiding solution for deep-space astrophotography pursuits
  • Versatile Orion ShortTube 80 f/5 refractor is ideal for guiding with a wide variety of imaging scopes
  • New Orion 120mm guide scope rings and dual-width clamps provide rigid support with instantly-adjustable positioning and aiming for the guide scope
  • Includes Orion's StarShoot Autoguider 1.3MP CMOS camera for easy acquisition and lock-on of guide stars, plus a 1.25" extension tube adapter needed to achieve focus
  • Clamps mount on Vixen or Losmandy dovetail plates (not included) and have large lock knobs for easy access even with gloves on

What's In The Box

  • ShortTube 80 OTA
  • Guide Scope Ring and Dovetail Clamp (x2)
  • Adjustment Bolts (x 6)
  • StarShoot AutoGuider
  • 1.25" Extension Tube


User level Intermediate
Optical design Refractor
Optical diameter 80mm
Focal length 400mm
Focal ratio f/5.0
Coatings Multi-coated
Optics type Air-spaced doublet
Glass material Crown/Flint
Resolving power 1.45arc*sec
Lowest useful magnification 11x
Highest useful magnification 160x
Highest theoretical magnification 160x
Limiting stellar magnitude 12.2
Finder scope None
Focuser .965"/1.25" Rack-and-pinion
Mount type Optical Tube without Mount
Tube material Aluminum
Length of optical tube 15.0 in.
Weight, optical tube 3.8 lbs.
Additional included accessories
  • StarShoot AutoGuider
  • 120mm Guide Scope Rings & Dual-Width Clamps
  • 1.25" Extension Tube
Other features
  • Fits both Vixen and Losmandy dovetail bars
  • Finder scope base molded into focuser housing

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