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Have a question? We'd love to help. Email: Call Us: (587) 336-6621 Toll Free: 1 (866) 310-8844

Orion Magnetic 3lb Dobsonian Counterweight (07009)

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Balancing a front-heavy Dobsonian telescope can be a pain. We recently introduced an elegant solution: the Orion Magnetic 1-Pound Dobsonian Counterweight. But we realized that folks with big Dobsonians or those who are using heavier accessories on their Dobs may need more weight on the back end to achieve proper balance. So here is our newest solution: the Orion Magnetic 3-Pound Dobsonian Counterweight!


Ideal for balancing Dobsonian telescopes of 10" aperture and larger, the Magnetic 3-Pound Dobsonian Counterweight works with any steel tube Dobsonian to offset heavy front-end loads, such as large eyepieces or barlow lenses, a solar filter, a big finder scope, or a smartphone mounted with an adapter for afocal photography. A counterweight is needed on the bottom end of the telescope to maintain proper balance, so that the front end won't drift downward while you're observing or photographing.

Weighing 3 lbs. 2 oz., this Orion-designed counterweight consists of a ceramic block magnet encased in a steel housing with a beefy handle for easy grabbing, even with gloves on. The magnet boasts a strong 50-lb. pull strength, so it will stay put wherever you place it on the telescope's optical tube to achieve that perfect balance. Place it near the bottom of the tube for more counterbalancing effect, or closer to the altitude hubs for a more modest effect. And if one Magnetic 3-Pound Dobsonian Counterweight is not quite enough weight for optimal balance, just add a second one, or one or more 1-Pounders!

The bottom surface of the Magnetic 3-Pound Dobsonian Counterweight is covered with black felt to prevent scratching of your Dobsonian telescope's finish, and includes two foam rubber stabilizing strips on the outer edges to provide a firm, non-slip grip and prevent the magnet from rocking on the curved optical tube. It has a durable black powder-coat finish.

The Magnetic Dobsonian Counterweight even comes in handy balancing other types of steel-tube telescopes, such as equatorially mounted Newtonian astrographs, when more weight may be needed on the front end of the tube for proper balancing on the declination axis.

Stop duct-taping that claw hammer to your Dob tube to balance that big light bucket! Get yourself a better balancing act: the Orion Magnetic 3-Pound Dobsonian Counterweight. Or two!

Quick Overview

  • Magnetic 3-lb., 2 oz. weight elegantly solves problem of out-of-balance Dobsonian tubes!
  • Its strong 50-lb. magnetic pull strength adheres to any steel-tube Dobsonian (or other telescope type).
  • Foam rubber stabilizing strips on the bottom protect your telescope's finish and prevent rocking.
  • Large handle makes it easy to attach/detach and move the counterweight on the tube.
  • Great for balancing big Dobs 10" or larger! Use more than one or combine with our 1-Pound Counterweights!