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Unistellar eVscope 2 w/ Backpack (UNI-EVSC... $6,999.00 $7,459.00
The eVscope 2 brings power and speed together with optical expertise to deliver the most immersive space exploration experience. Description Leveraging Nikon's pioneer expertise in electronic eyepiece, and with a 7.7Mpx enhanced image resolution, the eVscope 2 delivers the most stunning visual experience ever seen in a consumer telescope, with state of the art observing comfort, and an incredible amount of details, definition and zoom ability. Field Detection The eVscope 2 ensures more time exploring space and less time setting up or calibrating. Our system instantly recognizes the objects in its field of view by comparing what it sees with...
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Unistellar eVscope eQuinox (EQUINOX) $2,699.00 $4,099.00
Discover the thrill of outer space with the Unistellar eQuinoxWith the eVscope eQuinox-the world's newest, most powerful digital telescope-you can enjoy the beauty of deep space, protect the planet against near-earth asteroids, conduct hands-on science, and so much more. All with one smart, fast, portable, connected device. No advanced training is required to begin your eQuinox outer space adventure. Novices and pros alike can grow their space discoveries and science skills, using one powerful, portable smart device. Description Experience the beauty of outer space Thanks to live light accumulation, the eVscope eQuinox reveals in seconds galaxies, nebulae, comets, and much...
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Unistellar eVscope eQuinox - Backpack (UNI... $549.00 $599.00
This backpack was carefully designed with the world-leading manufacturer of large telephoto lens transportation bags. It is made of tough reinforced fabric and carefully padded with high-density foam to protect your telescope from any shock.   Features of the eVscope Backpack: Built-in foam inserts precisely match the shape of your eVscope. Internal strap to securely fasten the instrument while backpacking. Removable rain-shield protects it from rain and humidity. Padded adjustable shoulder straps. Padded adjustable hip-belt to distribute the load weight. 5 small internal pockets: 2 zipped, 2 to hold telescope cap and eyepiece lid while observing and a spare one....

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