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Stellarvue Losmandy-Style Dovetail Plate -... $89.95
Stellarvue Losmandy-Style Dovetail Plate - 9" - TP006 Wide dovetail plate attaches directly to mounts using the wider Losmandy style plate (Losmandy, Celestron CGEM, CGE-PRO, etc).This 9" plate is highly recommended for all our telescopes, especially  for those 115mm and larger. Plate has a center mounting slot and two sets of 1/4" holes 1.5" wide spaced 5" apart. This plate is recommended for our telescopes up to our SV130. Made in the USA on our CNC machines using 6061 T6 aluminum. 
Stellarvue Riser Block Rs-Set $99.95
Riser blocks are used when mounting telescopes to rails when more room is needed between the rail and the telescope. This is particularly important with our smaer telescopes (SV70T, SV80ST) when a camera is mounted to the rear and it cannot be balanced on the mount. Using Stearvue Riser Blocks, a longer rail may be used that extends to the rear and aows adjustable travel to attain balancing over the focuser.   These riser blocks move the telescope 2.5" above the rail to provide plenty of extra needed clearance.   Stearvue riser blocks are 1" wide, 2.5" high and work...

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