Brand: ZWO

ZWO AM5 Harmonic EQ and AZ Mount (ZWO-AM5)


Brand: ZWO

ZWO AM5 Harmonic EQ and AZ Mount (ZWO-AM5)


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$2,699.00 CAD

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Mount Body

The traditional equatorial mount requires heavy counterweights. It can be very difficult to keep balance in RA and DEC directions, also inconvenient for transit and storage, which bring the amateur astrophotographers a lot of pain when they are out for imaging.

Some of the strain wave geared drive mounts are relatively simple in functions, insufficient in load capacity, also not very stable in use.

The internal structure of the body optimized with the strain wave gear reducer and synchronous belt, bringing more accurate control and an amazing reduction ratio of 300:1.

Astronomy-Dedicated Strain Wave Gear

ZWO jointly developed the strain wave gearing system with well-known domestic manufacturers based on the actual needs of astrophotographers. It comes with very low periodic errors, smooth gearing and high torque. The guiding accuracy is 0.5-0.8 arc seconds, which makes the AM5 mount extremely suitable for astrophotography.

5.5kg Mount Weight, Large Load Capacity

While the portability is very important, the stability is also essential in use. We don't blindly pursue the lightweight of the mount body; we are more so along the lines of stability for entire use.

The capacity of this mount is 13kg without any counterweights attached, and increases to 20kg when using (up to) a 5kg counterweight.

Note: the counterweight should be secured on a counterweight bar of no more than 25cm in length.

Equatorial Mount / Altazimuth Mount

  • Equatorial Mount Mode: Suitable for tracking and photographing objects
  • Altazimuth Mount Mode: Suitable for observing objects
  • You can switch between these two methods with the app, or through the hand controller.

Other Features

  • Status Light Indicator
    Red Light: Indicated equatorial mount mode
    Green Light: Indicates altazimuth mount mode
  • All-Round 0-90 Degree Pitch Angle
    Gear 1: Adjust the pitch angle grip to achieve any degree between 0 and 60
    Gear 2: Loosen the hex-head screw, then adjust the pitch angle grip to achieve any degree between 45 and 90.
  • Wireless Control
    Tonight's Target, GOTO, Live Preview, and so many great functions can be achieved through your phone.
  • Rocker-Style Hand Controller
    Comfortable touch and easy to use, integrated with WiFi network allows for wireless control.
  • Power Failure Protection
    ZWO AM5 mount is equipped with a brake design in case of a sudden power failure, which will prevent the telescope from falling and being damaged.
  • Seamless Linkage with ASAIR
    ASIAIR can control AM5 via wired or wireless connection. The ASI package gives customers the best astrophotography experience.


Mount type Equatorial mount
Mount mode Equatorial mode / Altazimuth mode
Drive Strain wave gear + Synchronous belt
(Reduction ratio: 300 : 1)
Periodic error <±20°
PE duration 432 S
Drive (RA) NEMA42 stepper motor + Model No. 17 (Reduction ratio: 100:1) + Brake
Drive (DEC) NEMA35 stepper motor
(Reduction ratio: 100:1) + Model No.17
Load capacity 13kg without counterweight
20kg with counterweight
Weight 5kg
Latitude adjustment range 0°-90°
Azimuth angle adjustment range ±10°
Dovetail Losmandy & Vixen 500g
Interface thread of counterweight shaft M12
Stepper motor resolution 0.17"
Max slew speed 6°/S
Slew rate 0.5x, 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x, 20x,60x, 720x, 1440x
Power port DC5.5-2.1 (12V-3A)
Power consumption 12V / 0.386A (Standby)
12V / 0.58A (Tracking)
12V / 1.7A (GOTO)
Guide port ST4
Communication interface USB/WiFi
Zero position Mechanical
Operating temperature -15°C - 40°C
Power failure protection Yes

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
ZWO AM5 mount

The unit comes in a well built case.
The unit is light weight and very simple to mount on ZWO TC40 carbon fibre tripod sold separately.
Everything worked as expected withe my new ASIAir Plus, the guiding was awesome
and every ZWO components cameras, EFW, EAF worked perfectly as expected.

The Little Robot That Could

There’s not much I can add to all the glowing reviews for this mount. The integration with the ASIAIR Plus is as simple as it gets. With an indoor polar alignment ( No, You cannot plate solve through a wall or roof ) pointing accuracy has been very good. Tracking on solar system objects has been great.

Can’t wait for the cold weather to be over to bring it outside.


AM5 with Sharpstar 94, AAplus, filter wheel, 19k wind and was able to take approx 10 images of 3-5 min and guiding stayed solid at approx .30. Mount seemed very smooth and responsive. Very impressed with AM5, and also the service from All-Star Telescopes.

Sure draws a crowd when I set it up.

Got it the day before the 2022 ASP, so didn't get to work with it much before the event. I did set it up at the ASP and try it out, wow, and it sure drew a crowd.

Now that I have had a few weeks to work with it, get everything setup and actually put it to use in my ZWO/ASI Air setup, I am blown away with it.

Build quality is top notch, very easy setup, and bang on tracking. My first Astrophotography session was a pleasure, and the results were stellar (pun intended).


My AskarFRA400 sits on top of this mount. Setup time is super quick with the ZWO tripod. I don’t miss not having to carry around counterweights. The AM5 works seamlessly with the ASIAIR Plus and Pro, as expected. I have been using it for over a month now, the guiding numbers have been very impressive and stable on every session. A very robust mount.

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