National Geographic
National Geographic Metal Detector Starter... $129.99
National Geographic Metal Detector Starter Kit -- Become a treasure hunter! The National Geographic Junior Metal Detector is the perfect gateway into the fun world of metal detection. Find rings, coins, and other buried treasure on the beach, in the woods, or your own backyard! Description Find Buried Treasure – This metal detector is the perfect tool for a treasure hunting expedition! The 7.5-inch diameter waterproof coil has adjustable sensitivity and deep detection for objects up to 7 inches underground. Kid friendly design with high tech features. Designed for Kids or Adults – A telescoping arm provides length adjustment while a...
Celestron Cometron FirstScope Telescope (2... $99.95
Be ready for the next big comet with Celestron’s special-edition Cometron FirstScope, a compact, lightweight telescope that’s perfect for beginners looking to experience the magic of the moon or a dazzling comet. This tabletop Dobsonian-style telescope includes a spherical mirror with a generous 76 mm of aperture. The Cometron FirstScope provides bright, sharp views of comets and other celestial objects, and renders the Moon’s mountains and craters in crisp detail. And thanks to its wide field of view, you’ll be able to observe the brightest part of the comet and its tail or favorite deep-sky objects like the Orion Nebula....
National Geographic
National Geographic Hobby Rock Tumbler (81... $149.99
Great way to start a rock collection! Description Learn about the exciting hobby of rock tumbling with National Geographic. This set includes all the accessories you’ll need to start polishing dazzling gems. Rock tumbling is tons of fun and a great way to start an extraordinary rock collection. Kids can use the included jewelry fastening to create beautiful homemade jewelry! Rock tumbling is a fun activity for children of all ages and promotes an interest in geology and science. Introduce your kid to science the fun way! Join National Geographic as we inspire future generations by showing them the wonders...
Lunt Solar Systems
Lunt Mini SUNoculars (Yellow) $19.95
The Lunt 6 x 30 White Light SUNoculars (mini). Perfect for kids 13 yrs ADULT SUPERVISION RECOMMENDED! Description Truly a pocket sized instrument that you can use to view and safely observe all partial phases of a Solar Eclipse. Ultra-compact, Lunt SUNoculars-mini have front mounted filters making Solar observation 100% safe. These front filters are manufactured from CE certified film to ensure the highest level of viewing quality. The light of the Sun is reduced to a comfortable 1×10-5% transmission and all ultra-violet and infrared components are completely and safely blocked. The Sun will appear as a pleasant orange colour....
Celestron PowerSeeker 80AZS Short Refracto... $242.95
The PowerSeeker 80 is a short refractor telescope perfect for terrestrial and celestial viewing on the go. The PowerSeeker can view the planets, moon, star clusters and brighter deep sky objects like the Orion Nebula and Andromeda Galaxy at night and with the erect image star diagonal makes the optical tube ideal for using as a spotting scope during the day. Description Setting up the telescope is a breeze and will have you observing in no time. Even on your first time out, you can assemble the telescope and its accessories in just a few minutes. The adjustable tripod legs allow you...
National Geographic
National Geographic Aurora Light Projector... $99.99
The National Geographic Aurora Light Projector brings the astounding lights of the Aurora Borealis to your room! The projector has six light patterns to choose from and five relaxing nature sound settings. You can also connect your audio device to the projector with the included AUX cord and make your own light show soundtrack. Quick Overview Includes projector, remote control unit, USB to mini-USB cable, and 3.5mm mini-jack cable Projector features six light patterns Includes five relaxing sound settings Create your own lightshow soundtrack Attach your own audio advice to projector using the included AUX cord Remote control operation allows...
Celestron Kids Microscope w/ Smartphone Ad... $79.95
Explore, discover, and enjoy. The Celestron Kids Microscope is a great tool for in-home or on-the-road learning. Introduce young minds to the world of microscopes and all things small. Description Your Celestron Kids Microscope has some of the same features as a professional microscope, like a mechanical stage to view your object, so kids will be prepared for the more complex instruments when they encounter them in a classroom or lab. View specimens with a three objective lenses (50x, 100x and 200x), as well as a 2x zoom to further enhance details. Illuminating lights above and below the mechanical stage...
National Geographic
National Geographic Earth Science Kit (816... $49.99
The National Geographic Explorer Science Series Earth Science Kit is a must-have for any promising young scientist! Kids will love making their very own erupting volcano, experiencing the magic of chemistry as the eruption powder reacts with water. Description Looking for another eruption formula? There are multiple variations to try in the clear, easy-to-follow instructions. They will also be amazed as a potion of water and crystal-growing solution grows into a fully formed crystal! Our special crystal-growing formula means crystals can fully grow in as little as 3 days! No Earth science kit would be complete without activities centered on...
National Geographic
National Geographic Science Magic Activity... $49.99
The National Geographic Science Magic Activity Kit gives your child the chance to be a scientist and magician all at once! This exciting science magic kit has everything you need to conduct 15 experiments that also double as magic tricks. Plus, there are enough materials for you to practice your experiments once or twice before you put on an amazing magic show for your family and friends. And yes, magic wand and white gloves are included! Description What are some of the incredible things you’ll do? How about making a test tube disappear, changing the color of water, creating a...
Incredible Novelties
Smithsonian 48pc Floor Puzzle Plus (489514... $19.99
A fun, space themed, floor puzzle! Features 25 secret information bubbles to help teach about the solar system and beyond! Use the special decoder to read them!
National Geographic
National Geographic Rock Tumbler Refill Ki... $29.95
Refill Kits to go with your National Geographic Rock Tumbler! Madagascar Refill Kit Details Real gemstones from Madagascar. 1 lb of raw rocks includes rose quartz, labradorite, red jasper, yellow jasper, indigo gabbro, and Polychrome jasper. Quantities of each gemstone may vary. Four grades of grit included - Coarse, medium, fine, polish. Transform your raw+ stones from rough rocks to dazzling gemstones! This refill kit works with all rock tumblers. Also Included: Jewelry fastenings - Additional rock tumbler accessories include 1 necklace, 1 set of earrings, 1 keychain, 1 ring.Create custom jewelry from your newly polished gemstones! Learning guide -...
Smart Lab
Smart Lab - Tiny Solar System (SL00679) $27.95
Demonstrate Moon phases and night and day! Light-up solar system demonstrates lunar and solar eclipses! Show how Earth's tilt causes the seasons! Includes: Solar system Base Sun Post 8 Arms with Planets Light-Up Sun, Earth and Moon Base Earth and Moon Model 8 Planet Name Stickers Sticker Sheet Mini Mega Poster Illustrated Science, Booklet Note: Requires three 1.5V LR 1130 (AG 10) batteries (included).

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