Brand: Celestron

Celestron Smart DewHeater Controller 4X (94036)


Brand: Celestron

Celestron Smart DewHeater Controller 4X (94036)


  • Using real-time data, the controller provides just enough heat to prevent dew from forming, prolonging battery life
  • “Smart control” system monitors ambient temperature and humidity and adjusts power to four dew heaters automatically
  • Compatible with Celestron Dew Heater Rings and third-party heating bands or straps (with thermistor accessory)
  • Also provides power management for your entire setup with four 12V DC power output ports (one with variable voltage)
  • Integrated USB 3.2 hub with three powered USB Type A ports allows you to connect all your devices to your computer with only one cable
  • Works with your Celestron telescope’s hand control or CPWI telescope control software so you can view data and make manual adjustments
  • Mounts securely to your telescope's dovetail or tripod leg
  • Durable metal housing features an integrated cooling fan to protect the controller’s electronics
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$593.95 CAD

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Product Description

Work smarter, not harder, when it comes to combating dew. The Smart DewHeater and Controller 4x prolongs your battery life by optimizing power usage for up to two dew heaters. The controller gathers and analyzes information in real time to warm your optics just enough to prevent dew.

The Smart DewHeater and Controller comes with four ports to control four dew heaters at once. You can use one port to heat your optical tube while the others warm a second optical tube, a guide scope, an eyepiece, or another accessory. The controller is also a complete power management solution for your telescope. It offers four 12V DC output ports to power a variety of 12V DC devices, such as your mount, focus motor and camera. One of the ports has variable voltage, which you can adjust from 3V to 12V. In addition, the controller features three powered USB ports.

The Smart DewHeater and Controller works seamlessly with Celestron’s Dew Heater Rings, which have a built-in thermistor to provide temperature readings of the corrector lens. Third-party dew heater bands or straps are also compatible; you simply need to add Celestron's Thermistor for Smart DewHeater Controllers (sold separately).

Smart Controls

At the heart of the controller is a powerful microprocessor that gathers information from the sensors, computes the data, and automatically adjusts your dew heaters. The controller monitors the ambient temperature and humidity using its integrated environmental sensor and monitors the heaters’ temperatures using thermistors.

You can run the Smart DewHeater and Power Controller 4x as a standalone accessory. Or, if you want to view data from the controller and make manual adjustments, you can connect it to your Celestron telescope’s hand control or your PC. The controller works with NexStar+ or StarSense hand controls running the latest firmware or Celestron CPWI telescope control software, included with every Celestron mount.


The Smart DewHeater and Power Controller 4x runs on a 12V DC battery (like our PowerTank Lithium Pro or PowerTank 17) and can handle a maximum power of 120W (10A max current @ 12V DC).

The controller also features four 12V DC output ports so you can power your entire setup from a single source. You can use the additional ports to power devices like your mount, focus motor, and camera(s). One of the power ports offers variable voltage, which adjusts from 3V to 12V. This port is perfect for accessories that use less than 12V DC, such as a DSLR camera.

Once they’re connected, you can control the power to each device individually with the hand control or CPWI software. Power down your connected devices without unplugging them from the controller. All your devices are protected by resettable electronic fuses if current draw becomes too high.

NOTE: If you are using two dew heaters in heavy dew conditions and powering a 12V DC device, the controller may be operating near its power limit. In this case, one PowerTank Lithium Pro or PowerTank 17Ah will not have enough capacity to run your setup all night; you'll need a larger capacity battery or multiple batteries.

USB 3.2 Hub

The integrated USB 3.2 hub connects three USB devices to your computer with only one cable, greatly simplifying cable management. There are three USB Type A ports, and each port is powered. Just like the 12V DC ports, you can power each USB port on or off using CPWI or a Celestron hand control.

Unique Industrial Design

The Smart DewHeater and Power Controller 4x features a heavy-duty metal housing. Inside, a cooling fan protects the controller’s electronics.

The Bridge – On top of the controller, you will find the bridge, which is home to the device’s status LEDs and environmental sensors. It also helps with cable management. We have positioned the temperature and humidity sensors here, away from the control box and other components that could generate heat. Unlike competitor products, our sensors do not require additional cables to obtain accurate readings.

The LED lights on the bridge indicate the device’s current status. The LEDs provide warnings if the controller is drawing more current than your power source can supply or if the battery charge needs recharging. You can dim the lights if you are under dark skies.

Mounting – The Celestron Smart DewHeater and Power Controller 4x mounts on your CGE or CG-5 dovetail with the integrated dovetail clamps. If you prefer to mount the controller on your tripod leg, use the included strap.

Enhance Your Setup

We highly recommend pairing this controller with Celestron Dew Heater Rings. They fit seamlessly on your Schmidt corrector lens and will improve your observing or imaging year-round.

For the highest level of dew prevention, we also suggest adding a dew shield to your setup. While not required, a dew shield will cut down on the amount of power the controller needs to provide to the dew heater rings to keep your optics clear.

    What's in the Box

    • Smart DewHeater and Power Controller 4x
    • Tripod leg strap
    • Controller power cable
    • Power cable for external 12V DC device
    • AUX cable for connecting to Celestron mounts
    • Thermistor extension cable to attach to Celestron’s Dew Heater Ring


    Dew Heater Ports 4x ports, RCA jack, compatible with Celestron Dew Heater Rings and other 3rd party vendor heating straps

    Thermistor Ports

    4x ports (one for each dew heater port), 2.5mm Audio jack, compatible with Celestron Dew Heater Rings and optional Celestron Thermistor

    12V DC

    Power Output Port

    3xx ports, barrel connector jack (5.5mm/2.1mm), 7A max for each port
    Variable DC Power Output Port 3V-12V variable output, barrel connector jack (5.5mm/2.1mm), 5A max
    USB Port 3x ports, USB 3.2 Type A ports, up to 2.5A output for each
    AUX Ports 3x ports, allows connection to Celestron mounts for HC control, also allows connection of optional accessories
    PC Port USB 3.2 Type B, allows connection to PC for control with CPWI
    12V DC Power Input Port Threaded barrel connector jack, 5.5mm/2.1mm, 10A max input
    High Current 12V DC Power Input Port: XT60 jack, 20A max input
    Included Power Cable Cigarette lighter plug on one end, threaded barrel connector on other end (5.5mm/2.1mm) , 10 ft. long, 10A fuse protected
    Environmental Sensor Measures ambient temperature and humidity, integrated into enclosure "bridge" to thermally isolate
    Enclosure construction Aluminum with integrated fan
    Clamp: Fits CG-5 and CGE dovetails (also can be strapped onto tripod leg)
    Electronic protections Fuse protected, reverse polarity protected, low voltage cut-off
    Weight 1.4lbs (635.02g)
    Dimensions 177.8mm x 114.3mm x 82.55mm (7" x 4.5" x 3.25")

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