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Have a question? We'd love to help. Email: Call Us: (587) 336-6621 Toll Free: 1 (866) 310-8844


by ZWO
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All-Star Telescope's Take

This is the third generation of the revolutionary ASIAIR (ZWO-ASIAAIR-PLUS), and ZWO have nailed it!  This is a smart wireless controller that will run your main imaging camera, as well as a guiding camera.  You can also use the main imaging camera to polar align. In short, the ASIAIR Plus will vastly simplify your setup and astro-imaging process.  It’s a fantastic tool for new and experienced astrophotographers alike. 

Adding this camera controller to your astrophotography setup will allow you to control ZWO USB3.0 and ZWO mini-series cameras. The ASIAIR technology can also control the ZWO electronic auto focuser (EAF), nearly 100 Canon and Nikon SLR and mirrorless cameras, and more than 400 common equatorial or partial alt-azimuth mounts, all while you use your phone or tablet to capture astounding images of the night sky. The ASIAIR Plus requires a clean or dedicated power supply.  We strongly recommend the ZWO AC to DC adapter found here:



The body of the ASIAIR Plus is smaller and lighter than its predecessors. It is 25% thinner and 13% lighter than the ASIAIR Pro. The body is made out of CNC machined aluminum and the design of the casing protects the technology from dust and dew accumulation. With laser carving technology, the top of the ASIAIR Plus showcases a design with the constellations Cassiopeia, Ursa Major, and Ursa Minor. You will find several status displays on the body of the ASIAIR Plus: an Input Power Status Display (PWR), a Wireless Network Status Display (WiFi), and a System I/O Status Display (SYS).

The dimensions of the body are 100 mm x 70 mm x 26.5 mm

About the Enhanced Antenna and WiFi Capability

Included with the ASIAIR Plus is a built-in WiFi antenna. When compared to earlier versions of the ASIAIR, the Plus version's antenna has an increased signal, making the connection between your device and the ASIAIR Plus more stable. This also enables the signal range to be wider. With the inclusion of the antenna, you will ultimately see a stronger WiFi signal and faster communication.

This small device can totally replace your computer or a mount hand controller. With the wireless technology, you can even control your astrophotography gear from inside! The 2.4G/5G Dual-band WiFi network has a working range of up to 20m.

ZWO has designed the ASIAIR Plus so that it may also be hardwired via an Ethernet cable to your home's WiFi router. This allows you to access the device anywhere within your router's WiFi range. There is no VNC or remote desktop; the ASIAIR is able to handle all tasks needed for DSO imaging. These include Preview, Plate Solving, Focus, Polar Align, Guiding, Autorun, Plan (multi-target), Video (Planetary Imaging, Live Stacking, and more!

The ASIAIR Plus Outputs and Ports

ZWO has also added indicators for the four DC-12V outputs to the body ASIAIR Plus. These indicators, along with a function in the ASIAIR app, allows you to check the power status easily, and you are able to monitor power consumption in real-time. You can find the app in all major app stores. The ZWO ASIAIR Plus also comes with two USB2.0 ports and two USB3.0 ports that will allow you to connect your ASIAIR device to your camera, mount, ZWO EAF, and more. Please make sure to check power requirements for any device you plan to connect.

Also included are a gigabit Ethernet port and DSLR Shutter Release cable receptacle. The Type-C USB port allows for connection to a laptop for exporting files from internal storage and the TF card. This connection allows for the transfer of data, eliminating the need to pull out the SD card and the use of a card reader. Please note that a USB-C to USB-A cable is required, but not included. The ASIAIR Plus also supports external TF cards and USB drives for upgradable storage capacity. The storage capacity is recommended to be 512GB and 1TB maximum. It currently supports three file system formats: NTFS, FAT32, and exFAT.

Recovery Mode and eMMC

Get ready for a smooth and stable experience with the ASIAIR Pro. ZWO has included a Recovery Mode where the system will detect faults and recover itself if the ASIAIR Plus cannot boot up. Additionally, this version of the ASIAIR has been redesigned with eMMC storage; there is 32GB of storage space and 20GB free space storage for saving images and videos. With the eMMC, the ASIAIR Plus' I/O speed is up to 2.5x faster than the ASIAIR Pro.

eMMC Features

  • Avg. Read Speed: 85MB/s
  • Avg. Write Speed: 52MB/s
  • Storage Space: 32GB
  • Free Space: 20GB
  • Super System Stability: Reset Firmware and Auto Recovery

Recommended Power Supply Requirements

ZWO recommends that the ASIAIR Plus have an 11V-15V @ 2A-5A power supply. If the power supply is lower than 9V or higher than 15V, the ASIAIR Plus cannot be turned on as a safety precaution.

Why buy from All-Star Telescope

We like to say that we’re the biggest astronomy shop in Canada, which is a little like bragging about being the tallest dwarf.  The reality is that we’re a small, Canadian owned, family run business.  

We hold a large volume of inventory in our Edmonton warehouse, and ship daily.  We ship to the USA and globally, and it's worth noting that there is no duty on telescopes and accessories between Canada and the United States.  

We work to have the best selection of astronomy and astrophotography in Canada.  We are enthusiasts and work to help others enjoy the hobby that we love so much.  We're always interested in helping, reach out with any questions.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Great customer service!

I live in the US and had been searching for the ASIAir Plus which no one has in stock anywhere in the world. By chance, I called All-Star Telescope. Their customer service was outstanding and they said they could get it out to me with no issues. One week later I received the item and was very pleased. Thank you All-Star!

Ryan Thompson
Hands down my best purchase for my Astro-rig

Not only did using this product optimize my workflow In almost every way, it cleaned up my power cords, and brought all my ZWO products together to speak in harmony. The downside, I came from using a polemaster which I could polar align in a couple mins, with practice, the PA feature in the ASIairPlus has come close, but it still takes me a bit longer. Once aligned, the interface works seamless with my other accessories (EAF, EFW, Dew bands, Mount, guide and imagining camera). Granted, they are all ZWO products, but it’s flawless.

I should also add, I don’t use the wifi feature (connecting via the wifi the ASIAir produces) as I run an Ethernet cable to it when I’m at home. I seem to get much more stable and quick connection to my iPad and home between doing it this way.

John Kulczycki
A bit of a learning curve!

It is a great product, but be prepared to spend some time looking for documentation on the internet. If you've had one of the previous models, this should be a pretty easy step to the "Plus".

That said, I've found no issues with it. It works well with an EQMOD cable on the AZ-GTi mount, and is quite responsive. It works with my Canon cameras as well as ZWO cameras.

The only complaint I can think of is that it does not come with a bracket to attach it to a Vixen dovetail, as this is where it will most likely be sitting on most setups.

Over all, a great product.

Kevin Waddell
Great piece of gear!

Been holding off getting one of these but finally took the plunge. I put it on my avx mount as I was already using a mini pc solution in my eq6. What a great piece of gear that handles so much in one box. The capture software works great and the plate-solving is super easy to use. Using the air hotspot wifi is a little limited unless you stay close to your rig, but connecting to your home wifi gives you the range you need. I really enjoyed the simplicity of the interface. The only drawback is the power-distribution aspect. It's not quite robust enough to power everything, and zwo even states that it won't power certain cameras.
Still a great unit which I would highly recommend to anyone trying to simplify their setup.

John W.
This product is a total game changer

This product is a total game changer, the ability to WIRLESSLY control your telescope cannot be understated. If you want to do astrophotography, have a long serious look at this device. Analyze all the benefits and add up the cost of buying other devices (pole master, dew heater controller) and compare them to the ASIair. Ive been doing astronomy off and on for about 35 years, over these years I have tried many products and set-ups and even dabbled in astrophotography, I would say that I have never achieved what would be considered a satisfactory result, and the learning curve was steep. Granted the technology has evolved and changed making the experience much easier, but still challenges remain. I gave up about 10 years ago and havent really kept up on changes in the hobby but with the covid-19 lock down I was looking for something to keep my mind busy. With recent developments in the astronomy hobby and astrophotography with the ability to control all aspects of imagining from a laptop made the prospects very appealing. After some aborted starts, I took the plunge this past January and kitted myself out a new telescope and used DSLR. I played around with various set-ups and quickly achieved results that 30 years ago I would have been over the moon about. I however found quickly that using a laptop with all the setups and cables wasnt as fun as I expected, so I searched for a more workable wireless solution, and I found the ASIair Pro. Its a total game changer in so many ways, what I am writing here will sound like a testimonial but this is a fabulous product worth looking at. What I liked: - Wireless Control from a Tablet or Phone (no bulky laptop needed) - Small footprint (mounted on my telescope, very clean setup) - Everything just worked, after the initial set-up the ASIAir Pro connected to everyone one of my devices (Canon T3i, ASI 120mini Guider, Celestron AVX Mount) the first time! No install issues, no driver issues it just connected (not the same experience with the laptop). - Compact set-up for portable use (less stuff to carry on imaging outings) - Economical, astrophotography can be very expensive so anyway you can reduce your cost and get value out of a product is a win (ASIAir Pro, eliminates the need for several others items and pays for itself quickly) - Polar Alignment Built in Features (no polestar or other polar alignment device needed, no subscription to sharpcap or other application). Ive gotten the most accurate polar alignment I have ever achieved in the past. - Guiding features work quite well - Complete control of the imaging process (can automate lights, flats, darks and bias frames), allows me to maximize my imaging time and take advantage of clear nights. - Comprehensive wire package included (I didnt need to buy one extra wire to get this thing to work. Wires were also very thought out with shorter length cable to help cable management, no rats nest) - Goto Plate Solving, no more star hopping when looking for objects - Power management, lots of usable outputs to power my mount and dew heaters (no need for other devices to manage this) What I didnt like: - Not much - Wish I found this before My current set-up: - Celestron C6 SCT (started as a Nexstar 6se but changed the mount to a AVX German Equitorial Mount) - Canon t3i (600d) soon to astro modified and will eventually be replaced with a dedicated astrocam, but still a very workable solution for the time being. - Celestron AVX German Equatorial Mount, found a very good deal on a very used AVX and worked very nicely as is with satisfactory tracking results. I did a complete hyper-tune (new Teflon bearings, new low temp synthetic grease, cleaned the clutches, re-set all the back lashes. I got a chance to do some imaging last night and tracking showed sub 1.5 second accuracy so far which I am very happy with (more testing will be needed but still very happy). For anyone considering this product (ASIAir Pro), do lots of research and talk to lots of experienced astrophotographers, take everything with a grain of salt, pick and choose what works best for you and make the decision that's right for you. Enjoy the night skies and hopefully we all have clear nights!