Brand: ZWO



Brand: ZWO



The ZWO ASIair mini keeps almost all the performance of the larger plus while reducing size and cost by considerable margins. These are fantastic computers for grab-and-go or any other astrophotography rig.
  • An incredibly simple and intuitive astrophography computer
  • Control your mount, camera, and more wirelessly
  • Automatically stack and process images for extraordinary deep sky or planetary images
$269.00 CAD

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$269.00 CAD

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The ZWO ASIair mini keeps almost all the performance of the larger plus while reducing size and cost by considerable margins. These are fantastic computers for grab-and-go or any other astrophotography rig. 

Adding this camera controller to your astrophotography setup will allow you to control ZWO USB3.0 and ZWO mini-series cameras. The ASIAIR technology can also control the ZWO electronic auto focuser (EAF), nearly 100 Canon and Nikon SLR and mirrorless cameras, and more than 400 common equatorial or partial alt-azimuth mounts, all while you use your phone or tablet to capture astounding images of the night sky. The ASIAIR Plus requires a clean or dedicated power supply. We strongly recommend the ZWO AC to DC adapter found here.

Product Description

The ASIAIR Mini from ZWO is the smallest, most compact ASIAIR yet. Compared to the ASIAIR Plus, the Mini is 42% smaller and 21% lighter, making transportation and setup a breeze.

Control your astrophotography imaging setup wirelessly with the ASIAIR Mini! The ASIAIR Mini from ZWO includes four 12V DC outputs and four USB2 ports to connect and power multiple devices. The included app allows for wireless control of your setup in addition to monitoring all vital system processes, such as real-time temperature, current monitor, voltage monitor, wifi settings, and connected devices.

Features Include:

  • eMMC storage
  • Dual band antenna
  • Stacking on phone
  • Power monitoring
  • DSO imaging
  • Planetary imaging
  • Auto guiding
  • Automated imaging

Redesigned with eMMC Top Performance

Integrated with brand new eMMC Storage, ASIAIR Mini eliminates the trouble of backing up the system. Passed by over 300 strict and professional tests - a super stable system accessible to all has arrived!

  • 119MB/S Avg. Read Speed
  • 65MB/S Avg. Write Speed
  • Super System Stability - Reset Firmware and Auto Recovery

More Portable Than Ever

With a size smaller than the palm of your hand, the new ASIAIR Mini is just as powerful as it is portable, which allows you to capture the night sky with great ease and fun, just like what you've experienced with its predecessors.

  • 42% Smaller
  • 21% Lighter

Wireless Imaging

ASIAIR Mini allows you to wirelessly control your gear via phones or tablets. You can stay in the comfort of your tent, home, car and other places to avoid the winter chills or mosquito bites. Just enjoy yourself on the starry nights!

Power Monitoring

Features a monitoring unit to track ASIAIR Mini's working status, including DC 12V input voltage & current, power consumption and real-time temperature.

  • Current monitor
  • Real-time temperature
  • Voltage monitor
  • Devices Connected
  • WiFi setting
  • Total power consumption

One-station Design

ASIAIR Mini provides an integrated and easy-to-use workflow suitable for all astrophotography amateurs, including focusing, polar alignment, filter switch, auto guiding, autorun, etc. Even if you're new to astrophotography, you can use it to produce wonderful astrophotos quickly and with ease. Interested in wide-field photography? Try the newly added feature multi-target!

Four-Output Multi-Interfaces

  • 1x DSLR shutter release
  • 4x DC 12V outputs
  • 1x USN Type-C port
  • 4x USB 2.0 ports

Multiple Power Indicators

  • PWR: Input power status display
  • WiFi: Wireless network status display
  • SYS: System I/O status display

Classic Design as Usual

ASIAIR Mini is made out of aluminum and processed by CNC tech, which will effectively prevent it from dust and dew, also making the device more durable.

The top uses laser carving technology to show the constellations Cassiopeia, Ursa Major and Ursa Minor in the sky.


Feature ASIAIR Plus ASIAIR Mini
Live stack Support Support (except ASI6200)
Video mode Support (except DSLR) Support (except DSLR)
Multi-target mode Support Support
New plate solving algorithm Support Support
Monitor unit Support Support
FOV for plate solve 0.2° ~ 33° 0.2° ~ 33°
Wired LAN Support -
Dual band Antenna 2.4G/5G Support Support
20m WiFi coverage Support Support
Power ON/OFF switch Support -
Input current & voltage monitor Support Support
Output voltage monitor Support -
Power consumption monitor Support Support
High temperature/low voltage warning Support Support
SD card Support -
USB drives Support Support
eMMC Support Support
ASI6200 series Support Support
DSLR shutter release Support Support
Power external devices Support Support
USB ports 2x USB 3.0
2x USB 2.0
Type-C port Support Support
Installation method via finder shoe via finder shoe



Canon EOS 1000D Tested Y
Canon EOS 100D Tested Y
Canon EOS 1100D Tested Y
Canon EOS 1200D Tested Y
Canon EOS 1300D Tested Y
Canon EOS 1500D Tested Y
Canon EOS 1D Mark III Untested Y
Canon EOS 1D Mark IV Untested Y
Canon EOS 1D X Tested Y
Canon EOS 1D X Mark II Tested Y
Canon EOS 2000D Tested Y
Canon EOS 200D Tested Y
Canon EOS 250D Tested Y
Canon EOS 4000D Tested Y
Canon EOS 40D Tested Y
Canon EOS 450D Tested Y
Canon EOS 500D Tested Y
Canon EOS 50D Tested Y
Canon EOS 550D Tested Y
Canon EOS 5D Mark II Tested Y
Canon EOS 5D Mark III Tested Y
Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Tested N
Canon EOS 600D Tested Y
Canon EOS 60D Tested Y
Canon EOS 650D Tested Y
Canon EOS 6D Tested Y
Canon EOS 6D Mark II Untested Y
Canon EOS 700D Tested Y
Canon EOS 70D Tested Y
Canon EOS 750D Tested Y
Canon EOS 760D Tested Y
Canon EOS 77D Tested Y
Canon EOS 7D Tested Y
Canon EOS 7D Mark II Tested Y
Canon EOS 800D Tested Y
Canon EOS 80D Tested Y
Canon EOS 90D Tested N
Canon EOS M6 Mark II Tested N
Canon EOS R Tested N
Canon EOS R5 Tested N
Canon EOS R6 Tested Y
Canon EOS Ra Tested N
Canon EOS Rebel SL3 250D Untested Y
Canon EOS Rebel T1i 500D Tested Y
Canon EOS Rebel T7 2000D, 1500D Tested Y
Canon EOS Rebel T7i 800D/Kiss X9i Tested Y
Canon EOS RP Tested Y


Nikon D780 Tested Y
Nikon DSC D3 Tested** Y
Nikon DSC D300 Tested** Y
Nikon DSC D300s Untested** Y
Nikon DSC D3200 Tested** Y
Nikon DSC D3300 Tested** Y
Nikon DSC D3400 Untested** Y
Nikon DSC D3s Tested** Y
Nikon DSC D3x Tested** Y
Nikon DSC D4 Untested Y
Nikon DSC D5 Untested Y
Nikon DSC D500 Untested Y
Nikon DSC D5000 Untested** Y
Nikon DSC D5100 Tested** Y
Nikon DSC D5200 Tested Y
Nikon DSC D5300 Tested Y
Nikon DSC D5500 Tested Y
Nikon DSC D5600 Tested Y
Nikon DSC D600 Tested Y
Nikon DSC D610 Tested Y
Nikon DSC D700 Tested** Y
Nikon DSC D7000 Tested** Y
Nikon DSC D7100 Tested Y
Nikon DSC D7200 Untested Y
Nikon DSC D750 Tested Y
Nikon DSC D7500 Tested Y
Nikon DSC D800 Tested N
Nikon DSC D800E Tested N
Nikon DSC D810 Tested N
Nikon DSC D810A Tested N
Nikon DSC D850 Tested N
Nikon DSC D90 Untested** Y
Nikon DSC Df Untested Y
Nikon Z5 Tested Y
Nikon Z6 Tested Y
Nikon Z6 II Tested Y
Nikon Z7 Tested N

** Must use shutter release cable with ASIAIR MINI

What's in the Box

  • 1x DC 1.5m male-female extension cable
  • 2x DC 0.5m male cable
  • 2x DC 1m male cable
  • 1x ASIAIR MINI quick start guide

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

Very happy with my stuff and the service from all star. Will certainly be getting more stuff from them.


Great little device, delivery was very fast, and had no issues connecting all my equipment!
Now all I need is some clear skies to really test it

ASIAIR Mini is fantastic!

I have to say this product changed my astrophotography experience. Worked well with my AVX mount and Nikon D7200 camera. Instructions included with the product are not very good, but there are enough tutorials on the internet that learning to use it was a breeze. Polar alignment is pleasant now and the complete integration of multiple tasks is wonderful. As always, support and service from All-Star Telescope was outstanding.

Cloudy nights

If the December rain and cloud and gloom would ever disappear!

Awesome Little Device

This device changed my outlook on astrophotography. I have been an amateur astronomer for over 40 years and was always interested in it but could never quite get the knack and failed every time I tried. This little red box makes everything so easy. On my first night imaging I got more high quality images than I had even gotten before, and with little effort. As ZWO says “It just works!”. I have now gone all red in my setup and am perfectly happy to do so.

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