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Have a question? We'd love to help. Email: Call Us: (587) 336-6621 Toll Free: 1 (866) 310-8844


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Antares Finderscope Bracket for Laser Pointer (GLP-FURB)

It will take us a while to get through this book.

CMY Cube - Stand
John Birmingham
Physics of light in your hand.

Just a gorgeous little unit that adds multiple colors in some unexpected places and shapes. Granddaughter loves her's too. Great teaching tool.

Smooth Operator!

Makes locating objects in the sky a breeze.

Good filter, good service

Great service, and seems like a great filter.
Just a little thing I would improve : when ordering, I chose the UPS air 2nd day. I received my order +8 days later.
Otherwise, everything is amazing!

I am completely satisfied with my purchase. It was delivered without any issues and assembly was easy.

Am very pleased with this lens...bought it to see the Pope from across the water when he came to Lac Ste Anne...gave us an excellent view and I got an amazing picture! Now I need to work on capturing a galaxy!

Eye Piece

Have not used it yet.

CMY Cube - Original Size
John Birmingham
Brilliant colors in your hand.

A delightful pure color cube mixing subtracting projecting and manipulating color in unexpected ways make for a treasure to be loved for years.

Celestron T-Adapter 48mm for EdgeHD 9.25", 11", 14" (93622)

This "tube" attaches to the T-ring for your camera and allows to attach to the SCT directly, avoiding other adapters that may be designed to fit into place where eyepiece usually fits. This eleiminates possibility of freeplay/flex.

Antares laser collimator

Works great. Should have bought this year's ago.

Celestron Star Sense

Excellent service both with the product and customer relation.

Antlia M54x0.75 Telescope-Sided Adapter (T-54)

It was a well made adaptor. Beware that this adaptor ring only has no thread on the side that attach to the Antlia's filter draw body. Therefore it cannot be used as a normal step up/down ring.

Antlia Main Body/Base Filter Drawer (B-001)

I decided to go with Antlia instead of ZWO because it can be configured the adapters for both sides of the drawers directly with rings. I figured it should cut down the number of adapter rings required overall in the imaging train. It can also be used as a make shift "rotator" as the adapter rings are held by 2 small screws, and it can be turned independently on both sides.

I am only giving it 4 stars because

1. The holding screws for the rings are very small, and since I am using a mirrorless camera on one end, sometimes it moves when I bumped against the camera. (I taped it down once finalize my framing) Perhaps add another ****? (there are 2 screws to lock the adaptor ring down)

2. I wish the unit has degree markings/engraving on the main body and a marking on the rings (even just a painted line), so it can be used as a rotator for reframing with multiple imaging sessions.

Antlia 2" Filter Slider (B-2INCH)

The Antlia filter slider was well made and stayed in place very well throughout the sessions with the build in magnets (quite strong magnets).


What a fantastic accessory for my Edge HD 9.25. I've only been able to use it once, but the difference in my image was very noticible. Not only did it cut my imaging times down by half, it was able to keep the stars at the edge of the image nice and round with hardly and gradient noticible, which is easily fixed in post processing.

I love the Antares laser collimator. Makes setting the mirrors an easy snap. I use it to quickly check the alignment every time I use my telescope. If it's a bit out, it only takes a minute or two to get the mirrors aligned. It sure beats the old way of doing it! I wouldn't be without it.

Antares Laser Collimator

Works great, only have used it on 1 scope so far but it is very easy to use and simple to set up.

Neutral Density Filter - ND13

Great addition to the 8SE accessories.

Top tier service

I recently purchased the Optolong L-Enhance filter from All-Star in Edmonton. The filter was a great addition to my image train and performs beyond my expectations. What impressed me beyond the product was how attentive All-Star is to their customers, new or previous. Thanks so much guys!


Good in daylight. Waiting for clear night to use at night.

Cloak smaller than my previous scope cloak

Cloak smaller than my previous scope cloak which was also from Orion, it fits but requires a bit of maneuvering, my scope is a 9.5" Schmidt Cassegrain


I am very pleased with the product.
The wrong adapter was accidently sent but that was rectified the next day.
I was very pleased the price of the PoleMaster and the speed at which the new replacement adapter was sent.

Tele vue 2X

Great quality barlow. I should have grabbed it sooner.

Orion Dew Strap

The Orion Dew Strap can be used with a number of products. It can easily plug into an Eagle 4, or an ASAIR Plus, or a dedicated dew heater controller. I’d never travel to a dark sky site without it. The Dew Heater is critical to ensure your glass is free of dew.