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Great info for starting out in astronomy

Great Filter

Only had one really good night of seeing to use it...but it was a definite step up over the UHC filter I was using before. Great contrast. Need a number of more nights and more targets to give a more honest opinion, but first impression is that it was well worth the cost.

Awesome scope!

I bought this a few months ago and now that I've had time to et the feel of it....I'm super impressed. This is actually my first refractor and I was worried about the new learning curve going from reflectors The built in reducer and adapter cones are a big plus and make the back focus simple and easy. This thing takes beautiful photos from edge to edge. I highly recommend it. I only wish it came with a carry case...other than that I cannot complain.
Here is an example. The Rosette nebula 100 - 60sec exposures, zwo533mc. just slightly cropped to remove stacking artifacts.

to have known, I would have bought this filter long before .

to have known, I would have bought this filter long before.
it is simply superior to others in this category.
Service at All-Star Telescope is worth more than 5 stars.

Its a great diagonal. well designed and versatile.

2x Celestron Dew Heater Controller

I am very happy with this item. Service, shipping and they stand behind their products. I own my own small business, and I really love purchasing my products from All Star. Amazing team!!

Works well

I have 2 EAF's, the internal temp monitoring works but is a bit slow & inaccurate. The external temp sensor just makes it work better.

Starizona Filter slider drawer for RASA 8

I had searched all over for this item to be in stock in most of the US stores I know with no luck, but AllStar Telescope had it in stock. Even though I ordered late at night, I received a confirmation email in minutes and a shipping notice the next day. Great service and good prices. Although not local to me in NYC, they are excellent with their service. I bought from them many years ago, they were great then, and they are great now. Definitely recommend you buy from them.

Well-designed scope, but not for a beginner.

This is a well-designed scope with nice parts, but is hastily assembled, so needs some experience and decent collimation tools to set it up. Mine also came with a broken finderscope shoe which I was able to easily fix myself. The scope will work with the Starizona Nexus 0.75 reducer corrector to produce a fast f/3 450mm scope. This fits Markarian's Chain into the FoV of the 1” sensor on the ASI533 camera. The scope has produced some nice tight stars in my images.

The filters are very good for viewing the celestial objects. Until now I saw the star clusters with it and it was amazing to look at. Can't wait to view the planets in the planetary viewing season.

Fantastic Focuser

Should have gotten one a long time ago. Takes away the guesswork and is very easy to use. It is also a timesaver for me because of my questionable eyesight.

Works great for the view of the moon

Great all encompassing product

I heard many great comments about the ASI Air and now I join the chorus. I mount mine on the scopes finder shoe so the cables move with the scope. Cross these items off your list: Laptop & power supply, specialized polar alignment tools, planetarium software, mount control and imaging application, guiding application, drivers, endless software updates, pages and pages of how too and searching for answers on forums, software configurations.... need I say more?

Just WOW

Fell in love with this unit. Small footprint, low weight works well in both axis. Left PHD2 guiding at 1second, calibrated and works so well on RA/Dec guiding. No problems working with N.I.N.A. USB connection, but still having trouble with connecting to wifi (works as admin). The two machine bolts (AZ Locking)…well, still looking for a better cold weather solution. Finally, wish it could have both Vixen and Losmandy saddle.
Well made, step up from my CGEM-DX with regards to everything.

Fine tripod for travel/home setup

Love the low weight, rubber foot pads and the twist lock for levelling. Much favour this tripod over my last heavy CGEM-DX mount. Vibrations have not been a problem, nor has slew distortions on NCP. Would get this again.

Ten Inch Dobsonian Star Sense Explorer

So far, superb. I was thinking about making my own telescope until it became obvious a finished telescope would be more economical. Leveraging the power of our smart phones to locate objects and point the telescope works beautifully.
So far I have had limited clear skies. That will change.
Already thinking of accessories.
Note: the telescope is large. Not too large to move around. More, it takes a lot of space to store it.
Nice to use Apple Pay.

Awesome piece of kit

I'm really enjoying. Did the obligatory youtube searches to get it going, and I wasn't disappointed. Folks at all star telescope are fantastic. I went back a week later and bought a WO61 to get some better pictures. Just need clouds to stay away so I can practice.

Works great.

Works good. Doesn't correct all the way out to full frame image area but still acceptable results.

Works well with visual but.........

Pretty easy to set up for visual. Work well. Lack of instruction for astrophotography is a little bit of a pain. This field flattener needs to be inserted into the focusing tube like a barlow lens while still have to maintain proper distance of 75mm from the rear objective lens to the camera sensor. I had to end up putting the flattener to a m48 to 2 inch mounting adapter (2 Inch to M48*0.75 Astronomical Telescope Eyepiece Lens Camera T Adapter Ring for Astronomical Photography https://a.co/d/1evadV6) and then add enough spacers and T ring behind the the adapter to achieve focus. So half my tube build was inside the focusing tube and half my spacers are sticking out. Little bit of a pain but I'm happy I got it to work for astrophotography. One last thing, the flattener doesn't fully cover a full frame sensor. I say it covers maybe 85 to 90% of full frame area. Stars at the very outer edges are still a tiny bit out of shape. Not bad but still noticeable under 200% zoom. Maybe I'm just picky.

Well made Mask

This is a well designed and made Bahtinov focus mask that works well with the Orion 6” f4 Newtonian. The protective paper is not removed from the plastic blank, so is there forever. The piece would look for finished if it were, but this does not affect function, and may even reduce reflections.

Simple, yet elegant

As the title states. Simple, yet elegant. The finder works very well, easy to locate. The filter is white in shade, showing strong details of the spots. Highly recommended.


Got a chance to use it on the Horsehead Nebula just recently. The detail and colour enhancement is nothing short of fantastic.
Worth every penny!

Regarding the book and telescope

We really found the book a helpful guide and the view through the sky watch 250 is amazing

Orion Laser

Great laser. Would be great if the laser and mount came as a package.