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Great for dew control and power management

Perfect device for power management and dew control for scopes. Make sure you have a good quality power supply.

PowerBox Adv Gen2

Lightweight, more than enough connections including USB3 for main camera and 12v (or even adjustable voltage) for dewheater strip(s). This mid-line model suited me best for the number of connections I needed. Used velcro to attach to scope. Interface for box operation is straightforward (i'm using a laptop remote connection). Have yet to test the temperature sensor "auto" setting for the dew heater, been manually setting for now. Use some zip ties or other straps to keep the cable management in check for no snags.

174 mini

This is a great little camera for guiding. Reasonable gain to noise ratio when having to pump it up on a long focal length OAG setup. First one hasn't let me down since I purchased it 5 yrs ago, bought this one for another setup.

ASI294MC Camera

The camera drivers installed immediately when connected and ASI Studio made it easy to set up and test camera.

Outstanding service and best variety of products

I've always been served with great support from knowledgeable staff that care about client satisfaction. Products that I've been looking for were always available and rightly priced. Very satisfied with All-Stars over the years.

Exactly what I was looking for

Fits the end of my 8se exactly. Locks in the same as the standard cover so no need to use the straps that were included. As advertised, blocks 99% of light so makes viewing the sun safe and easy.


bit on the expensive side but works

An excellent budget telescope for astrophotography

William Optics ZenithStar 81 Doublet with 0.8 reducer performs really well for catching deep space objects. Althrough its focal ratio f/6.9 is not the fastest, its built quality and FPL-53 glass used still allows us to produce very sharp images. Since the exposure time is a bit longer, a good mount is required. It is also a very versatile telescope with focal length 450mm (with reducer) or 560mm (without reducer), which make it suitable for shooting planetary, nebula and deep space objects.

works like a charm! Package contains all the necessary adaptors I need to suit my refractor. Installation and use is straightforward.

Nice cover

I got this for my 6" Sky Watcher Dob. It's huge, so it would cover any table, or if you had a scope on a tri-pod. I'm fairly handy, so I "doubled" it up on the inside, in essence cutting the length in 1/2 and tacked it with some duct tape on the inside so the integrity of the cloak was not altered and it fits my table top Dob just fine. If I ever do have a larger scope, or use a permanent tri-pod or table, I will just let it back out and it will be full length. The material feels awesome. Well made all around and will definitely protect my scope. Now it's from frost and it does a great job with that.

ZWO Seestar S50

This is a fun unit and delivers some good images of the moon and sun. Clouds and cooler weather have limited my time on unit. The many features all seem to work as expected. If you are looking for a quick setup and a quick look around the sky this is definitely work a look, the price point makes it appealing. For what it offers it delivers at this price point. Would recommend.

Brian C

Askar 103APO

Have not had much imaging time due to clouds, but the images I have completed have been very good. The 103 is very well made and delivers what I was looking for. The .08 reducer gives the views I was looking for also. Would recommend this scope.

Brian C

Baader Solar Viewer Glasses

These solar glasses produce a very nice white-light view of the sun compared to the yellow / orange tint in most solar glasses. I was even able to make out some larger sunspots. Along with the great service from All-Star Telescope, you can't go wrong!


Très bon instrument un excellent service chez vous je vais recommander à mes amis

Great product

It does exactly what it is supposed to do ... accurately track the sun. The only issue I had was trying to use it before its search for the sun was finished, so now I'm patient. I used it a few days ago and it tracked the sun for 1.5 hours without needing to be tweaked to keep the sun centred in SharpCap. Because I have a Coronado PST, I had to rotate the dovetail 90º to mount the PST on a Star Adventurer fine-tuning mounting assembly so that the PST eyepiece holder was pointing up.

Brazilian Mix tumbling rocks

Picked up this collection to use when purchased the Lortone 3A tumbler. Put some from the Brazilian mix in with the Mexican mix. The quartz Brazilian stones tumbled very nicely and my grand daughter is going to use them to make necklaces for Christmas gifts for family. She is so glad to be tumbling these beautiful stones!

Mexican Mix Tumbling Rocks

My grand daughter was delighted with the tumbled result of the Mexican Mix rocks. There are fine spotted ones as well as some nice striped ones too. She is going to use them to make her own jewelry and is excited to try some other packages available here.

Lortone 3A Tumbler

Just finished our first batch of rocks through the tumbler. This tumbler worked great! Fairly quiet about as loud as a small fan. We placed it downstairs in our utility room though. No complaints or issues regarding this unit. We almost wished we had bought the dual tumbler! But the single tumbler will do us just fine.

Tele Vue 31 Nagler Eyepiece

Lives up to its reputation. Well worth the investment.

Seestar S50

I purchased the Seestar S50 for a couple of reasons, the first and most important was to have a travel-friendly scope that would fit in an airline carry-on bag, and secondly to try and encourage my grandkids to take an interest in astrophotography.. The item was back ordered due to demand at ZWO but somehow All-Star Telescope managed to get one for me ahead of when it was expected.

Overall, this is a good little scope with some limitations and glitches that one would expect for a new product, especially at the price. Setup was easy with the app and I was able to start imaging literally within minutes. One of the first limitations is that it only does 10 second exposures but given that the mount is not equatorial and there is no guide scope, this is understandable. The stacked images are saved on whatever mobile device one uses (I use both iPhone and iPad) and they are acceptable but not what one can obtain using more traditional equipment. However, they do allow saving of individual exposures that can be stacked and processed as usual. I primarily use Siril for stacking and stretching and it had no problem with images.

The second issue I have encountered is the auto-focus which works about 50% of the time in my hands. However, by changing the settings in the app, one can focus manually and also change the auto-focus setting so this is not a big deal.

The scope has a dew heater and built-in light pollution filter, both of which have to be turned on at the start of an imaging session. There are also accessories starting to become available at online shops such as Etsy which will enhance the utility of the scope further. I have ordered a Bhatinov mask and filter holder (2") but they have not arrived so I cannot comment on them.

For those in cold-weather locations, there does not seem to be any issues with using the Seestar at sub-zero temperatures. I typically take the scope outside, turn it on and then head inside to control it under warmer conditions. Don't forget to set up station mode or it won't be quite as useful.

Bottom line - this is an excellent little telescope that can deliver excellent quality images if one is willing to do some stacking and post-processing. Its ease of use and portability make it a versatile piece of equipment albeit not a replacement for more expensive rigs. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a cost-effective starter telescope or for more experienced users who want something portable.

Awesome Little Device

This device changed my outlook on astrophotography. I have been an amateur astronomer for over 40 years and was always interested in it but could never quite get the knack and failed every time I tried. This little red box makes everything so easy. On my first night imaging I got more high quality images than I had even gotten before, and with little effort. As ZWO says “It just works!”. I have now gone all red in my setup and am perfectly happy to do so.


Great service, great pricing and absolutely greatest people to deal with.

Great as advertised

Super fast shipping great job

Great Products and Service

Telescope arrived in perfect condition. I'll definitely be back.

Excellent product, great service from the store, I recommend it to everyone

Excellent product, great service from the store, I recommend it to everyone.
I am very satisfied.
Thank you.

thanks to the whole team