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Antares 2"x2.25" Extension Tube (ET2TL)

Excellent fit and finish. The tightening ring is quite smooth in both tightening and loosening. Holds very securely when tightened. I have tightened a Powermate in the unit and pulled quite hard on it - the Powermate doesn't budge.


My 11” Optical tube fits perfectly and easily into the padded bag. Exactly what Ive been looking for at a much lower price than the hardshell storage cases. Would recommend to anyone looking for a storage option.

Antares laser collimator needs collimation

It is a useful tool for collimating my 6" newtonian. Out of the box the collimation of the laser was a little off, but it appears easy to collimate after you dig the silicone material out of the three little holes where the adjuster screws are and make a little jig for it so you can spin it on its axis to adjust the collimation of the beam.


Great quality. A bit smaller than I anticipated but never the less very useful. Nicely packaged and the lanyard is handy

Life simplified!

As someone who is just in their first year of the wonderful world of astrophotography, this device has been a game changer! Who knew how much I was going to enjoy not having my laptop outside and a number of wires attached to it. The ASIAIR Plus delivers what it promises - easy to use but with the flexibility to do what I want with my equipment remotely (albeit within the ZWO eco-system). Polar alignment, focussing, etc is so simple. With the weather getting colder I'm glad to know that I'll be spending more time in the warm side of the window while still getting the photos I want!

Celestron Dx

It is not as powerful as I assumed from the description. But I have yet to take it outside as the weather and clouds have not aligned.
Also I do not have any crosshairs or red dot with which to align the telescope. So that is proving difficult.

ZWO Temp Sensor

Its such a good price why not? No reason to have an EAF without one. Also nice to just track temperature beyond focusing considerations.

EAF a no brainer

Even the worst scope on the planet will benefit from this thing. Don’t know why I held out so long. I don’t have other manufacturer experience to compare to, this is a very good product. Have one for each scope now.

A large and easy to read chart. I should have realized the scale’s size at purchase and was surprised when I opened the box and saw it for the first time. It turned out to be a good thing when multiple people are viewing it at the same time and much more friendly when viewing under red light. It is very detailed and extremely helpful finding what you’re looking for in the night sky.

Superb narrowband filter

The quality of this filter is superb. It’s noticeably superior to my old uhc filter.

Celestron hand controller

Great service, very fast delivery. One of the last hand controller in North America and South America. Installed this last weekend performed great no issues.

I have been eyeballing this telescope since about 2019. I kept investigating others plus this one to find one that was sturdy and produced a nice clean image. I finally purchased it plus the accessory package and I am completely happy with it. Nice clean clear image of the moon, even Andromeda shows up nicely with the camera. No dark sites yet, but soon. Also, after putting the rings and a dovetail bar on, I found it find nicely on the EQ6R if I flipped the telescope so that the focus **** were away from the mount.

That mirror though! I needed the rings for the TV-76 and diagonal mirror. Figured I would buy these set. Definitely not disappointed, everything fits together nicely. And the view of the moon using the diagonal is really outstanding.

Bought this to be used in combination with the Televue rings for the tv-76/85. So far I'm happy with it, it holds the finder/guide scope nicely and the alignment doesn't change very much when swapping them.

Very very good

Fabulous for getting close to the planets, particularly via camera.

Tele Vue 2" to 1.25" Eyepiece Adapter - High Hat with Black Satin Finish (ASF-8125)

Ken Press 16" Planisphere for 30-60 Degrees North (KP-16E)?

Very Nice Planisphere !

Superb filter

Used this filter on the Orion nebula with my 10" Meade ACF and 31mm Nagler. Holy smokes!

25" Battery Addapter

Great product. Enough length so vehicle not in the way when connected

A true astrophotography workhorse

Pleased with purchase and results . Again amazing customer service by All Star telescope

Bought this sight unseen. Fast secure shipping. Product arrived as described and in perfect condition. Would highly recommend!

Lens cleaning kits

Really makes a difference, the brush gets into those little nooks and crannies. Very happy.

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