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As advertised

Does the job, good stuff. Can be little bit tricky to install in some applications, but I'm happy with it. Made some binocular filters and they worked quite well on April 8th!


Good contrast and verry sharp

Baader Solar Eclipse Glasses Solar Viewer AstroSolar® Silver/Gold

Great Service

When in a pinch looking for eclipse glasses, these guys totally came through. Amazing communication on the site and they had updated everything to make sure that it was clear that things were going to be shipped via courier to accommodate the tight timeline. Product was exactly exactly what it was supposed to be great experience all around.

Well made, easy to use

Made for great observation during the recent eclipse. Very easy to aim.

Éclipse Glasses

Amazing glasses and excellent customer service! Thank you

AstroSolar Solar Viewer

Best Solar Viiewer on the Market!


The solar eclipse glasses I got were legit and ISO certified. It made our solar eclipse experience memorable especially for the kids. My order was not delivered the first time but when I emailed customer support to report it, they immediately sent another one via FedEx. Thank you for the very fast response and action.

Fast Turn-around Save Eclipse Viewing Party

I purchased a package of eclipse glasses off Amazon 2 years ago in preparation for the Apr 8th 2024 solar eclipse for a viewing party.
Not until late March 2024 did the local news channels and media start focusing on the eclipse. All of a sudden (about a week before the event) articles and info started appearing about potential fake eclipse glasses, raising red flags with regards to the ones I previously purchased via Amazon.
Deciding to not risk anyone's vision, I found an article referencing the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. The RASC website identified reputable vendors for purchasing eclipse glasses... All-Sar Telescope was on the list, and had Baadar solar eclipse glasses available.
With approx 5 business days before the eclipse, I went with All-Star Telescope's webpage recommendation to used FedEx delivery. My order arrived in 2 business days (eliminating pre-event stress). The eclipse glasses were high quality...excellent viewing clarity and colour, and no post-event vision issues.
Overall: Extremely satisfied with product and delivery (All-Star Telescope sent timely updates during shipping process).

Baader Solar Eclipse Glasses Solar Viewer AstroSolar® Silver/Gold?

Worked fine, no issues.

Good quality wide angle

The eyepiece is very sharp with high contrast . The eye guard adjustment is very comfortable. The field of view is really wide and immersive. The eyepiece is relatively forgiving when it comes to eye position . But with the adjustable position of the eye guard it is easy to find the sweet spot. I have seen negative reviews when it comes to browning around the edges or big distortions I didn’t experience any of this as long as you adjust the eye guard to the correct distance non of this will appear at least for me. I don’t use glasses so I cannot comment the result with glasses. I have compared the eyepiece side by side with Pentax XW. The Luminous simply gives more of a 3D view that i like and it is more forgiving for the eye position. I did find myself using the Luminous almost all the time because of the type of view it provides and forgiveness with the eye position.

‘As advertised’ - Great item

Solar Eclipse came out great with this filter!

Très bon achat

Très bonne qualité les lunettes d’éclipse.
Je suis à Montréal, grâce à des lunettes, j’ai eu un moment extraordinaire. C’était spectaculaire!!!

Sorry I haven’t used the products yet Still getting it together

ZWO T2 tilter

Pretty straightforward operation. It does eliminate Newton rings.

Excellent customer service / Knowledgeable Staff

I have just purchased an Orion Mini 50mm guide scope from All-Star Telescope Canada (which I have not yet had the opportunity to try out, as I am planning to replace the objective lens with a special achromat).

Which really impressed me was that the person (the owner?) whom I talked on the phone confirmed that the tube's front was threaded inside (this info was essential for me, as I aim to place a filter in front of the objective) - which, apparently, turned to be the case. I had even called Orion before, and they said that it would be only grooves, not threads, at the front of the telescope body's interior.

Worked great!

They did the job, and looked good doing it!

Celestron EclipSmart Solar Filters for Explorer LT & More

Excellent product for a beginner

The tool works as advertised! It is straight forward to align to celestial north and provides a solid base for equipment.
The client application that comes with the product is pretty scketchy. The instructions booklet does its best, but I found it a bit confusing for a newbie.

Overall good!

Great quality!

Impressed with the quality of these glasses. Really fast shipping was a bonus!

Speedy eclipse glasses delivery

Needed some extra eclipse glasses three days before leaving and these were available and delivered in a very timely fashion!

Generally great product

The product works as advertised, viewing the eclipse on April 8th it was perfect.

My only complaint is the build quality is a little flimsy. I realize most of the cost is probably the filter itself, but I worry about the screws holding in the thin plastic through repeat use

Total eclipse 2024

Very sharp clear image and I liked the realistic colour of the sun visible without the yellow tint.
Ordering was easy and delivery was prompt.


I heard from the Eclipse at Niagara Falls 10 days before the event. My research Brian’s me to your web site. I order the glasses and 2 days after we have them. I liked the view of silver/gold. I like also the quick delivery. My familly could experience the eclipse with safety.
Thank you


Great overall rundown for beginners and a great reference review book for the more experienced Star Gazer as well. A well thought out book straight to the basics.