We love telescopes and looking at the sky, but sometimes we need to come back down to earth. Microscopes are a great way to explore the (small) world around us. We've put together a great selection of basic bundles with prepared slides and specimens that will give you a whole new perspective. Use them to see how colour is printed on a flyer or a book cover, how the light plays on the wings of a fly, or examine the cellular structure of a blade of grass. Each of these bundles will give you a fantastic entry into this miniature space.
Kids Smartphone Microscope

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Stereo Microscope

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Digital Screen Microscope

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Formac Lorimer Books
50 Things To See On The Moon by John A. Read $19.95
Why We Recommend
Let this book be your personal guide to the moon. There are 50 easily observable features that shouldn't be missed.
Formac Lorimer Books
50 Things To See With a Telescope: A Young... $19.95
John A. Read covers everything needed to identify constellations, planets, stars, galaxies, nebulae and more. Inquisitive stargazers will find planet hunting and star hopping easy with clearly plotted routes and images of the sky both as seen by the naked eye and detailed views from a telescope. Many fascinating cosmic objects can be easily spotted with the help of this book including beautiful Cassiopeia, regal Leo, the plentiful Kemble's Cascade, the explosive Crab Nebula, the rings of Saturn — even the moon! This easy to read, fully illustrated reference book will enrich every young person's experience of the skies above....
Celestron Cometron FirstScope Telescope (2... $99.95
Why We Recommend
Be ready for the next big comet with Celestron’s special-edition Cometron FirstScope, a compact, lightweight telescope that’s perfect for beginners looking to experience the magic of the moon or a dazzling comet.
CMY Cube
CMY Cube (Cube, Ignis, Motus, Mundus, Aether) from $6.95
We aren't normally a group to get distracted by shinny things but this cube really grabbed our attention. This toy is an excellent way to physically play with light and intuitively learn about color combinations and refraction. It captivates and catches anyone's eye. A great gift for a friend as a desk toy or a child just learning their colors. Description CMY Cubes use primary colors Cyan, Magenta & Yellow (CMY) and are created to help view life & light through a different lens. A truly unique and interactive toy, the CMY Cubes will keep children and adults engaged and...
Celestron PowerSeeker 80AZS Short Refracto... $242.95
Why We Recommend
The PowerSeeker 80 is a short refractor telescope perfect for terrestrial and celestial viewing on the go. The PowerSeeker can view the planets, moon, star clusters and brighter deep sky objects like the Orion Nebula and Andromeda Galaxy at night.
Lunt Solar Systems
Lunt Mini SUNoculars (Yellow) $19.95
The Lunt 6 x 30 White Light SUNoculars (mini). Perfect for kids 13 yrs ADULT SUPERVISION RECOMMENDED! Description Truly a pocket sized instrument that you can use to view and safely observe all partial phases of a Solar Eclipse. Ultra-compact, Lunt SUNoculars-mini have front mounted filters making Solar observation 100% safe. These front filters are manufactured from CE certified film to ensure the highest level of viewing quality. The light of the Sun is reduced to a comfortable 1×10-5% transmission and all ultra-violet and infrared components are completely and safely blocked. The Sun will appear as a pleasant orange colour....
Celestron Kids Pocket Zoom Microscope (44116) $20.95
Celestron Kids is bringing you real optics, and real fun! Enhance your child’s view with this Pocket Zoom Microscope and create new adventures on the go. Description The Celestron Kids Pocket Zoom Microscope is a great tool for curious kids to explore the hidden world around them. With its portable pocket size it’s the lab you can carry with you. Now you can examine microscopic objects anytime any place! It zooms from 60x to 120x the actual size of your specimen creating new and detailed views. Let your child explore the world as a Celestron Kid and watch the magic...
Smart Lab
Smart Lab - Tiny Solar System (SL00679) $27.95
Demonstrate Moon phases and night and day! Light-up solar system demonstrates lunar and solar eclipses! Show how Earth's tilt causes the seasons! Includes: Solar system Base Sun Post 8 Arms with Planets Light-Up Sun, Earth and Moon Base Earth and Moon Model 8 Planet Name Stickers Sticker Sheet Mini Mega Poster Illustrated Science, Booklet Note: Requires three 1.5V LR 1130 (AG 10) batteries (included).
Celestron Kids 7-in-1 Spy Gadget (44115) $22.95
Celestron Kids is bringing you real optics, and real fun! Enhance your view with this 7-in-1 Spy Gadget and create new adventures on the go. Description The Celestron Kids 7-in-1 Spy Gadget makes for hours of exploring and spying fun. Explore the hidden micro world with the 8x microscope and 9x magnifier, or obtain super seeing powers with the 30x telescope. The digital clock, flashlight and compass will make sure you are on time and always know where you are going, while the emergency whistle can be used to alert your friends or ward off mad dogs or other mysterious...
National Geographic
National Geographic Junior Metal Detector ... $129.99
National Geographic Junior Metal Detector -- Become a treasure hunter! The National Geographic Junior Metal Detector is the perfect gateway into the fun world of metal detection. Find rings, coins, and other buried treasure on the beach, in the woods, or your own backyard! Description Find Buried Treasure – This metal detector is the perfect tool for a treasure hunting expedition! The 7.5-inch diameter waterproof coil has adjustable sensitivity and deep detection for objects up to 7 inches underground. Kid friendly design with high tech features. Designed for Kids or Adults – A telescoping arm provides length adjustment while a plush...
National Geographic
National Geographic Earth Science Kit (816... $49.99
The National Geographic Explorer Science Series Earth Science Kit is a must-have for any promising young scientist! Kids will love making their very own erupting volcano, experiencing the magic of chemistry as the eruption powder reacts with water. Description Looking for another eruption formula? There are multiple variations to try in the clear, easy-to-follow instructions. They will also be amazed as a potion of water and crystal-growing solution grows into a fully formed crystal! Our special crystal-growing formula means crystals can fully grow in as little as 3 days! No Earth science kit would be complete without activities centered on...
National Geographic
National Geographic Glow in the Dark Cryst... $9.99
Grow incredible glowing crystals in your own home! National Geographic’s Glow-in-the-Dark Crystal Growing Kit is a fascinating and fun science experiment. Description The included learning guide is packed full of interesting crystal facts and there's even a real fluorite specimen inside. It's the most comprehensive crystal growing kit on the market! This science kit includes: Growing powder, seed rock, stir stick, real fluorite crystal, National Geographic’s learning guide with instructions. It's the perfect project for kids and serves as a great introduction to geology and chemistry. This kit from National Geographic is sure to spark a love of science in...
Incredible Novelties
Incredible Novelties Space Hero Putty (766... $3.99
Each sold separately. Ships in randomly selected, assorted colours and styles based on availability.
Incredible Novelties
Incredible Novelties Mars Mud Putty (76699... $3.99
Mars Mud stretches, bounces and makes strange sounds for hours of playtime fun. Description This colorful, gooey slime looks like something from outer space. Squish it, stretch it, mold it and shape it. Slap it on the table and watch the slime slowly creep along the surface. Your friends will beg to play with your Mini Mars Mud. Play with this gooey gunk from another planet for hours of fun. Stretch and bounce this play marbled martian sludge that comes straight from the red planet. Perfect for party favors, stocking stuffers, gifts, stress relief, special needs, & so much more....

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